Police order Occupy SLO to stop lodging

November 21, 2011


Occupy SLO protesters agreed to stop sleeping at the county courthouse after San Luis Obispo police officers served a third notice on the campers at about 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

The Nov. 18 notice of violation demands protesters stop lodging on county property under penal code 647(e), a misdemeanor. The law forbids lodging at the courthouse without the permission of its owner, the county.

“Effective immediately, you must cease and desist from any lodging on the county government center property and you must remove all tents, sleeping bags, tarps, cooking facilities and equipment and any other lodging material from the property,” the notice says. “You will be subject to arrest and seizure of your property if you continue to lodge here.”

In response, most of the protestors removed their tents from the courthouse entrance and all of the protestors present at the time agreed to stop sleeping at the site. Instead, protestor Miles Berret said the group has agreed to continue their 24- hour demonstration in shifts while sleeping elsewhere.

“We are going to continue having the kiosk and the political discussion,” Berret said. “I am shocked they used penal code 647 so late.”

And while the protestors noted the professionalism of the two San Luis Obispo Police officers who served the notice, they said portions of the demand letter are not based on law — specifically, the section that tells the protestors the county will not interfere with their First Amendment right to demonstrate and assemble while providing hours is not based on law.

“The county of San Luis Obispo, the San Luis Obispo County sheriff, and the county administrator support and protect the right of all individuals to engage in free speech and exercise their right to assemble during business hours,” the notice signed by County Administrator Jim Grant reads.

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“The laws are marvelously fair. It is illegal for both RICH people and POOR people to sleep under bridges, beg for food or steal bread.” Author unknown.

Ted, you are one if the funniest people I have ever had a chance to chat with. You manage to stay in charactee well. Be careful, you might start beliving this stuff if you keep this up.

Mr. ignorance,

Whatever do you mean? Do you think just because I am here as commanded by my Jesus to spread the Gospel, that puts me in a certain type of character? I am a man of the Christian God that preaches relative to the topics at hand, and to call me anything less, is pure blaspheme!

Keep god out of this shit!

The SLO county courthouse property is not a camp ground. If you want to camp, go to KOA. There’s nothing difficult to understand about this police action.

KOA isn’t free. The county courthouse is paid for by the 99%. TAX THE RICH!!!!

Russ, I recently read that 65% of CA’s personal income tax is paid by the top 5%. So, assuming the COUNTY courthouse was bought by state dollars, I think the rich bought the frigging campground for you.

(Realistically, the courthouse was probably paid from property tax reciepts. I wonder who pays most property taxes around here.)

Protestors? Hardly. Just about all of them were out or town transients, looking for a free place to camp and eating at the soup kitchen supplied by kind hearted (but misdirected) locals. The camp was an occupy site for about a week, over a month ago. Since then it has been a homeless camp populated by an influx of outsiders just looking for a fee ride. The county should have closed it down weeks ago.

Along with the rest of the citizens here I own that spot, and would love to see a legit occupy site there but not the sort of grimy situation that it became.

I think the movement is losing credibility as it continues to hurt businesses where they gather/camp, and become a public eyesore and health & safety problem. A new poll shows Independents are less supportive and what is really being accomplished? It appears the govt. is going its merry way, and it appears the majority of citizens may or may not support the movement, but are also going on with their lives and struggles. Like the Tea Party movement, they need to make their move at the ballot box.

In my opinion the first amendment is an absolute directive, and was worded in that way for a reason. Nobody likes the pain of an injection, but we endure it because we believe the benefits will be greater than the pain. The same is true of our bill of rights. Apparently, some people cannot be bothered with the minor inconvenience of protesters camped out on public property in order to uphold our most basic rights.

It’s the old, you have a right to speak, but don’t yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater…. it is a tough one for most to settle on, I’ll give you that.

Right.. the question is: does there actually need to be a law that says you can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater. There are other obvious consequences for doing so, including getting your butt kicked and being banned from the theater. I find that the freedom of speech is somewhat self regulating.


…or a firing squad!

rOy, Actually it is quite well delineated in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The particular wording is not so much covered here by the “( not ) abridging the freedom of speech or of the press ” ; but where it states ” …the right of the people to peacably assemble ”

( Note: ‘peacably’ ) ” and to pettition the government for a redress of grievances “.

This is the corollary.

Nothing about ‘ business hours’, but it is the ‘peacably’ part that is used in law to alter or stop certain actions ( i.e. drumming at midnight. That can be a nuisance in a sleepy town. Perhaps not at an event like Burning Man ).

I support free speech. I also support the rights of all Citizens and a 24/7occupation of any property or item that belongs to the people, for long periods of time is in fact, a violation of everyone’s rights. The occupy group isn’t reaching anyone during bedtime. Go home at night and come back in the morning when people are around to see and hear you, that just makes good sense.

If our Christian Jesus the Christ would only finally make His eventful Second Coming, 2000 years plus and still counting, I am sure He would take up arms with the Occupy Movement here in San Luis Obispo, praise!

In your mind’s eye, can’t you see Jesus holding up posters at this event with some of His most memorable statements He made regarding the poor, which now equals the 99 percent of His creation, like the following passages;

Jesus said; “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” (Galatians 2:10)

Jesus said: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” ( Proverbs 31:8)

Wow, would His presence at this movement be awesome, or what? Who in the hell is going to ague against the 99 percent movement with Jesus standing by, since His whole mission on earth, and in what we’re to follow if we want to be TRUE Christians, was to help this 99 percent faction in any every possible!

Can you see the 1 percent hypocritical pseudo-christians trying in vain to take the opposite argument with Jesus? NOT! Barring the fact of Him possibly sending lightening bolts down upon them, He would make short work of this ungodly faction to say the least! What copy that would make for Cal Coast News!

Jesus would, no doubt, be for the 100% – we are all His children, rich or poor. Good or bad.

But maybe you’ll be happy with Mark 10:25:

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Not only can I see the 1% “hypocritical pseudo-christians” but the 99% pseudo-christians, as well. I see them very clearly sometimes.

So if I have money I can’t go to your God’s heaven? I thought the your Christian God accepted all as long as a person accepted Jesus Christ.

What is the annual salary cut off? I need this info so I can let my boss know not to give me any raises if it pushes me into the “you are going to hell” tax bracket.

Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker sure would be impressed by your rhetoric. Those are sure some big Gucci shoes to fill.


Isn’t that ironic that the cartoon character of Ned Flanders of the Simpsons, and being a fundy Christian pastor, is so close to my name? Let it be known, that I’ve had my name of “Ted Slanders” way before the Simpson’s writers were even born.

Maybe they’ve come across my godly writings over the years, and were so impressed, as they should be, that they used their name for their godly person in the Simpson’s that was close to mine! Of course, a lawsuit would have iensued if they had used my name Verbatim!

Now, let’s get back to the 99 percenters!

eradicate ignorance,

By merely only accepting Jesus as your Savior IS NOT a ticket to our glorious heaven! Many passages support this fact, but are too many to mention within this thread.

Trust me, I feel your uneasiness and pain. The poverty level within San Luis Obispo County is approximately $2175.00 per month x 12 months equals $26,100.00 per year. Since our Jesus lived in poverty, but was rich in stature and belief, we can only assume that if you can stay at, or under, the poverty level of this county, you’re safe.

In reducing yourself to this income level, you may have to get rid of some of the “toys” that continue to keep you on the proverbial hamster wheel of “keeping up with the Jones!”

In addressing the anti-christs that you mentioned, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggert, et al, they will be thrown into the hottest place in hell upon their demise! They refuse to read and understand the WHOLE bible, and will pay dearly relative to the amounts of money that they receive, tax free, from their flock! I will be waving at them from upon high one day, as I lounge with drink in hand watching them burn in the sulfur lakes of hell, praise!

You call yourself a Christian???? Well, you are definetaley giving Christians a bad name. I pray for you to see the big picture.


The fact is, for you it’s the “little picture”. When you start seeing this first, only then will you see the big picture of what the bible represents. In me allegedly giving Christianity a bad name is laughable upon it’s face, because how ever could that be accomplished when I bring forth cogent narratives and use God’s word in context?!

anyone who is outraged at the county’s idea that free speech can only happen during business hours needs to tell the board what they think. Come to the board public comment period on tuesday nov22 at 9am, 1055 monterey st. luckily, public comment is during “business hours” so you wont be breaking the law! Anyone who hasnt been by the occupation should stop by for some engaging conversation. Quite a broad cross section are represented…. From the hippiest of hippies to die hard ron paul libertarians. All the crazies left after the threat of arrest. Lets not let the govt tell us when we can and cannot speak. Corporations get to “speak” freely with their $$$ 24/7.

Yeah, I hate corporations, I hate the jobs they provide when the public sector won’t hire someone. I hate the serums that they have discovered through research, funded by the greedy Corp itself.

Most of all, I hate the corporations that give millions in donations to Obama (think Wall St) so that he can continue to lead us to mediocrity

I stand for free speech for everyone, support the 1st Amendment and believe the protesters have a right to speak their minds in public.

But, I do not believe though,that they have the right to take over public spaces or campout indefintely. This has become a problem nationwide and other than a few bad occurances, I believe law enforcement has turned a blind eye to much of the behavior by the protesters not covered by the 1st amendment.

And there have been many crimes and much criminal misbehavior by the OWS protesters nationwide.






What are you responding to? I didn’t see Mitig8r say that he hated corporations. He just made a point that they seem to be able to speak with less restrictions. It is this knee jerk reaction stuff that prevents us from having an effective dialogue.

Obama’s role was thought out way before he ever took office, he is merely a puppet, for the corporations and behind the scenes government that Bush senior created, you think this f8cked up back ass backward country has a leader? 1% is leading us to the showers. I’d stay clean and look rich if I were you.