Cal Poly tennis coach resigns as NCAA investigates

July 26, 2011

Cal Poly men’s tennis coach Justin McGrath resigned recently as the NCAA investigates allegations of unethical conduct and complaints from players that their scholarships were reduced. [Tribune]

McGrath confirmed his resignation on Monday, but told the Tribune that the investigation had nothing to do with his decision. He turned in his letter of resignation Monday to Cal Poly Athletic Director Don Oberhelman, he said, to pursue other coaching opportunities.

An NCAA enforcement investigator interviewed sources in the tennis program via teleconference in June. At issue were allegations that McGrath tampered with official scholarship documents, in which he reduced players’ scholarships after getting them to join the team, and that the university did not provide them with an opportunity to appeal the reductions.

Additionally, a former assistant coach and current player allege that their signatures were forged on documents that showed they received per diem expense money.

McGrath led the Mustangs to their first ever playoff tennis berth last season. They’ve tallied winning records in three of the last four seasons, finishing 14-7 overall, and 4-1 in the Big Conference in 2011.

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Was he pocketing the money? He was reducing the amount of scholarships so where did the extra funds go?

Let’s face it, the best way to get ahead at cal poly is to be corrupt. On the surface, this guy looked successful; look a little closer and the truth emerges. Maybe cal poly will give him a raise and/or a nice severance package before he leaves.

Generations of cheaters . . .