Tale of the 911 tape

August 30, 2011

911 Recording Refutes San Luis Obispo Police Officer’s Claims

EDITORS NOTE: See The blue code, a copy of the 911 tape, Scott Cramer’s statement to police, and a listing of officer Cramer’s statement compared with the 911 tape at the bottom of this story.


An Atascadero woman screams, “stop, stop, please send someone,” to the 911 operator.

In the next room, caller Sarah Summers’ developmentally disabled stepson grapples with another man who has followed him to his father’s home after the stepson passed him on the road. Her 74-year-old husband James, undergoing chemotherapy, has just seen his son smash through the front storm door with a stranger.

The man wrestling with Summers’ stepson is off-duty San Luis Obispo Police Officer Scott Cramer.

Cramer would tell Atascadero police officers that he was not fighting with Summers, 50, and that he was maintaining his calm as he dealt with an aggressor.

Summers’ stepson, Scott, tells a different story, and a recently released 911 tape supports the disabled man’s account of the March 2010 altercation.

“Upon listening to the tape, you can tell this is an outraged irate driver, who is trespassing in an innocent family’s’ home, and dispensing his own variety of curbside instant justice, said Summers’ attorney James McKiernan who has filed suit against Cramer and the city of San Luis Obispo. “How does an officer unleash it on a hapless disabled individual after all of those years of training?”

Scott Summers T-shirt was torn and bloodied during the altercation. Blood stains are still visible even though the shirt had been laundered.

Excerpts from the 911 tape support Summers’ account and call into question Cramer’s statement that he “spoke calmly” (Currently, a forensic sound studio technician is working to clarify some of the muffled statements on the 911 tape.)

Scott Summers: “Get your hands off me. Stop it. Get your hands off me.”

Scott Summers: “You know what, you are going to jail. I don’t care who you are.”

Cramer: “Oh, Screw you?

Scott Summers: “No, fuck you.”

Cramer: “Fuck you back. I can do whatever…”

Scott Summers: I want to see your badge.

Sarah Summers: “Yeah, I don’t know what happened prior to that it sound like some antagonizing is going on the road and…”

Operator: “So it sounds like – it’s like a road rage kind of thing.”

Sarah Summers: “It was – It was road rage kind of stuff and as when one thing led to another, and the next thing, you know, the guy comes down here to settle it out.”

On March 18, 2010, Scott Summers, who lives in a disabled housing facility, was driving an older model BMW he was loaned by the auto shop where his truck was being repaired.

Summers passed Cramer’s red truck on Old Morro Road East, a winding rural street. Cramer was driving with his 8-year-old. According to the lawsuit filed over the incident, Cramer began racing up to Summers’ bumper, falling back, and revving up and again getting bumper to bumper.

Summers made it to his parent’s house. A short time later, Cramer showed up.

Cramer said it was his son who pointed out Summers’ car, parked in front of a home. Cramer said he had not expected to find the driver of the car when he drove through the neighborhood looking for the vehicle.

But, several neighbors said Cramer had canvassed the neighborhood, going door to door asking about the BMW that passed him, Summers said.

Cramer came down the driveway to the house. Summers said he stepped outside, onto his parents’ porch, to find out what the man wanted.

Cramer allegedly began yelling at Summers, Summers said.

“He yelled, ‘You think you are someone special because you drive a BMW?’ ” Summers said.

Before he could answer, Summers said, Cramer punched him three times in the Adam’s apple, once in the side and than threw him through a closed storm door breaking out the glass and tearing the door from its hinges.

The 911 tape clearly shows Cramer was the aggressor, McKiernan said.

Cramer, though, told Atascadero police he was calm and that Summers was the aggressor. Cramer said Summers called him “a pussy,” pushed him and attempted to strike him.

Cramer also said in his statement, that after he noticed a woman in the house was on the phone, “I calmly explained to her that I was not fighting and I would release him as soon as he quit trying to kick me and fight with me.”

He then said he identified himself to Sarah Summers as a police officer and gave his address to her before leaving. The statements are not heard on the 911 tape.

The tape does have Cramer apologizing to Sarah Summers for his actions.

Scott Summers’ lawyer, McKiernan named both the city of San Luis Obispo and Cramer in a lawsuit he filed seeking $500,000 in damages.

“Our primary position is Scott Cramer was acting under color of law assaulting this man and explaining he is a police officer,” McKiernan said. “We have received two calls that cast suspicion that this is not the first time this has happened.”

The suit contends that the city of San Luis Obispo has a duty to hire, train and supervise officers to avoid the infliction of harm and excessive force on citizens. The police department, known for bringing ultimate fighting champion Chuck Liddel into the department to teach officers street-fighting techniques, is accused of not training and supervising officers in a fashion as to avoid harm and the use of excess force upon the public.

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Jac Crawford has scheduled a case management hearing on Nov. 30.


The blue code

Public records regarding this incident have been kept from Summers and the media for more than a year, despite repeated requests.

Atascadero Police department supervisor, Ann Jutras, said that the department did not have to release the 911 tape because there was an ongoing investigation into the incident. She also said that the department was protecting the privacy rights of the victims.

However, both the 911 caller and alleged victim, Sarah and Scott Summers, had given their permission to have the tape released and the case had been closed for more than a year.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office decided not to prosecute Cramer. Among the documents used by the district attorney’s office was an Atascadero supplemental police report which contains statements Cramer made.

The supplemental report paints Scott Summers as the aggressor even though the 911 audio tape appears to refute Cramer’s account of the altercation.

The district attorney’s office does not usually listen to 911 tapes when deciding whether to prosecute. The statute of limitations has now expired.

The original Atascadero police report, which consists of only a few sentences, said police responded to an altercation at a house where two men had argued over a traffic incident.

That report was given to Summers who requested a copy of the police report. But police did not give Summers the supplemental report which supported Cramer’s account.

A request to the district attorney’s office for the supplemental report was denied. Although officials in the office agreed that police reports are considered public records, they said they sent the Atascadero police supplemental report back to the department.

The district attorney’s office reported that it did not make a copy of the supplemental report, which was considered in deciding against prosecution.

Atascadero police refused to provide a copy of the supplemental report, saying that police reports are not public records.

But, as part of the discovery process in his lawsuit, Summers was able to get a copy of the 911 tape, the supplemental report and Cramer’s statement to police. Summers provided a copy to CalCoastNews which had sought the records for more than a year.


The misstatements

San Luis Obispo Police Officer Scott Cramer said in his statement to Atascadero police that, “My 20-years experience as a police officer leads me to believe his reactions to my calm demeanor indicate either an anger management issue or a mental health issue.”

On the 911 tape, Cramer is cursing, yelling at Summers for passing him and refusing to let go of Summers.

Cramer is heard yelling on the tape that Scott Summers was driving 80 mph in a section of winding road that measures less than four-tenths of a mile.

He would later say in his statement that he estimated Summers was driving between 65 to 70 mph in a 25 mph hour zone. However, the actual speed limit on Old Morro Road East is 55 mph.

Cramer said he repeatedly told Summers he did not want to fight him.

However, that statement is not heard on the tape.


Listen to the 911 audio tape

Click here



Read Officer Cramer’s  sworn statement to the Atascadero Police Department.


QUOTING ARTICLE: “Cramer came down the driveway to the house. Summers said he stepped outside, onto his parents’ porch, to find out what the man wanted. Cramer allegedly began yelling at Summers, Summers said. ‘He yelled, ‘You think you are someone special because you drive a BMW”’ ‘, Summers said.

Before he could answer, Summers said, Cramer punched him three times in the Adam’s apple, once in the side and than threw him through a closed storm door breaking out the glass and tearing the door from its hinges.

Okay, this is attempted murder.

The hyoid bone (aka the “Adam’s apple”) is the very small bone that sits right in front of the throat and larynx. With his training, certainly Cramer was aware of the incredible dangers of striking someone on the hypoid bone. Fractured hypoid bones occur in instances of strangulation, including hanging. Indeed, anyone who watches the detective shows on TV knows that a fractured hyoid bone is something they look for to rule in or rule out strangulation (or a choke-hold) as the manner of death in a homicide investigation. The reason the police quit using choke-holds is because they can fracture the hyoid bone, leading to the death of the victim.

Quoting from a radiology journal, Radiology:

“Fracture of the hyoid bone is likely to prove fatal because of asphyxia. Sufficient stress to cause a hyoid fracture will frequently produce soft-tissue injuries which mask its presence unless the attending physician deliberately examines the bone radiographically, or familiarity with the clinical symptoms alerts him to its possibility. Conversely, the external visible evidence of a fracture or severe soft-tissue injury may be so slight that the possibility is overlooked. Patients may die because of asphyxia associated with pharyngeal and laryngeal spasm, unless relieved by tracheotomy.

The radiologic diagnosis of fractures of the hyoid bone has been neglected, only 8 cases having been reported in the last twenty to twenty-five years. Two cases to be presented here illustrate the clinical problems and the radiologic findings. …

…Case II: Fracture of the Hyoid Bone from a Blow by a Fist. A 22-year-old white man became involved in a fist fight and sustained a fracture of the nose and hyoid bone. He was brought directly to the hospital from a short distance but was quite dyspneic on arrival. While he showed evidence of a beating about the face and nose, the neck was not unusual in appearance. The patient could be relieved of his dyspnea by grasping his lower jaw, elevating his chin, pushing the jaw forward and putting his head in the Trendelenburg position. Complete relief was afforded by tracheotomy. In the roentgenograms of the facial skull and cervical spine, a fracture of the greater cornu of the hyoid bone close to its junction with the body was easily visible (Fig. 2). The tracheotomy tube was removed after about three days, and convalescence was uneventful.”

Reference: C. G. Papavasiliou, M.D., C. J. Speas, D.D.S. Fracture of the hyoid bone. Radiology (Radiology Departments of the Medical Division, Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies under contract with the United States Atomic Energy Commission, Oak Ridge, Tenn., and the Oak Ridge Hospital).


Did Mr.Summers go to the hospital or was he treated by a doctor for his injuries?


QUOTING ARTICLE: Summers made it to his parent’s house. A short time later, Cramer showed up. Cramer said it was his son who pointed out Summers’ car, parked in front of a home. Cramer said he had not expected to find the driver of the car when he drove through the neighborhood looking for the vehicle. But, several neighbors said Cramer had canvassed the neighborhood, going door to door asking about the BMW that passed him.

Sufferin’ Jesus! Cramer throws his own 8-year-old son under the bus?!? What a narcissitic coward!

How do you think THAT is going to impact his son’s idea of what it takes to be a man?

You know how most normal parents, as finances allow, create and add to a College Trust Fund for their child? Well, Scott Cramer should just forget the College Trust Fund. Cramer should be diligently building a Psychiatric Trust Fund for HIS son.


QUOTING ARTICLE: “Summers passed Cramer’s red truck on Old Morro Road East, a winding rural street. Cramer was driving with his 8-year-old. According to the lawsuit filed over the incident, Cramer began racing up to Summers’ bumper, falling back, and revving up and again getting bumper to bumper.

My, what a shining male role model officer cramer is for his son. In about ten years, we’ll all be seeing his son, cramer jr, in the news…and not in a good way, either.


Are any law enforcement people reading this?? This is why people don’t trust you.


Here’s a tidbit of info that JUST MIGHT help educate & better train all those inept, poorly trained SLO PD, SLO Sheriff’s & SLO Sheriff/Coroner team: “The Los Angeles County Department of Coroner is holding their WEST COAST TRAINING CONFERENCE on Oct. 20-21. Spend a little time & money & learn from the REAL EXPERTS in the field. For more info: sgonzalez@coroner.lacounty.gov

or call (323) 343-0516


They’ve had training. Lots of training, that taxpayers paid for.

What is the saying about insanity? Something like “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting that you will get a different outcome”?

They HAVE the training. That’s not the issue. The issue is there are violent thugs with badges who walk the streets amongst us, and we are all at risk from them.

The problem is, we don’t know which of the police and fire-fighting communities are the violent thugs with badges.

So, to be safe, we must fear them all.


Mary, They “MAY have SOME training”, however, it does NOT match the training other jurisdictions have. There is NO WAY IN HELL the SLO SHERIFF/CORONER is as well trained as investigators with the LA or Orange County Coroner’s Offices. I usually agree with you, but in this case a HUGE part of the problem is the “INFERIOR TRAINING” given to these BOZO’s. Another “problem”, is when the fire fighter, SLO PD Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy “gets into an altercation”, the agencies REFUSE to hand out meaninful discipline to them…and we won’t even mention the inept SLO County DA! LA Coroner Investigators are always taking training classes, no matter how much experience on the job they have. Perhaps, SLO County doesn’t do a good job of doing BACKGROUND CHECKS on some of these Neanderthals, maybe because they “belong to SLO’s GOOD OLD BOY CLUB” …That was the case of Pat Hedges…


I understand what you are saying, but all the training in the world will not change the behavior of a psychotically violent thug like Cramer.

Understand, in an act of road rage, he went to extreme lengths to track down someone he perceives as driving dangerously–even though Cramer was not on duty–and then attacked him, shoved the victim through his own front door, with sufficient force to break down the door the process, then proceed to punch him with considerable force three times directly in the area of the neck where the hyoid bone is is located, which had more chance of killing Summers than not.

Cramer chose that specific part of Summers’ body to strike him with great force, using his fists. It was not an accident. Cramer struck him THREE times.

THAT is why it was an attempted murder. Cramer had enough training to know that injury to that specific area of the body was likely to kill the victim, and THAT is the area he chose to punch Summers.

Yes, first responders need training. But in this case, the training Cramer likely received as a police officer instructed him NOT to use choke holds or endanger the area of the front of the neck because of the high risk of death of the victim. That is why the choke-hold was banned (indeed, made ILLEGAL), and the officers given the Taser (“stun gun”) as an alternative form of controlling someone who was actually (unlike Summers) acting in such a way that he was a threat to the officer and others in the area.

So, what does Cramer do when Summers passes him on a rural road? In a fit of psychotic rage, with his target being Cramer? He attempted to do EXACTLY what he was trained NOT to do–attempt to fracture the hyoid bone–in an attempt to murder Summers!

Yes, by all means! Let’s give violent psychopaths like Summers MORE training so that he will have even MORE sure ways of murdering anyone who crosses his path!

And, by all signs, Summers was NOT a threat to Cramer. Summers had removed himself from Cramer’s presence. He was no threat to Cramer Yet. Cramer went to great lengths to track him down.

I’m sure Cramer already knows how to kill someone with the Taser. Poor Officer Cramer–he didn’t have his Taser with him because he was off-duty. So, instead, he had to go back to the basics of murdering his victim: striking specifically in the area of the body that will kill the victim, and in such a way that no one on scene will likely know why the victim quickly dies.

Because of the rural setting of the attack, it is highly unlikely that, even if the dispatcher could get it through her thick brain what was going on and sent out the first responders, they would not have reached Summers in time to save him.

The really chilling part of this: How do we know that Cramer wouldn’t, after he murdered Summers, gone on to murder the parents–the only witnesses (Cramer thought)–as well?

Again, IF a physician knows the hyoid bone is broken–which usually takes a specific x-ray to ascertain–there is a maneuver that a trained physician can do that can temporarily open up the airway. It is known that many cases of asphyxiation secondary to a fractured hyoid go undiagnosed because the outward signs are not blatant and because the specific x-ray needed to diagnose it is not routinely done, even at autopsy. So, if the parents were also murdered, Cramer would have likely got away with a TRIPLE murder.

And, as we have seen with the Soprano-mob-like mindset of the Atascadero city government and its police, and the SLOCo eunuched District Attrorney Shea, it is almost certain Cramer would have gotten away with a triple murder.

Cramer got away with an attempted murder, thanks to the SLOCo government mob’s Consigliere Shea. Previously firefighter John Ryan Mason got away with attempted murder, thanks to the same SLOCo government mob’s Consigliere Shea.

So, let’s revisit the issue of adequate training being, or not being, the reason Cramer attempted to murder Summers.

There is another type of “training” that works very effectively with officers of the law and others in positions of authority who can abuse that authority to harm innocent victims: THE AGENCY EMPLOYING THE OFFENDING EMPLOYEE APPROPRIATELY PENALIZING THE EMPLOYEE.

If Cramer’s attempted murder would not have been covered up, but if the Atascadero and SLOCo governments had done their jobs and informed its citizenry of what was going on, and allowed coverage of the case as it developed, and then applied the penalties Cramer deserved for his attempted murder—oh, believe me, that would have been the ONLY extra training Cramer, and his fellow thugs with badges, needed to learn that it is not acceptable to attempt to murder a citizen, especially by abusing the power of the badge, and that they will be prosecuted just like any other person who did the same thing.

We are ALL at risk, as long as we live in SLOCo of its officers with the authority of the badge, of what John Ryan Mason and Cramer did: attempted murder and, if they were successful, being murdered.

So far, our local city governments and the SLOCo government, has trained its police officers and other first responders just enough to teach them how to kill us and not get caught.

The crucial training needed–publicly outing and prosecuting those who use their training and the power of their position to assault citizens–has not been done.

IMO, that indicates the local city and SLOCo governments approve of, and support, the actions of its badged vicious thugs like Cramer and Mason, who are themselves, in some cases, far more dangerous than the criminals they are supposed to be protecting us from.


Are you kidding me? Google “Los Angeles County Coroner Corruption”


Oh Fer Gawd’s sake Mary, are you referring to the “corruption” of the 1920-1930’s? How’s THAT relevant? I COULD NOT find any “CURRENT CORRUPTION” on the site you mentioned…


Here RU ,let me google that for you …. coroner scam dejour involves kick backs for cleanup service referrals a “bell city type scam” that is endemic in the administrative classes lately. shake down murder suicide victims relatives for haz mat clean up, money makes makes the world go round wanna bet they went to the school you have been pimping.


Thank you.


There is more than one website when you google “Los Angeles County Coroner Corruption.”

Perhaps if you would follow directions, you might have some success.


What bothers me even more than actions of the violent-thugs-with-badges, like Cramer and John Ryan Mason, is the SILENCE from the police and firefighting communities.

This is how it looks to me: this happens very frequently, and there are far more violent thugs with badges in the police and firefighting communities than what we fear.


It’s true, there seems to be a higher percentage of “violent, out of control” firefighters, Sheriff Deputies & SLO PD Officers, but part of the “reason” that happens, is because SLO County is VERY CORRUPT, with a red neck, vigilante justice mentality…


Agreed. The local government (city and county) mobs and their consiglileres fail to provide the one training necessary to keep the violent psychopaths they’ve (like Cramer and Mason) from criminally assaulting citizens: publicly outing the attacks and punishing them to the full extent of the law, just like they would any one of us.

And why is it that SLOCo and its local governments have so many violent psychopaths in its ranks?

I’m beginning to think these governments’ main recruitment source are facilities like ASH and Patton State.


There’s an old adage in Law Enforcement… “Always cover your butt.”

That creative report writing covers up multitudes of misconduct and they know the DA will never refute an Officer’s statements (lies), unless he’s forced to; unless there’s video or witness’s proving otherwise!


Well, if that’s the old saying in law enforcement, the police need to stop worrying about each others’ butts and start doing the damned job for which they are paid.

They can obsess on each others’ butts on their own time.


Another great job Karen! We spoke awhile back about the brutal assault I rec’d covered up by the SLO PD. I called you and you said I will not get anywhere with my case as they concocted a witness! Do you remember this at all? I would love to go public with my story now even though the statutes have run. It should be at least made public record.. I have nothing to lose now, I am permanently disabled, can’t walk, have brain damage, detached retina and suffer greatly from pain and PTSD still. Is there anywhere that this kind of misconduct can be gathered and put in one place for helping the next victims. I’m tempted to call McKiernan to at least make sure it’s known that these “incidences” are far more widespread than the public can imagine. My assault was way more brutal than the one they are discussing above. None of the photographs of the injuries of my body were released to me, thank God I took my own. The video was never produced. They withheld all statements and anything relevant to my case. Oh, and of course the best part they arrested ME when I came to in the hospital. Officers refused to take a statement from me and booked me in the hosptial as they didn’t want my bashed in face photographed. They wouldn’t even file a citizens arrest on my behalf. It’s been a living hell. We have CRITICAL problems here in SLO with our people of power and much corruption. If anyone brings in the FBI for an investigations as to what’s going on here, I’d be happy to supply all the evidence I gathered myself. My private detective prooved the officers lied as to their eye witness account. Complete nightmare, but I am willing to help anyone else that can benefit from my corroboration of these kind of common practices. Sorry for the typos etc., I don’t see well any more or walk for that matter. =(( manyworries ~


I was just reading Cramer’s written account more closely and something didn’t make any sense at all. Cramer claims that Summers passed him and then pulled back into the WB lane right in front of him causing him (Cramer) to swerve and brake. He claims he was afraid for the safety of his son. Cramer then claims that he had to speed up to 50 MPH in an effort to see if he could determine how fast Summers was driving . He claims that he determined that Summers was driving at a least 65 and that he (Cramer) then returned to his original speed of 25.

So if Cramer was doing 25 on a 55 MPH road, it’s no wonder he was passed by another driver but that isn’t what caught my attention. If he was driving at 25 when he was passed by a car doing at least 65, how is it that when the car pulled back into the WB lane that he could possibly have been close enough to cause Cramer who was doing 25 to hit his breaks and swerve? Try pulling directly in front of a car that is doing 25 after you pass it at 65 or even at 55, you will be way ahead of them by the time you merge.

Also I would think that Cramer would have been yelling that Summers cut him off, not that Summers was driving too fast. What we hear him yelling on the tape is that Summers was driving at 80 not that Summers cut him off or that Summers could have caused him to crash. Is there anyone here that wouldn’t be 10 times angrier over being CUT OFF rather than being passed by a car? If you were going to confront someone and yell, which would you yell about?

Nothing in Cramer’s report adds up. It appears that near everything is fabricated right down to when he say’s his son claimed he “heard that man saying bad words” as if he (Cramer) never yelled fuck you right back to Summers. Thank God for that 911 recording. Also if the boy heard and saw the screaming and fighting and responded by simply reading his book, then he is either accustomed to his fathers violent and confrontational outbursts or Cramer is down playing his boy’s reaction.


When one dissects Cramer’s account of this incident, it becomes clear that Cramer has thought about and attempted to address/spin every aspect of his criminal behavior that can be called into question. I find it telling that Cramer would mention that in trying to determine Mr Summers speed, he himself sped up to at least 50. This superfluous piece of information is curious. He is admitting to speeding with an excuse. This is out of character for him to offer a fact like this unless he was concerned that he might have been observed driving very fast himself.

My suspicion is that he sped up while Summers was attempting to pass him. This left Summers no alternative than to increase his speed and pull in front of Cramer with little if any time to spare. I believe Cramer had to brake and swerve a bit to avoid a collision, just he say’s . I believe he had road rage because Summer kept tail gating him on a road where he thought people should drive slower. I suspect that when Cramer sped up to 50 it wasn’t after Summers had passed him but it was while Summers was attempting to pass him. This is typical behavior that occurs in road rage cases and it is very dangerous. When I consider that he took his 8 year old along to a violent confrontation, I don’t doubt that having his child in the car was the least of his considerations. Has Cramer been drug tested?


QUOTING JORDAN3: “When one dissects Cramer’s account of this incident, it becomes clear that Cramer has thought about and attempted to address/spin every aspect of his criminal behavior that can be called into question.

Of course he did! They gave him over a year to do so.

Gosh, I guess we should feel sorry for John Ryan Mason. The fire department’s Vioent-Thug-of-the-Year was only given FIVE days to destroy evidence, let the drugs/alcohol dissipate from his bloodstream, and meet with lawyers, union reps and his fire chief to get his story straight.


I am very disappointed with the Atascadero PD. They are starting to gain a reputation for covering up. The code is to protect the brotherhood from exposure to their own wrong doings first, and to hell with the cost to the citizens, be it our tax dollars, our rights our dignity or our safety and sometimes even our freedom. The responding officers could see that the door was broken and that there was glass all over the floor. They could see that Summers had been punched and was bleeding. It was obvious that a trespass and assault had been perpetrated. To add insult to injury they failed to report the facts to the DA and then they refused to honor the “many” public records requests for over a year. The rights of Summers and the freedom of the press were violated by both the Atascadero Police Department and the SLOPD and this isn’t the first time.

They have been settling cases under the radar and costing us hundreds of thousands for sometime now.

I recently learned about a case that they managed to hide and settle under the radar with the co-operation (for $$$) of a county employee who they assaulted. It would appear that the County Fire Captain’s son suffered a stroke resulting in several disabilities including a delay his physical response abilities. As a result of this disability, he didn’t immediately comply with the demands of the APD when they encountered him one evening in front of his own home. The A-Town police decided to taser the kid and when the Fire Captain ran outside to explain that the kid had recently suffered a severe stroke they didn’t know who the County Fire Captain was (might be recently retired) and rather than listen, they tasered him too.

We paid of course and settled with the family to keep it out of court and out of the press, perhaps Karen will find time to write about it. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about things like this, we need a Citizens Review Board to reign these guy’s in, it’s getting worse. On the right day, right time, right place, this can happen to anyone of us and that’s not OK.



I hope CalCoast News can UnCover this story. Tasers and kids oh my!


I think the kid is in his early twenties. I also heard this story or something very close to it a couple of months ago when rumors were circulating out in the lobby of city hall surrounding the resignation of Mulhall and several large pay outs for settlements. At the time, the person that I heard this same story from said that they had sent this and some other tips to Karen. I think she is very backed up and needs more journalist who enjoy the investigative edge. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to fully investigate a story especially when the APD refuses to comply with the law and release the records in accordance with the California Public Records Act.


Do your own blog. You don’t have to allow posting from other people if you want–that can take a lot of effort to stay on top of.

If you can write as well as you did in your post, you write way better than many blogs on the internet.

Once it’s up, post the link here. I visit a lot of different websites on my rounds during the day, and I’d be glad to pimp it.


There is no place on this continent as great as SLO County that has investigative reporting, protecting and informing everyone on all sides, all levels to a world hopeful of transparency.

This is great, its been a long time coming.