Drunken driver flees officer with kids in car

January 16, 2012

Jorge Cabrera

A 21-year-old man was arrested after a stop for failing to have his children in seat belts turned into a high-speed chase through Shandon shortly before 10 a.m. on Monday.

Jose Cabrera sped through Shandon neighborhoods running stop signs and causing a motorcyclist to collide with a vehicle. The biker suffered minor injuries when he was ejected from his bike.

The car chase ended when Cabrera crashed into a boulder. He then deserted his children and took off on foot hopping fences and running through backyards.

CHP officers found Cabrera hiding near the Shandon riverbed.

Officers booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felony child endangerment, DUI and a felony warrant.

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This guy gets father of the year award. What a story his children will have to tell. Severe and tie off the vasa now!

Well now that it looks like the cops have been bashed, a lot of people here have been bashed, how about back to ther real point. This father is the one who should be getting all the bashing. He is the main reason right or wrong why the cops responed the way they did. This guy here is the one who should get 100% of the gross negligance directed at him. He made the choice to put his kids and all around him in danger.

D.U.I., child endangerment and evading law enforcement. I say suspend lic. and give him two years in county to send a message to the next guy who wants to play Russian Roulette with others lives.

The cops in this situation where damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If they pursue like they did, they get grief of endangering others. But you can also bet that if they stopped the pursuit and he got on to 46 and hit and killed a family, then everyone would ask why the cops stopped the pursuit. Again I say put the anger where is belongs on this idiots head.

Subjectively, a soft pursuit so as not to endanger others and the kids should have been the call. Where this location is, it’s not hard to set up a solid road block to prevent this idiot from getting on the 46 after fellow CHP radioed for help!

He’s not going anywhere anytime soon in Shandon! Police dogs and a CHP Helo out of Paso Robles, spike strips, blocking off 46 if need be, all could have been done to save the day.

I can’t believe some of those police chases on Television! 80 mph going through the city, and some crashing at intersections killing innocent people, just doesn’t make sense. Especially since it seems as though LA has more Helo’s than the U.S. Air Force with all of their tech on board. Soft pursuit follow, with patrol cars closing in as the Chopper is giving the culprits whereabouts seems to be the order of the day.

Then, when these fools are caught, nail his asses to the wall!

Sorry, marginally off topic…..

I have this observation based on this and other recent topics.

I have noticed that there is a certain type of person that frequents this forum, when not capable of participating in a discussion using facts, logic or insightful thought, will invariably resort to name calling, demonizing and personal attacks. This speaks volumes.

A number of comments have been deleted, off topic fight bait,please knock it off, more focus on the issues presented in the articles and less focus on other users posting here.