Atascadero State Hospital in lockdown

November 30, 2011

Atascadero State Hospital is in lockdown mode for the second day because of a faulty alarm system. [KCOY]

In case of an emergency, employees at the hospital are supposed to set off the alarm. The hospital is to remain on lockdown until the system is repaired.

During lockdown, patients and staff are confined to the residential units.

The current lockdown is not related to the three assaults and two arrests that have occurred since Sunday.

On Monday, deputies arrested Azubuike Okwara, 29, for assaulting a hospital police officer and Robert Morgan, 51, for assaulting another patient.

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Well, at least you don’t have to listen to them. God only knows what they would say.

Of course it takes two days to fix something… The State at its’ finest…

BTW, it costs more than $40k per year / per inmate at any one of the prisons in California, more like $100k

Broken alarm system! Can anybody imagine the complete insanity that would ensue if a bunch of these guy’s got out and were running around in A-Town? We are talking about violent sexual offenders here. I can’t even imagine how nuts it would be if the nuts got out, the thought sort of makes me laugh to myself.

Ah, the state at it’s finest…

Just shouts a true sense of security and control doesn’t it?

Yes, let us cut the budget again and see if that doesn’t wise em up.

imagine how nuts it would be if the nuts got out,

the plot-line of the film King of Hearts still fresh antiwar satire.

Don’t you know ? The ‘nuts’ are already out, courtesy of Saint Ronnie.

Marginal people off of their meds then become violent criminals with multiple 24/7 guards, instead of a social worker.

I take that back …the nuts are those that keep electing people to government positions that don’t give a damn for civilization.

I agree, the nuts are out. Huntsman’s been escorting them out on field trips where they’ve been participating in the GOP debates.

I remember that film! I am simpatico with that perspective, Zap.:)

They are not violent sexual offenders anymore. Those criminals have been sent to Coalinga. What you have now is hard core felons who are nuts. At some point ASH is going to have to come to terms that it is now a prison and not a hospital. Let’s quit paying the $220,000 a year it cost to pamper these felons and lock them up.

The increase in assaults at ASH should clearly show that there has been changes at the hospital which has turned it into a prison on the same terms as Soledad, Folsom, Corcorron or San Quenton. I imagine that it is going to take more assaults and injuries and finally culminating in a murder before anyone wants to accept reality.

What a savings if they were treated like prisoners at $40k a year instead of $220k. Where are the politicians when you really need them,?

That is very interesting. I had no idea that the sex offenders were all sent off to Coalinga. Do you know why that is?

I imagine, ASH is still a prison hospital for the violent criminals who are seriously mentally ill and suffering from various forms of psychosis etc. I guess the intent is to get these criminal/patients regulated on meds or whatever? After they’re properly diagnosed and treated so as to be lucid, do they go to a regular prison or serve their time at ASH until they get released? What is the purpose of ASH exactly, do you know?

I think it’s in place to meet some type of federal guidelines. To add insult to injury, because of the so called furlough program, the hiring process is limited so there is an unlimited overtime budget in place in order to meet minimum manning requirements. Then on top of that they sub out to the mental doctors at up to hourly rates of $600. I think ASH has served its time and yes there are nuts down there although the entire prison system is filled with people that have all sorts of problems-that’s why they are there.