Employee attacked at Atascadero State Hospital

June 7, 2011

An Atascadero State Hospital employee was assaulted Monday, according to the California State Department of Mental Health.

Mental Health officials said the employee was in stable condition, but could not provide further details about the assault at this time.

After several violent attacks at state hospitals during the past year, including the strangulation of a psychiatric technician, state lawmakers are pushing bills that would help protect patients and employees at California’s mental health facilities

These bills would enable officials to better assess patients’ potential for violence, fast track the ability to involuntarily medicate certain individuals and punish those who funnel contraband to patients.

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It’s not just guards that are needed, it’s control of the patients. They are allowed to wander in and out of their rooms, even at night. And heaven forbid a staff member being attacked tries to fight back. These may be “patients” but they are criminals first and should be guarded just like in the real State prisons.

Homerun, survivor…

It was called the Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane back in the day before the current run on PCism and for a very good reason. They are violent criminals first and mentally incompetent second and the only reason they are not in a high security prison is because of their lower mental capacity…

Not enough staff, hire more guards!

I have no sympathy for these violent patience

I have studied many Martial Arts.

The one most fitting here, is the Japanese concept of “Me first, my enemy last!”

Layman martial Arts is equivalent to master level of martial arts, its simple, simple to teach!