Carter challenges Marx for mayor

January 25, 2012

Andrew Carter

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx announced Tuesday she plans to run for reelection in November and within 24 hours Councilman Andrew Carter challenged her as expected.

“I have shown I have the know how, experience, long time community involvement and positive approach to lead the city as mayor,” Marx said in her announcement. “I am excited and encouraged by the progress made so far, and believe a second term as mayor would bring great benefit to the city. To make the honor of extending my service possible, I am throwing my hat in the ring.”

Marx noted her commitment to preserve SLO’s small city atmosphere saying she is a long time opponent of sprawl policies. Both Marx and Carter contend they are the best person for mayor because of their financial abilities.

“I have worked hard to preserve residents’ priorities and protect the city’s coffers, during these difficult financial times,” Marx said. “I am proud of the city’s 2011-2013 financial plan, which, for the first time, included a ‘budget driven’ employee compensation goal, namely a 6.8 percent reduction.”

In his announcement, Carter said that in November the voters will have a chance to elect the candidate they trust to lead them during a time of budget shortfalls.

“Given the difficult economic times, it’s a question of financial leadership,” Carter said.  “Who do voters want to manage the city budget?  Who do they trust with the spending of city tax dollars?

“Based on my proven financial skills, my leadership in getting binding arbitration overturned in the city, and my focus on controlling city costs, particularly pension costs, I believe the voters will choose me for mayor instead of Jan,” Carter added.

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This all looks pretty simple. Dan Carter wins as Mayor in 2012, and the SLO city council appoints Jan Marx to fill Carter’s empty council seat. Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

The best the voters can hope for, is to take some of the city council’s “play money” away – and vote against renewing the “measure Y” 1/2 cent sales tax. Wich was supposed to be “temporary” anyway.

Jim & Tom Copeland won’t be referring to this as an election, for them it’s more like an “adopt-a-pet” event.

I also heard that Christine Mulhulland was going to try a run… Just when one thought the field couldn’t get any worse! All of these poor choices have a great chance, because voters are quite disillusioned with politics of late… And when people don’t care, the absolute worst seem to show up.

SLO gets the government it deserves.

Christine is probably still on a high from destroying Sunny Acres and Dan DeVaul, and no doubt she now has a renewed interest in her abilities to destroy San Luis Obispo.

Kevin P. Rice for SLO Mayor 2012 !!!

There are far too many “takers” in this town for that to ever happen.


“Kevin P. Rice for SLO Mayor 2012 !”

I would strongly consider Kevin (if he wants to run) just on his extraordinary contribution and keen awareness. Most of all his fortitude.

Just my gut feelings

Let’s see how big of a part that damned Democratic Central Committee and the unionized city employees play in this upcoming election. It’s going to get nasty. Marx is a wasted paycheck. Actually she’s worse than that — she hurts SLO with her arrogance and ignorance. Carter isn’t a great leader but as least he’ll be able to clean-up a lot of the crap that’s going on right now.


Dude, you need to fire a bowl and find your way … hopefully back on topic, but elsewhere would be all right, too.

Don’t feel comfortable being limited to only these two choices.


Be careful of stating “are you an attorney, or a mayor, or both or maybe a MARXIST”, this is NOT Andrew Carter.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Two Republicrats to continue the demise of happytown in the Romero/Hampian tradition.

Sorry, a failed attempt at comparitive humor. Will strive for better in the future.

MARXIST.. Jan MARX… that was my point of humor… deserved GROANS to me.

I would like to run for BurgoMeister, but hardly anyone here knows me.

My platform would be for “Smart Growth” …combining infrastructure improvements on the CORE downtown.

Removing restrictions on LOCAL shopping by instituting a TWO HOUR grace period on parking for shoppers. ( This will necessitate 18 hour meter maids with chalk sticks. NOT full time cops at full bennies to police, but still some FT employees ).

Combined transportation corridors…Fast Track from airport to downtown. Bus traffic in a ‘flower pattern’ inner flow going counter-clockwise; and an outer-flow going clockwise.

Complete disclosure regarding campaign contributions.

A CLEAN/GREEN attitude in all regards. Affirmative action to install solar energy in all public facilities.

This wouyld be just a start.

Brother Slowerfaster,

Uh, you forgot a Christian church edifice on each corner! Besides this, put Jesus’ doctrine into the local government as a precursor of what Newt or Santoriam will do nationwide if elected. You might as well get a head start on this premise.

Also, place the Hebrew God’s 613 Commandments in front of the court house entry and make sure that all Judges within follow them! ( In other words, who are they to know more than our God?)

Now, these actions would make a difference to the TRUE Christians that reside in this godly town!

Mr. Sanders

“Brother Slowerfaster, you forgot a Christian church edifice on each corner!”

I am far from being a good example myself.

I do appreciate some of the verses (and quite entertained by them) you bring up that have slipped my mind or that I never had the opportunity to know.

I have rudely (or too strongly) disagreed with some of your interpretation-application of the Bible. I still stick by my guns on it but I was wrong in the way I replied or attacked you. Again the manner of your application just fueled it more and I was in the mood to accommodated it more.

But in this case I commend your post very highly, because what you have posted take courage, it possess the elements of sincerity, benevolence, righteousness and wisdom.

One last comment if you please. It is you business what you want to do but for what its worth, as an outsider looking in, it appears you are overly obsessed or too attached to a few (the excess “unwanted” attention) who post here. Not that it is necessarily true, but it gives that perception and impression.

Not dictating to you, just my honest 2 cents.