SLO firefighter pleads not guilty to assault

July 14, 2011

John Ryan Mason

A local firefighter who was arrested for allegedly beating a man unconscious at Pappy McGregor’s in San Luis Obispo plead not guilty Thursday to felony charges of assault and battery

In early June, John Ryan Mason, 34, allegedly beat Jory Brigham, 32, unconscious in a bathroom after an eight-month rift stemming from claims the firefighter was having an affair with another man’s wife. Brigham, the husband of Mason’s wife’s best friend, had posted a message on his Facebook page that men should not leave their wives for woman they are having affairs with.

Mason admitted to police he was upset over the Facebook post. He, however, claims Brigham was the aggressor during their June altercation. Mason had no injuries while Brigham required four metal plates to be placed in his face and his jaw to be wired shut.

Mason was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail and released on $50,000 bail. He returned to work at the San Luis Obispo Fire Department and placed on desk duty while the city performs an investigation.
Mason is due back in court on August 30.

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Yet another reason to despise Facebook: guys like MaNson are on it, and are apparently willing to beat the pudding out of anyone who posts things they don’t like.

Imagine your fire alarm wakes you up one night. You open your eyes and see MaNson standing in your window holding a fire axe. That’s the ultimate no-win situation….

A violent sociopath like this guy is misplaced in the fire dept. He should be in the Sheriff’s dept where we can arm him and send him into trailer parks to murder the undesirables (who then settle out of court for millions of taxpayer dollars). More likely, once convicted and put in prision, Mr Mason will have to be content with being on “paid administrative leave” until such time as he is released from prision or is qualified to retire. And be sure to vote no on measures A and B. We wouldn’t want to disrupt this gravy train now would we ?

San Luis Obispo City Firefighter John Ryan Mason is obviously a very violent and disturb person who has been cuddled and protected by a corrupt system protecting their own.

The city firefighters have forgotten that they are JUDGED BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP!

The city police officers who failed to properly preform their responsibilities as police officers by letting him go until the political heat back fired on them are no better than the alleged criminal they tried to protect.

It is absolutely disgusting what has become of the SLO city police and fire departments with their numerous shenanigans and cover ups. The good men and women of these departments, if there is any left. Must step forward with courage and fortitude and change the course of spiraling decay that has overcome them.

Survival tactics, and this crap is spreading throughout gov.t since econ. reality prevailed. Fasten your seatbelts cuz this is nothing. Shrinking economic activity should dictate the size of Gov’t. Gov’ts don’t subscribe, usually to the point of shooting the public up if necessary. That can’t happen in America, we’re different………..aren’t we?

I am sick of seeing this guys picture plastered on my 17″ screen. Please end this story as soon as possible. Enough is enough.

How to make CCN’s mugshot mask .save image. enlarge image. print image. punch hole through iris. attach string free! trick or treat .just don’t follow anyone into the bathroom wearing it.

Okay I just tried it. Gave the mask to my great-grandaughter but had to throw it a way because it scared the heck out of her. Then it dawned on me you were just making a joke. Please be careful what you write in front of me. I believe almost everything.



Plea Bargain?

How about a trip back to the bathroom. This time maybe he should be left beaten on the floor.This guy sounds like a real piece of work.

Public stocks in mission plaza for public employee miscreants (sarcasm)

Why is this sarcasm? Afraid to tell the truth, say what you think? And why limit the humiliation to public employees? How about any crooks, how about gearhead and scum like that?

The system is rigged to protect their “buddies”. The cops and the firemen stick together. How man times have you seen a fireman decal in the back window of a car so get special treatment.

This jerk has a history of assault and gets only a $50,000 bail and is back at work in a desk job, it’s almost a promotion.

Check this bail in relation to the one in Santa Maria for ‘being sarcastic’- that was $200,000 for a non contact comment. What a judicial system we have. And ‘equal justice for all’-sure, the check’s in the mail…