Central Coast waiting on the tsunami

March 11, 2011

Coastal areas all along the West Coast continue to be evacuated Friday morning following a Tsunami Watch/Warning issued by the National Weather Service.

Residents in Oceano, Cayucos, Port San Luis, and  Grover Beach, Morro Bay, and Avila Beach were being told to evacuate and seek higher ground.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company declared an Unusual Event at its Diablo Canyon Power Plant Unit 1 and Unit 2 in Avila Beach. All plant safety systems and components remain in normal operating condition and both units are currently operating at 100 percent power. Some flooding might occur near the main entrance to the plant.

The Tsunami Watch/Warning comes in response to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on Thursday. Strong waves hit Hawaii early Friday morning, reaching as high as three feet on Oahu. Residents were evacuated in all the coastal areas.

The County Office of Emergency Services will be issuing bulletins throughout the day. Residents are advised to stay away from the ocean until further notice.


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A very terrible natural disaster.

Our hearts go out to the Japanese people who will be suffering more and more as time goes along.

The tsunami warning system and EMS worked perfectly.

The only places to have any loss of life here in the states is where idiots that ran into the face of danger for that second of a thrill or to take a photo.

The question as to what is really happening with the six nuclear reactors is one that will be playing out over the next few days.

Thanks to our armed forces for your help, as always…

Video of Morro Bay Harbor

warning “Rasta” type music and tilt shift time lapse photography.

The earthquake has been reported as an 8.9 and the death toll supposedly right now is somewhere around a thousand people or so, out of some 100 million that live on all the Japanese islands; if an earthquake of this magnitude had happened any where else in the world with as much of a concentration of people, the death toll would have been absolutely horrendous, most likely in the tens of thousands. The difference? Building codes along with inspections to make sure that the codes were being followed; that, is a very stark example of how government is supposed to work to ensure the safety of the citizens regardless of how wealthy they are or how much they donate to a political party. I say we could really learn from how well prepared the Japanese people are and how strict they are about following building codes. My heart goes out to those who did die and the survivors whose homes were destroyed. Hopefully the nuclear reactors won’t melt down and add to the misery and suffering.

This earthquake and the devastating tsunami that followed were horrible. My heart goes out the people of Japan. The videos and pictures and personal stories are just incredible.

My heart also goes out to the people in the middle east.

My heart also goes out the people in Wisconsin for having the most horrible Gov. that this country has ever seen. Walker is a slim ball.

Now nuclear melt downs. Humanity or lack of it looks pretty ugly today.

I heard from multiple sources the magnitude was 8.4. CCN says 7.9…?

I’ve seen different magnitudes on all of the networks. The one I see the most is 8.9. From the way that it was explained on one of the networks today it’s that they really don’t know exactly because it was so strong that it caused their local equiptment to malfunction, might be a load but that’s what they said.

What a day. Like a good citizen, I evacuated this morning like it was suggested. Packed up my kids and the puppy and went to my brothers house in SLO. We were hanging out outside, our dog was exploring the backyard and before ya know it, is walking along the top of my brothers 6 foot retaining wall. Before any of us could get to him (only about 25 feet away) he decided to jump down. Broke his back left leg, clean break. He is at the vet and scheduled to have surgery in the morning. He is a mini aussie and only 5 months old….poor guy.

I wish I never woud have eveacuated ;-(

Gosh, You sure did have a bad day. I know how you feel, I had a kitten break his leg years ago. It was surprising how quickly he adjusted to having a cast on his front leg. After the first day he got over the trauma and carried on as if nothing happened. I was in more pain than he was over it! Young critters and puppies (can’t call a dog a critter) are surprisingly resilient.

My little guy had to wear his cast for 4 weeks and he never paid any attention to it or to the fact that he shouldn’t be running and jumping. He was good as new after we removed his cast and he lived to be 18 years old ;-) He was spoiled rotten and rightfully so.

Forget us!! Our damage (if any) will be minimal compared to what Japan is going through. My prayers to all the people of Japan in harms way. Good luck.

I don’t think anything is going to happen other than some great surfing. I’m told by a well educated geologist that our coast is actually very shallow and a tsunami would lose it’s traction long before it landed on shore with enough mass to cause more than a little inconvenient flooding. I’m going to the beach!

I have to wonder about all of those homes in Morro Bay in the “Cloisters” development, that area that seems like it is very near sea level with a small bluff dune as their only protection from the sea; I am assuming that most if not all of those residents evacuated. I have always thought that area was kind of just asking for trouble being built at that low level. Good luck to those living there.

You’re right, I’ve wondered the same thing about that place.

Although not as many people, when I saw the videos of the airport in Japan that was flooded from the tsunami it reminded me of Oceano, that airport and surrounding area is also very low.