Kidnapping and premeditated murder charges added to teen’s alleged killers

October 14, 2010

The San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office added charges of premeditated murder, kidnapping and torture to the prior charges leveled against the five defendants accused of killing 15-year-old Dystiny Myers. [KCOY]

Because of the enhancements, Cody Miller, Jason Greenwell, Ty Hill, Frank York and Rhonda Wisto are eligible for the death penalty, if convicted.

In addition, the judge issued a gag order after Pismo Police Chief of Police Jeff Norton confirmed that part of the teen’s kidnapping and murder had been video taped.

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i haven’t followed this very closely. has anyone disclosed why there were at first 4 arrests, then 5. was the 5th guy, the one beaten, the informant? Why was he beaten?

I know they claim that someone saw the car drive away, but the authorities do sometimes lie for their own reasons too.

i asked this on the tribune site….has anyone else heard anything about the dystiny chick being drunk at garlands the night she was murdered? and blood (human) was found on the ground by the dumpster there, according to the story i heard.

don’t know about the garlands thing.. a creepy though though since i live a number of feet from there and can see it from my window.

Rob Bryn would fit in well with the Pismo PD.

I had a lot of fun today telling people there was this guy on the Cal Coast News forum acting like he’s some sort of crime expert, insisting that he had determined that the people who murdered Dystiny were “skilled killers.” Laughter all around.

I’m trying very hard not to get personal here. But I think there has to be SOMEONE on this site, once in a while, who reminds everyone that so much of what is written here in such serious tones is so utterly absurd.

And the way that a few folks have dominated this forum for the past couple years with all their boring, often absurd and ridiculous opinions and “information” that they pull out of who knows where, well it’s a shame, because that’s part of the reason not enough people return to this site.

And if someone should dare take a contrarian point of view and not buy into the gossipy, sewing circle mentality, or the join in on the “kill the bastards” chorus, that’s considered grounds for whiny, cry-baby complaints and banishment.

I’ve sat silently for well more than a year now, watching this sad state of affairs unfold and it hasn’t gotten better. And I’ll go back to being silent again, one of these days.

But you can’t say I didn’t try to help. I’ve donated money to this site, helped fire up the forum in the early days, provided advice and offered expert consultation. And I’ve, on occasion, called out B.S. when it was so obvious, primarily as an example of critical thinking, hoping to inspire more so I can go back to being silent on the sidelines. But once in a while I’d like to read some fresh perspective and opinions on the forum. But t hat’s so rare, I pretty much gave up even checking in.

But for old times sake and for the sake of all the teens like Dystiny, I figured I’d weigh in.

“Skilled killers”. Yeah, right.

Moderator removed troll from under WG ; the devil made me do it.

Compounding a crime is a catch all, if only one charge was made, and the elements are not proved beyond a reasonable doubt to a moral certainity, the person walks free. It also opens the door for plea bargaining vs. letting the person go free.

“are eligible for the death penalty, if convicted”.

And there it is. If convicted. For all the blather yesterday about wanting to punish before trial, this is how it REALLY works. If and only if convicted. That is the law of the land. That is the law I stand behind. If found innocent then I also stand behind releasing the individuals.

That is how it has always worked. Pretty simple if you ask me.

BTDT, I don’t know about you but when I hear people screaming about what should be done with accused criminals, I always assume that they are talking about “if they are found guilty”. That is a given in this country. I don’t expect everyone to constantly say “if they are found guilty” then……..

I don’t believe I have heard anyone say, “kill them right now, skip the trial and hang em high”. That is what anal people say that everyone else saying.

No my post was in response to the individual yesterday, who accounted for the majority of postings. I think you know who I mean. They were making accusations that you, I and others, were saying things about this case that we never said. It was through the individuals innuendo’s and misrepresentations of what others said, was what my post was regarding.

Got yah, I knew there had to be an explanation for your post. Sorry ;)

Cindy, please be careful with the personal attacks. That “anal” remark is neither fair nor accurate. And you know what they say about people who “AssUme.”

!!!!!! Moderator has removed your remark, do not resuscitate .