Paso Robles woman jailed after tampering with ankle bracelet

December 29, 2011

Jean Cross

Deputies arrested a Paso Robles woman Wednesday after the ankle bracelet she had been wearing sent a signal that she had tampered with the monitoring device.

Jean Michele Cross, 60, who was due to turn herself in to federal authorities, cut the monitoring device from her ankle sending a signal to officials. Federal authorities asked the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department to send a deputy to check on Cross.

The deputy discovered Cross had activated the bracelet by cutting it off of her ankle. She then attempted to put it back on.

Cross is being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Federal Marshals are in route with plans to transfer her to prison.

In November, United States District Judge Virginia A. Phillips sentenced Cross to 72 months in federal prison for orchestrating a scheme to defraud the United States Department of Education out of a $35 million grant, according to a U.S. Attorney’s office press release.

Cross was found guilty of mail fraud, forging a writing to obtain money from the United States and making false statements. She also concealed a 15 percent fee she had negotiated in exchange for submitting a successful grant application.

In imposing the six-year sentence, judge Phillips noted that Cross had obstructed justice by giving false testimony during her trial. In addition, the judge said her actions resulted in many needy children missing out on valuable programs.”

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$1,000,000/yr (6 years x .80), I’d take that deal. I’d prefer the 100 of millions for the same time under the hard money scandal better though.

Quick! Everyone look over there at the smalltime example we made of her! Keep your attention on her while the rest of us make off with the loot!

What was she doing, testing the waters? You don’t cut off your bracelet to see if they will catch you, at least, not until the last second before you take off !

She has only lived in Paso for 6 years. She probably moved here when the fraud was discovered. So, who is she and where did she come from? She is not one of us.

Gave in to temptation? Sounds like one of us to me! :)

Well, what I meant was that she, unlike most of us, is able to write well enough to get multi-million dollar grants–not the usual occupation in our area. I mean, we’re not known as the literary mecca of the county, but more of the cattleman, ag, and wine fool area.

At least two articles about Cross and not one word as to the name of the person she wrote the application for. Who gave her the “15 per cent commission?” What happened to that person? Did they work for a school or local area education entity?

Add some clown make-up. lol! Much different than her earlier photos.

Ask her how she voted.

No brainer !

I heard that Kelly Gearhart, Grigger Jones and some other notable Atascadero folks are measuring their ankles these days.

WIth the hair color and facial structure, she looks like an older version of Lindsey Lohan. Acts like it too.