Two police officers shot in Santa Maria

December 8, 2011

A gunman shot two Santa Maria Police officers before being shot and killed by police during a shootout that occurred shortly after 8 a.m. today on the 300 block of Agnes Avenue. [SantaMariaTimes]

The two currently unnamed officers are undergoing surgery at Marian Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

As part of an ongoing narcotics investigation, police officers engaged in a short vehicle pursuit with plans to arrest the occupants. And while several of the suspects fled the car, the primary suspect stayed in the SUV and opened fire on the officers shooting one in the hand and one in the leg.

Officers fired back and killed the suspect, the Santa Maria Times said. The four officers involved in the shooting are currently on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

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It’s too bad that we can’t investigate family and known associates of gang members that are caught in violent crime, and have the option of deporting illegal relatives. If that were the case, parents and wives , brothers and sisters would help make sure that no one in their family became a gang member.

Santa Maria just had another stabbing murder yesterday. How many murders for the year now?

US: Local police doctrine now dictates that public protests be treated as “security threats.” That means peaceful demonstrations will be treated like prison riots. The doctrine allows wide latitude for abuse against citizens. [If you want to understand why police brutality is on the rise, study this analysis carefully.]

Lew Rockwell 2011 Nov 29

the evil secret of Lincoln worship.Heil Lincoln ? some crazy crazy on that website Gimlet

Thanks for the no description, description.

its Friday @ 8:13 am. Anyone notice that our illustrious Tribune hasnt mentioned a peep about this tragic shooting only 30 minutes driving time south.

Tribune has been too interested in beating up their public employees and a story like this doesn’t help the editors cause I guess.

If they havent done so already all muni employees should flush their subscriptions to the Fibune

Good Riddens!

I hope that the Santa Maria PD turns the heat up on these pukes who have no respect for anyone, not even themselves, and establishes a zero tolerance for the gang activity in Santa Maria. I do not live in Santa Maria and in the last few months, with all of the gang activities, I have no intention of entering their city. The good citizens should get behind their police department and back them for their efforts to eliminate these scumbags.

This is a good example that a gang task force needs to be established in order to win the war against these Mexican gangs.

Convicted gang members need to be put in forced labor camps until they are 50-60 years of age and too old and tired to commit crimes. They can earn a nominal wage that would help support their families so they would not need welfare.

Have you ever known anyone who was in prison.

I have. He said that if a man has been in prison for ten years or more, don’t ever let them out because they have been so warped by the prison experience they just don’t ever fit back in to society.

I’m sure others who have been in prison have different opinions. That’s just the opinion of one man I know.

Then keep them working till they die.

Interesting user name……….

It describes me perfectly :)

Nothing is mentioned of the two suspects that fled the vehicle. Have they been captured or is there a man hunt, nothing is mentioned in the SMT either. While the driver was the primary suspect that the LE were focused on, the two who fled must have been criminals also and had involvement or why would they run?

Getting shot in the hand is better than getting shot in the head for sure but I should think it could leave a person considerably permanently disabled especially if it is their dominate hand. This must have been one heck of a bad guy to open fire like that. No doubt he was looking at a long time in prison and choose “suicide by cop” instead. I feel very sorry for these officers that had to deal with that violent, coward of a lowlife.

Lot’s of speculation, but gangs, drugs and violence seem to be the hallmark of santa maria these days. I hope the LEO is OK and the catch these perps…

narcotics? The police hate competition.

That is a tasteless and petty comment. These two police officers put their lives on the line to take down a dangerous criminal who clearly thought nothing of attempting to murder two people.

This is a tasteless and petty thing for the gubmint to do:

The so-called War on Drugs may have failed in its pretended objective of stopping drugs, but it is a huge success in its real objective, which is to benefit the special-interest groups that promote it. [Here is the disgusting story.] Activist Post 2011 Dec 8

Okay, so now it is official, “The Gimlet Eye” is a troll. Duly noted and will be ignored from here on out. “Tasteless and petty” doesn’t begin to describe how truly out of touch one must be to talk about police officers who are in the hospital because they were shot in the line of duty. Shameful is one apt description; Gimlet, if you have any humanity, you will post an apology here soon; if you don’t, we all will know what kind of person you really are.

I don’t think that comment warrants the “troll!!!” response.

Google [cops drugs scandals]. It is, indeed, routine to read about police being involved in illicit drug trade. The opinion is valid.

Apparently, the issue is that Gimlet Eye didn’t do the apparently obligatory “God-bless-I’ll-pray-for-them” response before offering an opinion.

Understand, I almost never agree with Gimlet Eye. However, when, how, and whether or not they lead off with the “God-bless-yadda-yadda” automoton response first, does not impact the credibility of the post that follows.

Gimlet, I think you had a bad/traumatic experience with a police officer(s) in the past. Its important to realize that while the person/persons who somehow used their LE profession to wrong you, it was not the profession but the INDIVIDUAL that hurt you. You will never be a secure comfortable person again if you don’t get past your profiling of all LE.

I know some LE personally (including a relative) that are the best and most honest people you could ever know.

With that said, of course its true that some LE are criminals themselves. When they do wrong, it gets a lot of attention. When the LE do their job, it gets very little attention because they in fact are expected to do their job right. We don’t even know the names of these officers and they could be the nicest, bravest and most honest guy’s in the world.

I’m the first to speak out when our LE are perceived to commit a wrong as it is frequently reported (and rightfully so that it should be reported). Likewise, the 98% who are honest, upstanding peace officers deserve our praise and respect. THEY ARE THE GOOD GUYS.

I hope this helps you to find some peace…….

US: Why have local police increasingly become militarized, why are peaceful protestors treated like criminals and enemy combatants, and who is doing the training? You may be surprised at the answer. WarIsACrime 2011 Dec 3

MaryMalone, regardless of our past agreements/disagreements, thank you for acknowledging the ROUTINE police involvement in the drug trade.

My post was not to disparage the police who were shot or to make light of their injuries, or to condone the shooter or his drug or other activities. Of course not.

My post was help expose the government crooks behind the drug trade. THIS IS NOT A SECRET! It has been suspected for many years, and now the cat is out of the bag. Have some of you forgotten the two SLOPD officers and their arrests a while back? You think that that was an anomaly? Don’t make me laugh!

I don’t know what silly Matrix/reality some of you live in and I could not care less. But some people out there do realize what is really going on. The Internet is now full of reports on this subject. Don’t take my word for it. Read them for yourself.


Okay, so now it’s official:

US agents are caught laundering millions in Mexican drug money. The government brushes it off as merely part of the process by which they track drug dealers. [Sure – just like supplying automatic weapons to drug dealers was supposed to help put them out of business. In truth, an increase in drug-related violence benefits those who want to rule with an iron hand because it frightens people into accepting gun control and expanded police power in the name of stopping the violence. Totalitarian governments have not won the war on drugs because they want it to continue forever.]

NY Times 2011 Dec 3

Talk about hurtful!

The Pentagon is offering free military equipment to every police department in the US to be used against citizens. Business Insider 2011 Dec 5

Gimlet: You have some very good points about the issue of law enforcement entanglement in drug running, money laundering and other points about how there is a real problem sometimes; your original comment however was distasteful due to the fact that two officers were wounded in the line of duty and you did not address that aspect, and you still haven’t really apologized. You did mention that you didn’t mean to “disparage” them or to “make light” of their injuries, but that really wasn’t an apology. Man up, please; I would like to think that you are responsible for your words.

Those are my views. If you don’t like them, that’s just too bad.

Oh man, I can’t believe you won’t say your sorry. You already said you didn’t intend that your post should be interpreted as taking pot shots at these wounded LE. We don’t even know anything about them and I doubt their names are Limon and McDow (no I didn’t forget the names).

I agree with many of your observations and have been aware for a long time that we Citizens are systematically being groomed to believe that we must relinquish many of our rights/freedoms for the sake of our security and safety.

Yes, I agree that its part of a plan and its coming faster than anyone realizes. People do need to wake up ten years ago and we needed to boot Bush out of officer after he signed, sealed and delivered his dictatorial Patriot Act. There are segments in our Fed Gummint who are constantly pushing the limits and they will keep pushing/testing those limits. Sometimes I think they’re surprised how easy it is! Makes me want to look for a well armed group of Patriots! The Feds will cause something to happen and declare martial law and that’s how it will all start in my estimation.

Too bad we can’t get Blackburn to do a story on this topic..