Arroyo Grande students receive death threats

April 20, 2011

At least six Arroyo Grande High School students recently received phone calls and messages with threats that they will be harmed or killed.

Similar calls have been reported throughout the country during the past two weeks. Police say it appears victims’ cell phone numbers were found on social networking websites.

“Only one of the calls was racial in nature,” said Arroyo Grande Police Cmdr. Chuck Gerhart. Police do not believe the threats are related to several recent incidents including a cross burning outside a black teen’s window and graffiti at Mesa Middle School targeting blacks and Jews.

Police warn people to be careful what they post on line. It is not known if the callers are from the Central Coast.

“We are not aware of anyone being assaulted or injured here or elsewhere,” Gerhart added.

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It’s hard to comment without much detail… but having been there… welcome to the club.

My advice: be aware, take precautions, don’t be stupid and live your life!