Child drowns at Lake Nacimiento

July 3, 2011

UPDATE: Divers with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department found the body of a 4-year-old girl in about six feet of water at Lake Nacimiento on Sunday.

Park rangers told deputies Araceli Garcia of Greenfield, Calif.,went missing shortly after 2 p.m. from the shore east of the general store. Divers found the girl’s body about 70 feet off shore at about 6;30 p.m.

Officials said an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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“Forget me not

My little one

You have left us too soon

Though my body can no longer hold you

I hold you forever in my heart

As precious and beautiful as this flower caught in time

A mother’s & father’s love does not forget.”

Having lost a son… it never goes away.



Many years ago a family friend lost their son to a Hit and Run driver, the wife was paralyzed for life.

12 years later the mother told me that they have spend a lot of money on travel and no matter where or how far they went, the hurt would not nor ever go away.

My heart goes out to you no matter how long ago it was, it will never ever go away.

Oh Come on!!!

Who’s giving thumbs down to such controversial comments as “Just Terrible” and condolences to the family?

Who’s life is that small?

It’s the same people that tend to disprove the theory of evolution. You would have thunk that morons like that would have bred themselves out of the gene-pool by now. But no, Neanderthals walk among us today, sad.

I might have been at fault for causing some of it.

There has been times I was too speculative and sarcastic.

Other times in the evening I take meds and have wine and was no better.

And whoever you are I apologize.

Its the 4th of July, don’t need to wait for New Year, I wish you all community members a clear mind when posting, myself at fault included.

I am grateful we have a real investigative web site.

I will watch myself.

I am human and subject to errors and weakness.

I will try to watch myself.

Drowning is silent. Parents be vigilant.

Not only silent my friend but in a very short time not visible.

40 years ago I went on fishing trip with 4 friends, we were on a large rented row boat.

Althought we were near shore (not shallow), one of my friends fell into the water.

He started struggling to stay on the surface pleading for help and sort of laughing (I thought he knew how to swim).

I thought he was kidding until he went under (less than 10 seconds), 2 of us jumped into the water to bring him to the surface.

If we did not jump into the green colored water, no one would have detected him (no sound, no splashing, NOR VISIBILITY).

A child is even more helpless.

So sad that a fun family outing turns to tragedy. Watching young kids is important.

When I was very young my aunt had me on an air mattress at Arroyo Seco. I slipped off and sank into the water when she wasn’t looking. I wouldn’t be here today if my dad hadn’t rescued me.

Every parent’s worse nightmare. Unlike a pool, Lake Naci is murky & the visibility is awful. So sorry for the little girl and her family.

Just terrible.