Prosecutors seek death penalty in murder of Dystiny Myers

February 24, 2011

Dystiny Myers

San Luis Obispo County prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty for at least one of the alleged killers of 15-year-old Dystiny Myers.

The badly burned body of Myers was found in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita in September. She was found hogtied with her legs bound behind her, a glove stuffed in her mouth, sweat pants tied around her throat and her hands duck taped across her chest.

On Thursday, prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty for Ty Hill, if he is convicted. Prosecutors said they are considering seeking the death penalty for Rhonda Wisto after they have more time to review the evidence.

Wisto allegedly ordered the others to kill Myers because the teen disrespected her.

Hill was the alleged leader in carrying out the torture and murder of Myers.

The remaining three defendants–Cody Miller, Jason Greenwell and Frank York–will not face the death penalty.

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This sweet girl wasn’t just killed; she was sadistically tortured first. The details are sickening. The monsters who did this deserve to be put to death, all of them.

Rest in peace, Dystiny. You’re in a safer place now.

IMHO, the very words “death penalty” mean nothing in todays court. Obviously in this state, just because someone is sentenced to death does not mean they will be put to death. There are thousands of examples of criminals sitting in jail for decades, who preyed on the innocent and enacted heinous crimes upon them and were sentenced to die. They all know the law has no teeth and that their sentence will never be carried out as read into the record. They istead get sit in our country club jails, pumping iron, watching TV or cruising the net, eating three squares, working on their releases or paroles and all at taxpayers expense. Many run their gangs from inside the prisons, continuing their rein of terror on the public. Many youth opffenders already know that any crimes they commit will be expunged from their records upon becoming adults,and then after continuing their life of crime, that even when caught and sentenced to death, they will never be executed, ever… In fact a couple years ago, the state had to stop an execution in mid process because the drugs used were out of date and there were not any new supplies in stock.

I do not believe any of these people will ever pay due penance for their crimes against this young woman. Look at Rex Krebs for a perfect example of the broken system. He was paroled and then continued his history of outrageous crimes against the public.

Time to bring back courthouse steps public hangings for those are sentenced to the “death penalty”, to be executed immediately upon the fall of the judges gavel. No country club, no cush life for decades at taxpayers expense and absolutely no chance for parol or release… That would have a significant effect on curbing violent crimes…

I agree with all you say.

With that in mind, however, I question the field expediency of seeking the death penalty in this or any other case. The burden of proof in death penalty cases is much more cumbersome, and as you pointed out the punishment is rarely carried out. So why not save time and simply try these cases as “life imprisonment” cases, since ultimately that is what the sentence is going to be?

Back atcha.

I just don’t get why they even bother if it has no teeth. It is a waste of time and money, not to mention the holiday for life in the prison system.

We are not talking stealing a stick of gum here, we are talking about the lowest of the low of scumbags, the most heinious ciminals who have by their own actions shown no regard for human life.