Wacky Quaids make the pages of Vanity Fair

December 8, 2010

Randy and Evi Quaid, who skipped out on a Santa Barbara court appearance last summer and fled to Canada, convinced that “Star Whackers” are out to get them, have been officially dubbed “Hollywood’s Craziest Couple.” [Vanity Fair]

The veteran actor and his artist wife literally bare all in the new, detailed magazine profile written by Nancy Jo Sales, who spent several days with the couple in Vancouver.

The opening paragraphs gives you a flavor of what is to follow:

“Evi Quaid called from a pay phone in Vancouver to say that she and her husband, Randy, the actor, had tried to drive to Siberia, but they “couldn’t figure out how to get there.” She said, “We’re running for our lives.” She wanted me to meet them the next day in Vancouver’s Chinatown—which couldn’t be arranged any other way, as the Quaids don’t use cell phones anymore, because, Evi said, “they’re tracking us.”

“I found the Quaids sitting in their car outside a Chinese tearoom on a block glowing with red and yellow neon lights. Nobody was around. It was night. Their car, a black Prius, was crammed with stuff—clothes, coats, shoes, papers, a pillow, blankets, and an excitable Australian cattle dog named Doji, who was hoarse from barking while he was in the pound when his owners were being detained by Canadian immigration.

“The car smelled of fast food and dog pee and Randy’s cigars. I asked the Quaids if they were living in their car. “Only on nights when we’re too terrified to leave our stuff or don’t feel secure,” Evi said.”

it gets worse. Sales provides a detailed timeline of how Randy and Evi first got together and how their relationship evolved over the years, along with a series of financial and professional problems that ended up in their Santa Barbara legal trouble.

Little known fact: Evi Quaid directed her husband and Michael Caine in a 1999 movie, The Debtors. Release of the movie was eventually was blocked by their investors, who objected to a scene involving a “squirting rubber penis.”

Evi Quaid remains convinced that a conspiracy exists to kill off actors for insurance money, including Jeremy Piven, David Carradine, and Chris Penn.

The couple, when not living in their car, stay with their Canadian immigration attorney at her house in Vancouver. The Quaids are continuing to ask for asylum in Canada. Their attorney wants Randy Quaid to return to Santa Barbara to face charges stemming from house squatting in Montecito.

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It’s seems pretty clear that the issue here is two people suffering from schizophrenia.

Actually only Evi has Schizophrenia in my opinion. I read the Vanity Fair article and it is excellent. It gives a lot of insight into these two and the situation that they now find themselves. This really all started with Evi over spending and I do mean grossly over spending and using drugs. After she went through a few million she couldn’t understand why the checks were bouncing. From there her mental illness becomes apparent and Randy doesn’t necessarily believe that anyone is out to kill him but he also has a hard time disagreeing with Evi. She will definitely turn on him and start thinking that he is in on all this (because that is what paranoid people do) and I suspect he’s already had a taste of that and had to back peddle. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and he clearly worships the ground she walks on. Like I said, it’s an excellent article about a pussy whipped talented artist/actor that has his own emotional problems but he isn’t mentally ill. He does believe that people have stole his money though rather than believe his accountant and blame Evi.

I suppose it’s a somewhat conceivable concern on Randy’s part that the Star Whackers are coming to get him. But in Evi’s mind, why on earth would the Star Whackers be after *her*?

Yawn… Who really cares about these two has been criminals?

Has to be drugs. They’re Hollywood types, after all.

Funny thing, Randy Quaid has become this….


These two are a couple of real characters. At this point, this is too sad to be funny anymore. What are the odds of two partners both developing the same organic mental illness at the same time? I guess there could have been a predisposition that formed the basis of their initial attraction but I have to wonder if this isn’t possibly drug induced. Either way, this is a sad state of affairs for someone to be living in.