Teixeira continues battle with Nipomo advisory council

November 11, 2011

Paul Teixeira

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Paul Teixeira has refused to give funding to the South County Advisory Council because he claims the money can be better spent on more severe problems. [SLONewTimes]

This is not Teixeira’s first battle with the council. Shortly after he was elected to head the 4th district, he tried to have the council disbanded. His plan was to hand-pick members for a new multiple-community advisory group.

Even though it was expected that the Nipomo advisory council, a group that did not support Teixeira’s supervisory run, would object, the larger public outrage resulted in the South County supervisor dropping his proposal.

Community advisory councils, of which there are 11 in SLO County, elect members who review major land-use decisions in their respective communities. County advisory councils, until now, receive monies yearly from the discretionary fund of its county supervisor.

During the past three years, former District 4 supervisor Katcho Achadjian provided the Nipomo advisory group $2,000 a year.

Teixera, on the other hand, has not responded to funding requests by the committee. In trying to secure some funding, the committee lowered its request to $1,200. However, both Teixeira and his legislative assistant told the New Times there are more pressing concerns that the funds should be used for.

“We can feed people, we can clothe people, or we can give money for toner cartridges and paper,” said Teixeira’s legislative assistant Debbie Geaslen.

Nevertheless, Teixeira has spent $12,461 from his community funds including $2,000 on the Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival (he rode on a float in the parade), $2,000 to the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce, and $2,000 on the annual Oktoberfest celebration. He also allotted $200 to the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County and $500 to the Children’s Resource Center of the Central Coast.

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I don’t get it. What does the advisory council want that Teixeira does not want? On what issue are they opposed? Inquiring tribal outcasts want to know. We are not the Hang-Around-the-Fort (County Govt. Center) Tribal members…..

Nothin’ but the best for you, SLO County! Nothin’ but the best!

It is illegal for Community Advisory Council’s to solicit funding. They can not become a 501(c)3 either. County Council has investigated this and opined in the past. The ONLY way they can exist is through the Supes discretionary fund.

Tex/Deb is just playing dirty politics. His huge donations to parades etc. is questionable. He’s already a Supe, he doesn’t need a parade in his own honor…he’ll have the job for 3 more years…could have waited for a few years to start campaigning for a second term.

That sounds like a great topic to take up in Public Comment at the BOS. It sounds like this all needs to be straightened out since Tex must be unaware of County Council’s past opinions on this topic. Since Tex feels he needs to spend his money on other “more important” items and has suggested that the SCAC raise the money themselves, perhaps the County Council could enlighten him about the illegalities involved in his plan.

Community Advisory Councils are selling out the citizens by using Agenda 21 principals. They need to be un-funded

Please be specific. How is a democratically elected citizens council who reports the sentiments of the local community to the Supervisors in anyway connected with Agenda 21? And for the very many who do not know what Agenda 21 is (not me) please explain your terminology.

The folks who told you that, Eisenhower was a secret communist agent, civil rights act a communist plot to incite a race war, flouridation of water was part of a vast communist conspiracy, and vaccinations were designed to kill your children. are now grinding the stop agenda 21 axe.

I suggest all Google Agenda 21 for your own, unbiased information.

look at the upcoming events on their website.

Rachel Maddow transcript

First of all, you are totally confused, flouridation of water was not part of a vast communist conspiracy, it was a conspiracy by the global elite reptilians to dumb down children and make it easier to implement one world government. I’m kind of disappointed zaphod, I really expect more from you than that.

Now, of course, those all sound like crazy conspiracies… but when you think about it, do they sound much crazier than half the stuff police and politicians make up on a daily basis? I mean, the vaccinations thing you can make sound believable just by glossing over a few things. What is really LUDICROUS is our government telling people with a straight face Iran could be just a year away from nuclear arms. The levels of disconnect one needs to make for that are beyond anything a typical tin hatter is even capable of.

Actually, a large part of the motivation was because fluoride is an extremely toxic byproduct of making phosphate fertilizer. Until they found a way to get rid of the toxic silicofluoride byproduct, it was a huge environmental problem. Fluoride is extremely toxic in most environments.

Fortunately for the American phosphate fertilizer industry, the Deputy Assistant Administrator of the EPA in 1983 decided the solution to this problem was to dump it in our drinking water.


The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview


In 1983, Rebecca Hanmer, the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water at the US Environmental Protection Agency, described the policy of using the phosphate industry’s silicofluorides for fluoridation as follows:

“In regard to the use of fluosilicic acid as the source of fluoride for fluoridation, this agency regards such use as an ideal solution to a long standing problem. By recovering by-product fluosilicic acid from fertilizer manufacturing, water and air pollution are minimized, and water authorities have a low-cost source of fluoride available to them.” (See letter)

Another EPA official, Dr. J. William Hirzy, the current Senior Vice-President of EPA Headquarters Union, recently expressed a different view on the matter. According to Hirzy:

‘”If this stuff gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the lake it’s a pollutant; but if it goes right into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing… There’s got to be a better way to manage this stuff” (Hirzy 2000).


I’ll tell you what though, it’s irritating to hear Rachel Maddow make fund of conspiracies because I would put good money on a long term bet that we will eventually find out that she (as well as Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter) or people very close to her get paid good money to work at making the American people hate each other and think that the other side is totally stupid , preventing any serious, logical, rational, linear discussions.

Chomsky somewhat agrees, it isn’t right to mock the protesters

Chomsky’s remarks about the tea party however the JBS is ‘out there’.

The hallmark of those involved in conspiracies is their willingness to accuse others of being involved in them.

Those who benefit the most from the stigmata of being called a “conspiracy theorist” are those who are themselves involved in conspiracies.

Conspiracies, large and small, happen every day. They are a fact of life. They are littered throughout human history. There is nothing extraordinary about them.

All a conspiracy requires is for two people to get together and plot to decide the outcome of something in their favor. Every meeting behind closed doors is a conspiracy. All diplomacy, foreign policy, business decisions and political strategies are done in this way.

Um, Advisory Council members are not elected, according to Julie Rodewald the elections registrar.

She condiders the positions “appointments” as the the each selection process follows its own guidelines rather than the uniform elections code.

Not sayin’ it’s good or bad that these positions are appointments, just sayin’ that it is.

Let me get this straight. You won’t fund the advisory council who is supposed to tell you what the community thinks, but you fund a float to parade you through town and a give $2,000 for a beer party. That is feeding starving children? Try again.

Does this guy think he is ‘king’? How in the world did the electorate vote him in? This should be a reminder to those who DID NOT vote in the election that got him in.

If you don’t show up to vote, you can take what you get or RECALL!

The electorate is not real bright. They go for BIG signs. Paul put up the largest signs he could buy and put them within the urban reserve line in Nipomo which is against the election code. He knew full well that he was breaking the code but went right ahead and did it anyway. Most people don’t have a clue who they are voting for. If they have heard of the name or it’s on a REALLY BIG sign that’s good enough for the average Nipomo moron. That’s how King Know Nothing got elected. Simple as that!

Strange. That’s what happened in the sheriff’s race–Parkinson had the biggest sign. I think your theory works all over the county. People running for office should take note.

That’s it! I’m commandeering the back of the sunset drive-in’s screen! Next stop: etchings on the lunar surface! (a la Chairface Chipendale see who knows that one!)

Why is Debbie Geaslen speaking for Teixeira to begin with and why the heck is the Harvest Festival getting money when his own advisory board needs money to function? This is bass-awkwards, isn’t it?

$2,000 to the Oktoberfest? What?

Excellent point. What is Debbie speaking about anything for? Did you see what she said about Medical Marijuana in the Mustang Daily? Whoa! She’s a loose canon!

We can see the writing on the wall for the Oceano MJ Dispensary coming down the pike. Tex will get it handed to him by the liberal sups who don’t want to touch it in their districts. Once again, Oceano, get’s dumped on…flooded by sewage, crime and unemployment.

Debbie or Deb as she prefers to be called, speaks for Teixeira whenever possible. He prefers it that way. After all she and her husband, who is now the new Manager of the Oceano CSD, were smart enough to get Tex elected. (Wow! buy big signs! What genius’!)

Paul has many years of stacked up vendetta against the SCAC. It would be interesting for Cal Coast News to explore the background of his childish behavior and I can tell you it has nothing to do with saving the County money. It is pure childish vengeance. We all know he never graduated from college. Now it’s beginning to look like he never graduated from the 8th grade.

Who else is “Deb” sleeping with, besides her husband?

I think the SCAC should have started collecting sodie-pop bottles when Teixeira was elected. Even by SLO County standards, it was clear he was not knowledgeable about even basic county functions.

Unless someone knows how the gazillion interconnected and interdependent agencies, commissions, boards, etc. works, one will not be able to make decisions that benefit the constituents they serve.

I loved the part about him funding $2000 for the Harvest Festival when he road on a float in the parade…I think that says it all: it’s all about Teixeira and his basketball-sized head (which matches his ego).

I would love to say I liked your comment but the like buttons don’t seem to be functioning properly. Good one though, Marymalone!

Teixeira was worthless on the school board and he’s pretty much the same on the BOS. For crying out loud, he should give them $2K as a matter of fact he should up that and give them 3 just for the grief that he’s caused. The last paragraph in this article is an example of everything that’s wrong with our politicians.

Those who were conscious during the election for Supervisor knew that Teixiera was not suited for that position. He went for it because it was the best paying job opportunity he ever had the chance slither towards. In general I would like to say that our Supervisors take on this job as their almost-retirement job. Most of them have had higher paying positions before and are doing this because they hope to help their community after gaining the wisdom to do so.

Unfortunately, Tex never gained any wisdom to bring to the job. This became obvious almost immediately when his first move after being anointed was to try to eliminate a democratically elected council and replace it with some of his “good ol’ boys” to rubber stamp any brilliant ideas he or his side kick Deb might have.