Fighting firefighter faces felony trial

September 17, 2011

John Ryan Mason

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge ruled this week that John Ryan Mason, an off-duty firefighter who brawled at a June wedding, will go to trial.

Judge Michael Duffy said there is sufficient evidence for trial to proceed. Mason, 34, has been assigned to desk duty by San Luis Obispo department officials pending completion of this preliminary hearing, which started earlier in the month.

The incident occurred after Mason and Jory Brigham confronted one another at the celebration at Pappy McGregor’s bar in San Luis Obispo. According to testimony, Brigham, who has known his accused assailant for six years, had written on his Facebook page a message about Mason’s alleged marital fidelity.

Mason, witnesses said, beat Brigham until he was unconscious.

Mason is charged with several assault and battery felonies, and has pleaded not guilty.

Brigham told the court that he had gone into the men’s restroom, where he was confronted by an angry Mason. After a face-off, the incident turned violent, according to testimony.

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OK , I’ll be the bad guy . I’d like to know some bio on the ” other woman ” . After all , she had a good part to do with Jory Brigham getting his head crushed in . Was/is she married , does she have kids , did she know Mason was married , did she know mason’s wife . I would like to think that Jory Brigham was trying to shame Mason , on Facebook , into being a better father/husband ( does he have kids ? ) , that went over like passing gas in a space suit . Maybe if we get to know her a little we will understand better the what , when , how and … why somebody’s face will never be the same again .

I don’t think we will ever know who the “other women” is

I can’t be certain, but I believe one of the early articles (and I can’t remember if it was here or in the Trib) about this “incident” indicated that the “other woman” was a neighbor of Mason’s. So we can assume she knew of his martial status, I would think. That said, if she knew nothing or knew everything, is really irrelevant in terms of “Brigham getting his head crushed in” – wasn’t her fault at all (unless she was standing there encouraging it) Brigham was beat up.

Huh, I just missed possibly serving on this jury, since I got an excuse to miss this session; that is going to be an interesting trial. My fondest hope is that justice is served; from my perspective, it seems like Mason is guilty of felony assault, it would have been educational to hear all of the evidence and the potentially twisted defense that most likely will be coming.

I hear that the S.L.O. Fire Department is hiring….

There are many professions where one is expected to maintain absolute professionalism in all situations on or off duty, fires and law enforcement are obviously and if you cant control yourself then its time to find a new line of work. Theres tow choices here, either Mason cannot maintain his professionalism or the “liquid courage” he consumed took over his better judgement.

This raises questions how Mr. Mason handles a crisis situation with a person who is extremely ill, aggressive or combative, perhaps on drugs or say drowning, in which the victim typically will try to climb up on the would be rescuer to save their own life in effect drowning the rescuer. Does Mason pop them in the head a few times until their out to gain control of the situation. If this was anybody else they’d be locked up on felony charges already.

Mason is of the same ilk that would allow a person to drown after watching him struggle for 3 hours like the jerks in Alameda did earlier this year because they were not specifically paid to preform water rescue.

Like it or not. Mason is the face of San Luis Obispo Fire Department and the Firefighters Association who have done nothing to distance themselves from a violent disgusting thug. Not even a peep of we are sorry and offended that Mason has tarnished our public image.

The SLO firefighters need to know & remember 3 lessons.

Mason + Farino + Baskin = A loss of respect as proven by the recent election polls defeating binding arbitration by a land slide.

“Brigham, who has known his accused assailant for six years, had written on his Facebook page a message about Mason’s alleged marital fidelity.”

If I’m not mistaken, Brigham didn’t mention Mason by name on that Facebook page but apparently people in their circle knew who he was referring to because Mason’s extra marital exploits had been so blatant. Also I think it was assault and battery as soon as Mason started to punch Jory and once Jory was on the ground, it became attempted murder. When someone is unconscious and you continue to hit them in the head, I think you’re trying to kill them.

Mason is a very creepy guy, those wild eye’s speak volumes. His friends say that is his “pissed off” look (not drug look). I should think he would have been remorseful after realizing what a jerk he was and how badly he had injured Brigham but he obviously was angry that he was being made to answer for his bad behavior. I think he really is a very dangerous, mentally unbalanced guy and doesnt belong on the streets. He needs help. I wonder how he treats his wife ( apart from the cheating that is).

Cindy, I certainly agree with you!

Mason most likely worked himself into one of his typical mental “frenzies” judging from his past behaviors.

Mason’s Defense Attorney might claim temporary insanity due to his energetic beat-down of Jory.

he looked like a dear in the head lights maybe a little scared

Was he singing “”And The Beat Goes On?”

Masons self defense claim became assault and battery once Brigham fell to the floor and Mason continued to brutally strike and beat him.

I wonder where “First Responder” John Ryan Mason “learned” to beat someone on the ground with his elbows after he knocked them out with a “sucker punch.”