Ed Waage considering supervisor race against Adam Hill

September 15, 2011


Pismo Beach City Councilman Ed Waage is “seriously considering” challenging incumbent District 3 county supervisor Adam Hill in 2012.

Waage discussed the possibility of entering the race Wednesday in an exclusive interview with CalCoastNews.

“I believe there is a role for government, but there should not be too much government, and government should be accountable,” Waage said when asked about his views and added that he would discuss county issues after and if he declares his candidacy.

District 3 includes a large portion of San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, and Grover Beach. Hill, a former Cal Poly English instructor, defeated incumbent Jerry Lenthall in 2008 to claim the seat.

A graduate of the University of Washington, with a Ph.D. in chemistry, Waage taught chemistry at Illinois State University and later headed up the State of Illinois Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness program and the Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Response program.

In 1981, he joined PG&E to support emergency preparedness efforts at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. Waage retired from PG&E in 2000.

For one year, he came out of retirement to work at the International Atomic Energy Agency (a United Nations agency based in Vienna, Austria) in 2005 which is the year the IAEA received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Waage served four years on the Pismo Beach Planning Commission before being elected to the Pismo Beach City Council in 2008.

If Waage does ultimately enter the race, he will be the first formal challenger to Hill, who has already announced his re-election bid. Grover Beach mayor John Shoals decided earlier in the year not to run.

Waage provided no timetable for his final decision.

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If Ed does choose to run, it doesn’t look like he’ll have to do much to best Hill.

It might be as easy as sitting back and watching Hill self destruct.

Can’t we find a candidate between Hill and Waage? Some fire in the belly without a raging sociopath?

You are spot on.

Ed is as slow as molasses, and barely has a hold on whats going on during the city council meetings when they are happening. He has to be told what is going on, and then replies with comments that really have no bearing on the rest of the meetings. He seems to be hard of hearing and either on some type of pain pills or anti-anxiety pills so that he is lethargic.

No vote from me.

Well then vote for A Hill.

He’s not lethargic and doesn’t appear to be hard of hearing. And he doesn’t have to be told what is going on.

As a matter of fact, you can’t tell him what is going on. If he agrees with what you have to say and you appear to be a “like minded person” and you fawn over him he’ll listen.

If not, you’re toast. He delivers a personal insult or two, calls you a racist, refers to you as Mr. Magoo, etc. All the while talking over the top of the poor person before him.

Pain pills? Dunno…… but he seems to smell of alcohol frequently. I just looked at the CCN pictures of his fundraiser and he has a different drink in his hand in each photo.

A real piece of work.

John Shoals should step back from his endorsement of Adam Hill and run for the office himself. John’s a man whose proven that he is honorable, fair and a good listener. I think he woud be the best candidate by far. John, please give it some thought. The people in the district need you.

Oh please, that’s all we need. Shoals is a paid PR hack for Diablo. I’m not judging Diablo regarding Nukes here but to me it’s unethical for a politician to work as a PR man for a such a huge corp that has so much of an impact in this area. What if an issue comes up about Diablo, how do you think he’d vote, what type of influence would he have on his fellow Supes? What type of inside info is he relaying to his employer? I liked Shoals until he started working as a PR man for Diablo, I feel it’s a blatant case of conflict of interest.

If Shoals is truly doing PR for PG&E and Diablo, then I absolutely agree. He’s OUT.

When it comes to nuke power, I don’t like it, never have and never will. However the fact that Shoals is a PR hack for any side is what the issue is here. Even if I thought that nuclear energy was the best thing since/next to the dinosaur, I would still want him out for his PR tactics.

It was announced by the media when Shoals was hired as a PR man for Diablo, he absolutely is on their payroll,,,unless he was recently fired or he quit, but as far as I know he’s still with them. I agree, it doesn’t matter what side of the coin you’re on regarding nukes it’s wrong for someone in his position to be working for the largest company in the county. PG&E is good at hiring influential people for those kinds of jobs. They pick popular well liked people from the community to represent them. I used to like Shoals, I’ve met him on several occasions, I’ve met his wonderful daughter, I was really disappointed in him. I always supported him before that.

They’ve hired a popular KSBY newsman to do their public media spots, and they’ve also hired one of Pismo’s councilman’s wives to also do PR work. I feel bad saying that publicly as I like the lady, she very nice and I believe she has good intentions but PG&E knows what they’re doing. They are making important connections. There are probably more that I don’t know about, it would be a good story for CCN.

Just heard it again today, Shoals and councilman Vardis’s wife are both still work for PG&E as PR employees. They are going to different political ie council meetings touting the safety of the nuke plant. Conflict big time IMO. Might be legally okay but not ethically.

I say don’t vote for any standing Supervisor (Frank might be an exception, we’ll have to see) as they become rulers of their kingdom and we their servants. Patterson and Hill are too of the most of the butt heads serving this County. The last election shows the power of the people and we elected new people who I thought would listen to the people – but no, the power and influence just takes over the promises and open mindness they present during their campaigns. Vote these power grabbers out and keep voting them out until someone listens to the people. EXAMPLES OF LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE: Resdistricting and plastic bags. Put the plastic bags to the vote of the people and let’s be heard. Also, who gets the $.10 per bag – curious minds what to know if this is a new tax….

The stores get the ten cents; which is why the Chamber supports the ordinance. No competition. Mandatory profit.