Man injured in Paso Robles drive-by shooting

June 18, 2011

Police said a man is recovering from a gunshot wound from a drive-by shooting in Paso Robles on Friday.

The victim told officers he was standing on the 100 block of Santa Ynez Avenue at about 8:15 p.m. when the driver of a dark-colored sedan fired a shot hitting him in the thigh. The victim went to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton with a non-life threatening injury

Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call Paso Robles Police Department Investigations Bureau.

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I would suggest that each Paso Robles City Council member should have to spend a night walking around this area by themselves. Not in a group or with police, but by themselves. How safe would they feel? It is easy to ignore the problem if you don’t personally experience it.

Are Paso’s schools in that area failing?

I watched a documentary the other day called Waiting for Superman and it had an interesting theory regarding bad neighborhoods and school.

Traditionally, people think that because the neighborhood is bad, the schools will become dropout factories (i.e. bad schools); the documentary reverses this and posits that bad schools create bad neighborhoods, not vice-versa. An interesting piece, nevertheless.

One can also wonder if poverty creates crime (drugs, gangs, etc) or could the reversal be true? This country really does not have poverty, as defined by the rest of the world, however, if you get enough shiftless youths with nothing to do, breeding and crime seem to skyrocket. Obviously, this compounds the issues and exacerbates the problems. The end result is a “bad part of town” with failed schools, entering into a downward spiral that attracts crooked politicians who love throwing money at problems in attempts to solve them.

Just some random morning thoughts. Happy Father’s Day, otherwise!

If we could just bring the bears up into the neighborhood that the shooter lives…..we could paste a little honey nearby and take care of the problem. I know it’s not funny I’m just trying to be helpful.

The sad thing about gangs and I have felt this way for thirty years, is that everybody in the nice part of town figures that’s o.k. it is somewhere else and someone else’s problem. Well it isn’t. It is all of our problem. You have kids growing up in the crossfire (and getting hit and killed). Then they grow up and prepetuate this on and on.

Then you get the innocent bystanders (not even in the neighborhood) like the guy at the Dodger game a couple months ago, that get caught in the bullshit of the mindset of the braindead gangsta. This pisses me off!!

Watch out for drive by with the passenger windows open.

Gang-related. Same neighborhood where a guy was stabbed earlier this year. Lots of tagging in that area. Older homes. Used to be nice; now it’s cruddy.

I wonder what the neighborhood/city can do to reverse this sort of slide into cruddiness. We’ve seen this in hundreds of towns across the nation, usually poverty and drugs bring this sort of thing. Why can’t the town and citizens band together to stamp it out? Working together can accomplish anything.

Hotdog your comment about all the towns is spot on!! Unfortunately it is just the begining. Lack of fathers in a LOT of these homes, education, lack of respect for self and others, low self esteem, the list goes on. The part that worries me the most is that it isn’t as easy as people just banding together to stomp out. We have to have a lot of change within the home also and with self or we will never reverse this.

I remember in the mid eighties I started to see tagging within Paso here and there. I had been reading a lot about the gangs in L.A. and how it all starts. I mentioned to people at the time that it looks like their (L.A.’s) crap is headed this way. Worse our Police Chief at the time said NO we don’t have gangs and we see no problem. It wasn’t till about ’93-’95 that they FINALLY started to admit that yes we have a problem.

Well gangs are like a cancer. To wait 8-10 years it is a good thing to finally do something but now it gets that much harder to erraticate. Would have been much easier sooner. Sad, sad indeed.

The first thing Paso could do is to enact a city ordinance limiting the number of unrelated adults living in one residence. Yes, there is a county ordinance, but it is being interpreted in a very generous way and essentially allows too many adults because of how they count square feet of living space. If you drive through this neighborhood at night you will see 5 to 10 cars outside one residence and grown men out in the driveway drinking beer. This is ghetto behavior and its not fair to the residents trying to keep up their houses and yards, but the residents can’t do anything because it’s not against the law.

Yes, yes, YES! And sadly, you don’t have to wait until nighttime to see what you’re describing. Those same ghetto folks walk next door to Sherwood Park and play basketball until late into the night. They leave their glass beer bottles strewn around and dump their trash. That once-nice park is now constantly tagged and definitely not a safe place to be in the evenings.

I hope they get the shooter, this is not what anyone wants or needs…