More attacks at ASH

January 5, 2012

No arrests have been made yet in the aftermath of two attacks this week by patients on Atascadero State Hospital employees. [Tribune]

A psychiatric technician was assaulted Friday, said hospital officials, and another incident the following day involved a patient attacking a nursing employee and another psychiatric technician. Identities of the victims or a description of their injuries has not been provided by authorities, but a spokesman told reporters the injured employees were treated at the hospital’s medical area.

An investigation into the incidents at the high-security state hospital is being conducted.

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Considering the crimes for which some of these ‘patients’ are in for, a firing squad might actually be too good – a waste of bullets. The sad truth is that many of the administrative people at the highest levels actually believe that they are helping these ‘patients’ get well.

In fact the state mental hospitals are holding pens for the criminally insane who wouldn’t survive in a prison setting. Like prisons, despite their names, they function more as human zoos than as rehabilitation or curing facilities.

I’d like someone (anyone) to show me the success rates on curing any of the patients at these hospitals. For that matter, I’d like to see some statistics on the long term ‘rehabilitation’ rate at the renamed CDC”&R” facilities.

For every judge and/or psychiatrist who declares one of the inmate/patients “cured” or “rehabilitated” and ready for release, let him and his family spend a week or two in lockdown with the individual after he relapses.

They might think twice before patting themselves on the back due to their curative powers of murdering sex offenders.

It’s time for the union to step up and protect these workers. So many complain that these workers get paid too much, what is too much for a job where they risk their lives everyday. It seems like working a prison is more dangerous than your regular job. This isn’t just at ASH. This is happening all over the country. I can’t remember the statistics but it’s amazing how many prison guards are killed accross the country, I wish I had time to look up the statistics. Now due to cutbacks the nurses are feeling the pinch and risking their lives every day that they go to work.


Have you forgotten the faction within CCN that say that ASH should be privatized, and therefore getting rid of the over paid union workers? Forget about the concept of being paid higher wages because of the danger of the work! Throw this concept out the window post haste!

Let ASH go private like so many state, therefore with minimum wage workers with reduced safety and benefits, then the infamous “one-percent” investors can make a profit at their expense! Without a UNION, these future workers will have absolutely no say, but who cares? It’s all about PROFIT of privatization! Albeit, there will be a line a mile long to sign up!

When are we going to stopped being so concerned for the criminals rights and started putting these guys in lockdown, instead of this touch feelly crap of a dormitory setup???

Close the hospital. This kind of headline is frighteningly repetetive. If they can’t control the “patients” in a high-security state hospital, maybe the hospital needs to be closed and those “patients” be relocated…say, to Texas…

Your right Danika, Lets let all these misguided, misunderstood, human beings out (Because that’s what will happen, Texas won’t take them). Then they can head on down to the elementary school and rape and mutilate your kids. Nobody wants to pay up to keep these guys contained. Lets see you do it for minimum wage with only a alarm activator for protection.