Sewage spill closes Avila Beach

April 29, 2011

Port San Luis and Avila Beach were closed Friday after 1,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the ocean because of a  leaking pressure main under a roadway near Avila Beach Drive at Ana Bay Road.

The sewage leaked into the ocean via a storm drain, according to the San Luis Obispo County Health Department. The leak has been contained and officials are looking into the cause of the system failure.

Meanwhile, the beaches are closed until county health officials can determine if bacteria levels exceed state standards.

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Imagine that, the General manager/District Administrator/engineer for Avila CSD is The Wallace Group. Good job on the SSMP, or is it really a CMP, as in crisis management plan.

I think if it came from The Wallace Group, it could be considered a POS.

Every day, a new sewer spill. This is what Los Osos residents can look forward to.

If you don’t maintain your system, yes, this is what you can look forward to. Any poorly maintained pipe system can fail, be it gas, water or sewer. However with pressurized systems, there is a lot more spewage. That leaking pressure main was clearly not given the proper maintenance.

Be aware that the portion of the sewer system that leaked was the pressure main.

Conventional gravity systems rarely, if ever, develop leaks. If they do, it’s almost always a force main lifting raw sewage or effluent up grade.

Now imagine the wacked out folks in Los Osos that wanted a step system. An entire community of force mains with collection tanks, lift/ejector pumps and laterals all on private individual lots.

Pure fantasy sold to gadflys and antisewer people.

I don’t care for Gibson but he sure got the Los Osos project right.

All sewer systems leak. Some leak less than others. Would be careful to say “rarely” because that’s open for debate.

STEP/STEG is dead for Los Osos, but that technology is viable and works great elsewhere. It’s not for everyone, apparently, but where it does apply, it works. That said, some people in LO will continue to sell that system, but their words are nothing more than hot air in the breeze. We got bigger issues to deal with.

Step/Steg works best when it is not a retrofit and your private property doesn’t have limitations placed on it regarding your own use of it.

So sad.

Well spelled