Sheriff restores internal affairs unit

May 11, 2011

Ian Parkinson and Jim Voge

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson is bringing back an internal affairs unit to investigate citizens’ complaints brought against sheriff’s department personnel.

Under former sheriff Pat Hedges, the internal investigation unit was disbanded. Last year there were 25 complaints against sheriff department employees.

Cmdr. Jim Voge will head up the unit which will investigate alleged misconduct by deputies, policy compliance and training requirements of department personnel.

In 2007, the 33 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department retired and moved to Cambria.

Voge will work part time as a non-benefited hourly employee with the rank of commander making from $54.30 to $66 hourly.

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If you are retired, you are already receiving benefits. You’d be getting double the benefits if that were the case. They are very well taken care of and are and have been covered for a very long time.

I’m wondering what kind of a difference it would make that he is an outsider from Los Angeles Police Department? SLO Sheriff’s is very much a closed community or is this so that it makes it look like they have someone who might be a little bit unbiased and would kick ass? I’m from L.A. and I doubt it. Their all bought and it is all a Circus Show aimed at misguiding and lying to the general public to make it look like they have things under control. The only under control is in keeping their real agend operations hidden.

It still is the “Good Ol’ Boys Club.”

I’m wondering if those where my 25 complaints…. I have never met a worse organization in my life. They think by making some exterior outward cosmetics that they have satisfied their “Secrecy” Policy and zero “Transparency?” These are the biggest bunch of creeps I have ever met in my life. If is all gets closed down, beleive me, I’ll dance on their graves.

If you pay me $55-$66 per hour, I’d be willing to pay for my own benefits too.


They have long long history of abuse and skilled CYA


If my memory serves me right, did’t this guy testify as an expert witness in our county court (same as Ian) on behalf of the PD not too long ago (really)?

What a hell of a business network.


Don’t really need him, I prefer a retired neutral Fed instead.

I agree, we need a neutral / unbiased investigator. Remember, public safety ( fire fighters or law enforcement ) are very tight fraternities.

well no wonder this police officer can retire in Cambria …

Interesting headlines when I saw them this morning……. will this be “law enforcement checking out law enforcement” ? Why not hire a retired attorney or procecuter ? Just another retired public servant from LA, already collecting a pension, earning up to $66 / hr. , sounds like a good gig……

in ADDITION to his pension

Well, well, well! This certainly seems to be a step in the right direction. Will this include the NTF being as some of the Sheriff’s belong to this group?

Ian Parkinson, how about giving us all an update on how the dept. handled those 25 complaints including any investigational findings and ramifications to those officers for their actions. I want to know what happened to those complaints. Please give us answers and not just a token spokesperson being paid up to $66.00 an hour with our tax dollars!

54.30 to 66.00…not to shabby. Where do i sign up?

$54/hour is about $100K year, which seems like a pretty good deal for the taxpayer. He will not be full time (one wouldn’t think), and he will not incur the enormous “benefits” costs regular gov’t employees incur.

Tongue in cheek: And since Hedges is no longer running the show, he probably won’t have as much to do.

I believe reinstatement of an internal affairs unit is a good call on Parkinson’s part. And I believe filling the position in this manner is a good call on Parkinson’s part.

I voted for the other guy in the election, but I believe Parkinson is doing a good job.

I agree, I too voted for the other guy. Parkinson has surprised me, I like what I am hearing.

While I agree that this is at least a step in the right direction, the fox is still essentially guarding the hen house. Given that these agencies have a tendency to cover up wrong doing or simply transfer a “bad cop” off to join the ranks of a new brotherhood where the local community doesn’t know about what they did 2 counties over, I’ll reserve my judgment.

What has Parkinson done about the gang in the uniforms who violated the rights of Matt Hart and then conspired to slap him with bogus charges? “Hey guy’s, we pulled a Ferman” – Remember that one? Parkinson did nothing while that idiot Murphy complained to Play Boy magazine about cameras in LEO cars and made us the laughing stock of the nation!

Agreed. I also want to know what happened to all of those who were a major part in the north county MMJ raid during Hedges last few days of “power”…have you heard anything?

Good question danika, it’s time for me to follow up with some of the “VICTIMS” that I met at the rally and find out what is going on. I doubt that any of the Central Coast victims can be successfully prosecuted. I am just wondering where the repercussions are going to land surrounding the issues of violations of the citizens civil rights, trespassing, child endangerment by LE, causing little helpless dogs to have heart attacks and men urinating themselves while half dressed and made to sit in the cold for hours. I suspect it is going to cost us taxpayers a bundle and this is a bill that I don’t mind paying.

“What the Attorney General say’s doesn’t mean shit” – Whoever said that was full of it and needed to take one. It’s up to a jury now or a closed door settlement which we will all find out about and the perpetrators won’t be wiping it off if I have my say about it.

First trial starts May 23. Second one is June 20th I believe. They DA is trying some scam to deny a medical marijuana defense at the first two trials even though their undercover cop Ms. Chastain, went to a doctor, got a rec, got a list at the doc’s office and called the delivery services. Go look at the Calif. Narcotic Officer’s Assoc. website. There you will see their position paper on medical marijuana where it says, “Marijuana is not medicine”. So our tax dollars pay for the cop’s memberships to belong to a group that doesn’t believe in medical marijuana in other words they are being brainwashed not to follow the penal code from this corrupt group. This group also lobbies at the state capital to make more laws so they can arrest more people. Any decriminalization is always lobbied against. This is taxpayer funded lobbying at its best and what I believe is a mis-appropriation of public funds.

Trials begin next week. While some plea offers were made by the DA all defendants chose to turn them down and go to trial. Some have opted to exercise their right to a speedy trial, the others are still just incurring court costs while the dance continues.

We have made three motions to have our property returned and have been denied each time, based on their “need to further investigate”. Inasmuch we have filed a claim against the NTF. Appears it will be a long process, as they have many ways to drag it out.

For the record we have pretty much confirmed Hedge’s innocence in this police action.

In another light we have direct information that Amy “Dobson” medical records were confiscated by the DEA from Dr. Rees office two weeks ago.

He will not incur the enormous benefit cost because he already has those benefits and his pension as part of his retirement. So his total draw from public monies will be as much as $250k a year plus benefits.