Maria Shriver won’t be back

July 1, 2011


Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver formally filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger Friday, citing “irreconcilable difference.” [Los Angeles Times]

The former California First Lady, married for 25 years to the actor and ex-governor, filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles County Superior Court through her attorney Laura Wasser.

The petition requests that Schwarzenegger and Shriver share joint physical and legal custody of their two minor sons, ages 17 and 13.

Schwarzenegger revealed last month that he had fathered a child more than a decade ago with a longtime member of their household staff.

Shriver moved out of the family’s Brentwood mansion earlier this year after learning about the child.

The staff member worked for the family for 20 years, retiring in January. She lives in Bakersfield with the boy.

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I thought the expression was “passed AWAY,” not just the verb “passed” all alone. What ever happened to the word “away”?

My wife and I give weekends for troubled marriages called Retrouvaille. (Renewal). A Priest and three couples give the weekends. We have been on more than 250 weekends over a 26 year period and have witnessed many marriages healing and beginning again. Some couples are destined to break up but the reason is usually not adultry, even with a child involved. Alcoholism, physical abuse, drug abuse, and etc. are usually pretty damn good reasons to end a marriage. And do.

I vividly remember my wife telling me for the last time “quit drinking or lose the kids and me”. Of course I finally realized the womans an angel and this time was not giving me an empty threat, so I quit and went on a weekend with her and started our healing. Takes years to heal the things that I did before I quit drinking but with the help of God we are healing.

I hate to hear about people breaking up. Especially for the kids. Men I blame you for most of the problems in your marriage. If you act like the Spiritual leader there will be no break up. Treat her like Jesus treats her, with respect, care, love, and tenderness, and you will think you just got married.

Hope you are man enough to put her first before yourself. Women do this automatically. You treat her like you want to be treated and you will be happier than you can imagine.

I hate to see them breaking up when there is a chance they can begin again. Like to get them on a weekend, God would get that guy back on track. He wouldn’t have a chance.

Funny part is men are very surprised when the woman tells him she wants to break up and has filed the papers with an attorney. “I always ask them how long has your wife been telling you she is not happy?” “But I bought her a nice house, nice car and all the money she wants”. I guess you haven’t given her what she wanted all along”. You have to believe her when she tells you something. Start listening with your heart.

Sorry I get carried away when I think about people breaking up. The kids a lot of the time blame themselves. Breaks their hearts when you break up. Men grow up and take care of your family’s needs in any way you can. Try to be vulnerable and express who you really are. Oh well, I will leave it alone.

With God’s help I will try to be the Spirtual leader in my house also. 46 years the woman has put up with my B.S. Can you imagine July 10th will be 46 years living with a Saint. My pleasure and gift. Of course she is the Saint, I am working on it.

Although I don’t believe in ‘God’ I do like your post. Very good point’s and if believing in a God helps some keep their marriages together then all the power to them.

I know what you mean about the men being surprised when the women kicks them to the curb when the signs have been right in front of his face for a long time. I’ve seen that happen so many times, very true.

You sound like a fab husband, perhaps you could give some pointers to my old ball and chain :)

Good for you, Maria! Move on…

If she truly didn’t know what is going on, I have the utmost heartfelt sympathy for her.

May her new life bring her happiness.

Being deceived with his mistress working in the household for 20 whole years is “irreconcilable difference.”

No one can blame Maria if she took him to the cleaners.

Arnold is hurting for money, a short while back he wanted the State of California to reimburse him $millions for business expenses he paid for out of his own pocket.

The first lady of California starts noticing how the maid’s kid is looking more and more like her husband. Arnold must have been noticing way before her, I bet he was just freakin’. Man, what is it with being rich/powerful? Do you just lose yer fricken mind automatically?

Maria will have no problem finding a real man or maybe she should just play the field and have fun. Either way, she’s too good for him.

With her looks? ‘taint likely.

Any dude that hooks up with her at this point will be in it for the coin only.

God, I hope that not every man is as shallow as you are. Please someone tell me that there are men that find intelligence an attractive quality. Besides that, how old is she. Maria is no spring chicken, I think she looks pretty good especially for her age. You should be so lucky SSBob.

Typo, you need to enroll in Charm School. S-S-B just said we’re all pigs desiring money only from women, we see those are exactly your sentiments and then you jump on him.

We have different definitions of the term ‘charm’. BTW not only did he and I guess you are pigs desiring money only from women he also insulted her looks.

well, money’s not the ONLY thing we desire from women…….oink, oink

So predictable!….LMAO…you’re killing me! LMAO!!

I forgot to oink…oink…oink…oink! lol

Amen, typo. Amen!

You & I are often on opposite sides of discussions but we agree on this! Maria is a smart, educated, hard-working, philanthropic, beautiful and classy woman. Thankfully Eunice & Sargent Shriver have already passed so they don’t have to watch their daughter go through this heartbreaking ordeal.