UPDATE: Bomb squad at C.L. Smith Elementary School

November 1, 2010

School officials are asking parents to keep their children away from C.L. Smith Elementary School while the San Luis Obispo Police bomb squad examines a “suspicious item” found on the school grounds Monday morning.

UPDATE: Police investigators have determined the “suspicious item” did not pose a threat to students. School officials have reopened the school to students and are asking parents to bring their children to school today noting that children arriving late will not be found tardy.

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I’m shocked that SLOPD doesn’t yet have a bomb sniffing dog. I would think that the city council would easily approve at least $150k for a bomb sniffing dog. That would be $90k for the dog, $20k for it to relocate here from Beverly Hills, $20k to help afford the high prices of kennels in this area, and $10k for a private car and driver. Maybe we can get a retired dog from L.A., who will file a workman’s comp. claim when it gets fleas at a city employee softball game.

They have a robot, although a flea bitten dog from Beverly Hills would be less costly even with it’s WC Claim and retirement package.

Word on the street is it is actually one of Glenn becks books, had something about the constitution in it. Dang redneck teabagger bastages trying to destroy America again.

Perhaps a student of a prominent Morro Bay tutor took a page out of the maestro’s book and called in the cops because things weren’t going her way…

What a wiseguy..