Time to wake up the giant

July 30, 2011


What is the matter with a country whose political process at every level is so distorted and upside down that it is persistently countermanding and suffocating the very best and necessary interests of itself, for which it is mandated to serve?

Arrogant presumptive politicians who presume/pretend to be fairly elected and represent “all” the people, when in reality they derive their entire political position from their very personalized self mapped, self constructed, self serving gerrymandered districts.  Where, their dependable election outcomes are predictably and invariably tipped at 60/40 percent for the past decade, regardless of their stated political bias.

I remain and am ever increasingly disgusted at a fallacious political-electoral democratic system at both the state and federal levels which promotes and nurtures its pseudo elected representatives to talk sweet to get there, and then do nothing when they get there (on our dimes), but to ineffectively argue with each other, while only agreeing complicitly to feather one another’s personal treasure chests, as a natural and expected derivative of the artifice of their ill will won seats.

This infection of immoral, inattentive governance aimed at only what is good for the elected official and their unembarrassed cronies is infectious, and sadly also gushing as a daily deluge choking both county and local governance. One need not look too far for disappointment and demoralization of the electorate at every level, as we are persistently sold out to the lowest political bidder.

This is not a problem of the old familiar political rules or economic classifications we learned in school not so long ago. Rather it is a radiant undignified epidemic which is destroying the very fabric of our society, whether it be the lower or middle class working people of this once great Nation. Those very neighbors and families whose daily hard fought sweat and tears fuel the money carpeted by these false and hypocritical representatives to squander on: their unsustainable misguided industrial wars; themselves; their lobbyist friends, collaborative interests, and always their beloved “pet” projects.

All aimed not at helping their communities, but sadly buying favors for their next mortgaged election cycle.

We daily sit and watch their rich get richer, while the rest of us and our growing families and friends become helplessly unemployed; care taken with no real health care (Certainly not of the exacting same quality of the plutocratic politicians we are conveniently constrained to elect and re-elect.); nor any true effective safety nets.

Rather our only rewards are defined by being devoured daily by more frequent and deadly taxation; runaway irresponsible spending, and unco-operative governance, while we “their little people” irresolutely descend ever further into involuntary predictable enforced poverty, amidst spiraling personal financial and emotional ruin on the ash heaps of our promised regaled tomorrows.

All this and we still don’t hear our justified calamitous screaming, but rather only the rancorous bleating of these politicians as they haughtily blame one another, and then always inevitably raining down on us, their apparently willing victims.

There is not today, nor in any of our so-called politically promised tomorrows, any more promise of our prosperity, happiness, health or the mutual caring of others, than we have already seen and felt for decades, trickling down on us as in a politically induced acid rain, of intentional inaction and politically derived oppression.

We have relinquished our umbrellas, our science, our souls, and our good sense, conveniently leaving us with the dregs of calamitous polarization and hostility.


Why do we have an unchecked political Plutocracy, who we support?

“Politicians and Judges gone wild!”  Hell, they even have their very own bands and buses with their names plastered all over them, to prove it.  Yet our government turns ever more painfully slow dripping and droning will-nilly; all visibly fermenting like putrid garbage to our common senses.

I am truly disgusted, at this situation, which we have now tolerated for too many years.

It must change, not just for our own benefit, but for our children, and our children’s children and their children through the ages. On behalf of all our everlasting souls, and spiritual and fiscal selves it is necessary now (not tomorrow) to take constructive action to change, and to elect responsible real people, who will look out “first’ for their neighbors, their community and not just themselves, and their newly walleted friends.

They must do the job they were elected to do (had they actually been elected and not selected). They need not compromise, but rather they must cooperatively move all of us and our Nation effectively and efficiently forward into a mutually prosperous, secure and culturally nurturing future, where the arts  and academics, not the bullets, define our societal worth.

Sadly while California’s self-annihilating bureaucratic governance is a complete nationwide decades old joke, it is possibly no longer even the worst of the elected malfeasance prospered by the fellowship of our gerrymandering politicians. Proving yet again, that one cannot govern fairly or effectively by cabal, or propositions alone, rather it takes authentic sincere people who essentially care about “we the others” they purport to represent and serve.

At the core of this huge communicable political disease is our intentional and ongoing perpetually chronic unsung loss our constitutionally given voter’s rights. We are clearly incapable of giving the voters a fair playing field by which to elect honorable persons, who will principally care for their neighbors, their communities, and not at the robotic behest of their self serving party affiliates.

I can not fully grasp the alluring insanity that has gripped our Nation, and is enveloping us politically into such a flagrant willing downward spiral. Like mice being shocked wherever and whenever we move, we sit with bleeding eyes wide open in awe, blindly watching the persistent tornadic self induced destruction we have come to white wash as our deserved acceptable governance.

The promise of our United States from its inception was: “Government is of its People and for its People.”  Does it follow then that this is now the government we want, or deserve within our passive tolerance to turn the other way, hoping in disbelief that it will go away or improve?

We have clearly lost that promise to these opportunistic self-selected, life-serving, politicized bureaucrats, who willingly and daily feign interest in their perceived hapless constituents, while so many of them escape the rule of law as they pursue their seemingly unimaginable prurient interests. (For which we would be immediately jailed without hope of sunshine or food in eternal damnation.)

Their ineptitudes only minimized by their personal audacities, under the pretense that they did nothing, knew nothing and what about their poor wives and families? As they amazingly either ridiculously stay in their office or move on to their own hour-long news show on CNN. Apparently they are not so disgusting that they never-the-less can move into your family living room nightly?

This, Our Country, is “For We the People”.  All of WE the People, not for a paralytic spend thrift governance, and the self-serving interests of the few, who then contract faithlessly with their rich co-conspirators to foil the daily average person, and keep us willingly stupefied, subjugated, over taxed and exploited.

Have we been so saturated by the hyped electronic media’s repetitive nightly pseudo Armageddon’s and sensationalized pabulum, that we just roll over and play dead?   Sadly it seems so. When then is enough, enough??

Wake up people!

Rise to our power of We the People, the power of our sanctified vote. Time to do what is right and work for all  WE the People, not just those select few, that mysterious 1 percent of the 1 percent and their cabal of select special people.

Take action now. Vote assertively for people who care about all of us, not for their personal self induced celebrity, and who do not hysterically see compromise as one of the seven deadly sins.

Cooperation is not compromise.

Polarization is not politics.

Effective, responsible government embraces the former and rejects the latter.

Dr. Don Regan of Grover Beach twice served as the Republican candidate for Congress in the 22nd Congressional District.

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I’m beginning to think that “voting” is a waste of time. I hope I’m wrong. In any case, I think we are experiencing an almost complete breakdown in our political system. This system, by and large, is simply NOT RESPONDING to our votes, our desires, our judgement. It is OUT OF CONTROL and must be brought to heel. But how? Look at what has happened in Argentina, Iceland and Greece for some pointers.

This very eloquently expresses the situation that all of us recognize as being at the heart of the problems facing our country. The problem is – How do we get the caring people on the ballot so that they have a chance to be elected? Until we break the power of partisans to keep candidates off the general-election ballot with open primaries, and there is Congressional committee reform so that issues other than “pet projects” have a chance of being acted on, nothing will change. The Democrat and Republican parties have taken on a life of their own where winning is most important. That focus must be stopped. It is fine to have a party affiliation – it is not fine to be owned by a party!! Until those “caring people” can get on the ballot and be elected without owing their soulds to a political party, we are doomed.

Wake up? To what? I’ll tell you what. This country is one gd giant criminal enterprise, that’s what! You don’t believe it? Take a look at how the banks rob Peter to pay Paul:

Bank taps fund to pay TARP

Written by Marlize van Romburgh

Monday, 25 July 2011

One of the largest banks based in the region has paid off the $25 million it took from the U.S. Treasury at the height of the financial crisis by using funds from a new government aid program.

First California Bank, based in Westlake Village, recently announced that it is repaying the $25 million it took under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, by getting $25 million from a different federal program: the new Small-Business Lending Fund.

The lending program was enacted last year as part of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 and is intended to help community banks boost lending to small companies.


Gotta hope for a miracle…. Ron Paul for starters. He’ll challage the banking/Wall st./ Fed control of prices, finance and markets.These institutions are totally corrupt and controlled from outside of the U.S. for the most part.

YUP, I’ve been thinking the same way. Ron Paul for starters, we have to do something and fast.

Ron Paul has been Bernanke’s boss for a while now Paul is on the house committee over seeing the Fed. .

last time desperate sleepy Americans were being agitated by their own fears just like today the miracle was Ross Perot !

he didn’t save us and civilization did not collapse in fact later Clinton left us a modest surplus.but and ended Glass Stegall. that and the communications act 96 a class act. Screw labor, finance is where its at!

almost forgot the best part America we are just fine!

http://www.slate.com/id/2300429/?from=rss&wpisrc=twitter_socialflow read and rejoice!!!

Bernacke has no boss as the Fed has no overseer. Not seeing an analogy between Perot and Paul.

Billy gave the bankers what they dreamed of (dumping Glass-Stegall) along with NAFTA. He and Greenspan belong in jail.

Ron Paul, heads the House Financial Services Committee‘s subcommittee overseeing the Fed, The people of the United States control the Federal Reserve via congressional committee oversight , Jeffersonian Democracy could use Jacksonian Banking rules. Look away to S,Dakota.

They might oversee them, in this case it means they’re just watching them control our world and doing nothing.

Agreed ,this is the perfect time for another Jackson. For now we have Paul.

Yeah, Sioux Falls, where interest can be anything you want as long as it’s mailed there before being remailed to the banksters. If people only knew, aye Zap?

Opps I meant the BND bank of North Dakota a state owned bank,The fed is a consortium of private banks(wall street) that work with the Treasury to create and circulate currency. .

private banks and wall st (wall street is not the fed)…. anyone wanting to understand the fed may be interested in certain chapters of William Grieders book Secerets of the Temple for foundation basics understanding of OUR Federal Reserve banking system . at least give it a skim before you swallow the slimycreaturefromjeckelisland whole.

Wall st., the Fed and finance industries function almost as one entity. a corrupt one

the wall street banks are modest amateurs check out the position of the German privateer banks .

NO public official “oversees” the FED, only the power elite does that. If it seems as if any public offial did oversee the FED, that’s an illusion.

In fact, the FED IS the power elite.

…but when will we wake up to the fact?

It’s the biggest issue in the western world and……….crickets.

The rest of todaze newzzzzzzzis just a cover-up.