New database lists city-county salaries

October 25, 2010

In the wake of the city of Bell scandal, state officials unveiled a new website Monday detailing the salaries of city and county workers across California. [LA Times]

The  new site, created by State Controller John Chiang, allows users to search for the salary, pension benefits and other compensation for more than 594,000 city and county employees throughout California.

Cities who fail to provide the information face fines of up to $5,000.

“The absence of transparency and accountability invites corruption, self-dealing and the abuse of public funds,” Chiang said. “This website will help taxpayers scrutinize local government compensation and force public officials to account for how they spend public resources.”

The information is listed by job title, not by name.

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Question.. how is it that so many people earned above their maximum pay grade? Overtime? A LOT of these are or should be Exempt classifications. If they have been setting them up otherwise, then I would suggest that there is some intentional milking of the system occurring.


$50,000 a year to clean up after the dogs at the shelter, that does not include bennefits about $30,000 a year.

I would do the job for $15,000 less and laugh all the way to the bank.

We should use prisnors from the jail next door and pay them $5 per hour wioth no benefits.

The county and cities are Bankrupt the pension debt is enough to put them under, they just live in a fantasy land.

What should we do?

Lets see Administrative assistants are really clerks and the pay locally is about 25k a year and maybe medical and a 401k

Do a study and compare all goverment salaries and benefits to private companies locally not other cities and countys and fire everyone and let them apply for the new job.

Freeze all pensions at the amount currently earned and put in a 401k for the future.

No polition will do this as their re-electio is bases on contributions from the public employee unions so it may have to wait for the BK judge to do it.

Ok so I cannot spell, but I am qualified to pick up doggie do do

Grover Beach is the only city in the county that failed to file salary and compensation reports.

Come on Shoals & Perrault, lets get our city on board and in compliance!

Well, in times like these everyone needs to pull in their belts, not loosen our wallets. Do remember that these are only part of the cost and I am sure that the totla compensation package is at least another 30% higher… those cars, allowances and perks do add up, boys and girls.

Yesterday, I ran into one Mayor and said that I hear that there may be be a ballot measure in 2012 for one particular city in our county that will call the so many fee’s we have what they really are… ‘taxes.’ Needless to say, he was very put out! ;) For those of you who are interested, I will post a pdf file on my blog of the petition ( signatures already gatered and at city hall) … maybe other city folks in our county might like to check it out??

Oh, if you don’t think this is important… unfunded public pensions represent a liability that would most likely dwarf your rent or property tax bill. So next time you vote on someone who has ‘worked their way through the ranks’ or has ‘political experience’… vote for someone else. It is all those experienced and seasoned in politics who have brought us to this state.

vote November 2nd

Roger Freberg

I was pleasantly surprised as I clicked on Morro Bay.

Yes the city manager and fire chief make a ton o’ dough, but the bulk of City employees are in the $50K range.

Now, one could be snotty and say that they don’t earn nearly what they’re paid, but that is not my point.

My point is that I am pleased to see that MB City staffers are not overpaid by an order of magnitude.

But, check out the county and notice how many assistant department employees there are or assistant directors…

Yowza! That must be the Sheriff making $240,000 a year and another on the dept making $212,000. Crime does pay. Please someone remind who are the criminals again, the sheriff or the prisoners.