Duh! Welfare cards banned at massage parlors, pot clubs

November 1, 2010

California welfare recipients will no longer be able to use their state-issued debit cards at medical marijuana shops, psychics, massage parlors and other businesses. [Los Angeles Times]

The governor’s office sent a letter to county welfare directors on Monday announcing that ATMs and point-of-sale card readers in such businesses will be removed from the network that accepts California’s Electronic Benefits Transfer cards.

Monday’s letter announced that the debit cards, which access cash meant to help families pay rent and clothe their children, also will no longer work at bail bond establishments, bingo halls, cruise ships, gun shops, bars, racetracks, smoking shops and tattoo parlors.

Reached late Monday afternoon, Department of Social Services spokesman Michael Weston could not say how much welfare money had been spent or withdrawn from the businesses subject to the new ban. He also would not elaborate on how they were chosen.  The letter said the businesses are “inconsistent with the intent” of the program.

Last month, Schwarzenegger ordered casinos outside California removed from the network after The Times reported more than $69 million in welfare benefits had been accessed from machines outside the state since 2007 – including nearly $12 million in Las Vegas.

About $1.5 million had been spent or withdrawn in Florida, state records show. More than $16,000 had been accessed on cruise ships, including several that sail primarily from Miami.

Debit cards for California welfare recipients dates back to 2000.

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This seems like a “duh” moment but obviously not. It is unfortunate the abusers of the welfare system shed dark clouds over those that are truly in need. Welfare receipts do not receive much money (I understand it is free to them), in fact, it is hard for me to understand how a welfare recipient can pay rent and utilities, buy food, clothe their family, maintain a vehicle, etc. on the amount of money they receive. There are many, many people who are truly in need so shame on those for their misuse of welfare money. Any individual that uses government assistance to patronize bars, bingo halls, gun shops, racetracks, smoking shops and tattoo parlors should be severely penalized….but how many of these abusers have children that have needs that aren’t being met. I see the children of these welfare abusers as the victims.

They can afford rent because the gov (we the people) create section 8 housing for them. Any landlord can opt to be a section 8 renter. They are guaranteed their rent and the renters have to pass inspections twice a year. They are required to keep their rental units or homes spotless. Even the inside of their refrigerators and ovens are inspected by their case workers, so it’s often a win/win for the landlords. I knew a woman (alcoholic drug addict who died last week from an overdose) with 2 children that had a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment in Atascadero. The rent was $900 a month. She paid $125.00 out of her welfare check and we the people paid the difference. That’s how they afford it. She eventually got evicted for causing too many drunken scene’s for the rest of the paying tenants to tolerate. She also purchased lobster tail at Albetsons for herself and her mother with her food stamps on a monthly basis. They afford plenty and she never had a problem buying a fifth of whiskey either. When she didn’t want to deal with her hangovers she would go to the ER and tell them she needed to be detoxed. We paid for that about once every two months. So for $1,000. she would get an IV called a banana boat and then announce that she felt great! DISGUSTING.

Cindy: You made my point for me. The woman you reference has two children…who took care of the children when she went to the ER? Where were the children housed when this person was evicted from her Section 8 housing? What did she buy for the children to drink when she bought herself a fifth of whiskey? My point being, yes some adults abuse the welfare system but where is the protection and rights of the children?

Oh this gets so much better GrayGranny, She had a competent and good man in her life that was the father of her two children and he did marry her after the birth of their first child. I should add that she was very attractive. Now get this part, she and her husband had 50/50 custody which meant that he didn’t have to pay any child support. He was a hard worker (at that time) and had a home down the street from her apartment that we all paid for. The two children spent a week with him and a week with her. That didn’t change the fact that we had to pay all her expenses except she received a bit less food stamps, the rest we all had to pay at 100%. When she would run out of money, she would ask him for some money and he would give it to her in hopes that she would eventually go home (which she never did and continued to take on new lovers at a whim). I’m not joking around, I witnessed this, it was unreal, except it was real. I could go on about how we tax payers spent $1000’s to put her through 6 rehabs and 3 schools to educate her to be “an alcohol and drug counselor” , all of which she refused to stay sober and drug free enough to complete! Now she is dead at 46 and she probably cost us an easy $500,000. SERIOUSLY. But it doesn’t end there, now one of her children, the oldest, a boy who is now 16 announced to me at his mothers funeral that he is addicted to everything “he touches” and that (I swear he said this) “Atascadero HS has an extacy problem because of him and his friends”!!

Honest to GOD TRUTH.

I would like to know why we are giving them money in the first place? WE should pay their section 8 rent and utilities. Give them a clothing allowance card to shop at goodwill and an allowance card to shop at a grocery store for items that they can’t receive at loaves and fishes. Want to see people get off welfare, treat them like they are on it. There is no reason why they can’t shop at goodwill or eat oatmeal for breakfast. I’m not voting for anymore democrats. Every “good guy” thing we have ever done just comes back to slap us all in the face, talk about a bunch of suckers, that’s us, the democrats. Not me, not anymore.

Cindy. Shop at Goodwill and eat oatmeal for breakfast?? I better hurry and go get my foodstamps. I have already been doing that for years!! Of course my friends say it is because I am so cheap!! ;-)

Goodwill actually has some good stuff. I have a couple sports coats, got for three bucks each!! No one can tell the difference.

I don’t blame you for your frustration. As a conservative I have felt it for years. More so when people accuse you of not being compassionate. I donate money and time to different things but am TIRED of all the abuse of social programs. I would love to help the people in true need but first promise me a way to keep all the abusing assholes off of it.

As one who donates a lot of my extra time to community service I too get a little frustrated at the numbers of those I do help who won’t even try and help themselves. And sometimes the living conditions I see some people living in here on the central coast, shocks me. That they could let it get so bad or destitute, especially here in CA, is especially disheartening. We are not a third world country yet there seems to be an large number of folks who live at or way below the poverty level and in unclean conditions.

Yeah things are tough for everyone and the economy is in the tank, but for crying out loud at least do the dishes and take the trash out…

I recently had some medical procedures.

I have Anthem Blue Cross Insurance. Supposively I am to pay $500 deductable, then up to $3000 or the 20%.

Well I paid my $3500 and about $2500 over related to the medical complication.

I ask one of the receptionist why I am being billed when I have paid all my deductible for this year and all the 20% I am responsible for (NO ONE KNOWS!!!!!!!)

The one thing I will say is, IF you are on welfare, you don’t have to pay for a damn thing!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you may recall, the California Lottery in the 1980’s requries that if you are on welfare, you got to pay it all back before you can collect your winnings because there were fluxes of lottery winners who were on welfare..

Obama should hire 16000 new welfare fraud investigators instead of 16000 new IRS investigators.

This would be more effective.