Search for Pedro Garcia fizzles

January 9, 2012

EDITORS NOTE: See the Pedro Garcia letter at the bottom of this story.


For a guy who doesn’t seem to exist, Pedro Garcia is the talk of the town in Cambria.

That’s the name printed at the bottom of a Dec. 15 letter faxed to the editor of the local newspaper, The Cambrian, a letter which simultaneously praises Chris Adams, superintendent of Coast Unified School District, and excoriates a parent and student.

But despite the best efforts of many in the small oceanside community of 6,000 — including those of a private investigator, and a parallel probe by CalCoastNews — “Pedro Garcia” is nowhere to be found.

A clue to his identity, however, might be found in the printed heading on a fax copy of the letter provided by the newspaper, which reads: “Chris and Julie Adams” and “530-242-0282.” That telephone number was issued to the Adams while they lived on Chancellor Road in Redding three years ago, is still listed with the Adams, and is currently operative. Dialed numerous times by CalCoastNews, the number simply rang.

In part, the Cambrian letter writer asserted that “the Hispanic community respects and appreciates ALL that Superintendent Adams, the school board, the principals, counselors and teachers do to meet our students’ and families’ needs.”

Longtime Cambria resident Monica Soto Raethke said she was baffled when she read the letter in The Cambrian.

“My curiosity leads me to think, why is this man writing this letter in support of the superintendent?” she said. “Who is this Pedro Garcia? Given that I am Latino, too, I felt compelled to find this man.”

Soto secured a copy of the letter from acting editor Bill Morem at The Cambrian, and conducted a database search using the faxed letter’s imprinted telephone number. She said she was “puzzled and shocked” to discover who appeared to be responsible for the fax. Then, she went to The Cambrian office to verify the fax’s source information.

“Could it be possible that the Adams made up this man?” Soto wondered this week. “I have been in this town for over twenty years and know my Hispanic community very well, and I don’t remember knowing or hearing of a Pedro Garcia with kids in the schools. I have been PTA president. How do I not know this man or his kids?”

Extensive searches by CalCoastNews of several databases turned up only one reference to “Pedro Garcia” in Cambria. Three addresses were provided.

The first, 2112 Main Street, does not exist; it’s a large, undeveloped lot. At the nearby Redwood Cafe on the opposite side of the street, an employee “thought” he remembered a Pedro Garcia who “moved away a long time ago, a long ways away.” The second address is a single family residence that has been occupied by the same couple for 23 years; they have never heard of a person named Pedro Garcia. And the third is a post office box for which information is not available.

The Adams did not return CalCoastNews’ telephone calls to their home, but according to a follow-up commentary last week by The Cambrian’s editor, Bert Etling, “…the Adams deny any knowledge of the fax.”

In addressing The Cambrian’s role in the apparent hoax, Etling confessed to being mystified by the whole affair, but concurred that printing the letter without ascertaining its writer was a violation of newspaper policy. The editor wrote, “We can’t confirm who Pedro Garcia is, and accusations have been made that Adams himself wrote, or at least sent, the letter.” But, added Etling, “(That) doesn’t seem likely.”

Jude Basile, a parent, said the faxed letter was fraudulent, and that all indications point to the Adams. “Our prisons are full of people convicted on much less evidence. Who else had any motive to have that letter published?” he asked. “And what does this say about truth and integrity?”

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This is too funny! They messed up by not realizing that their identity was going to show up on the fax header. Caught red handed I would say. Pedro Garcia my ars. LOL

In his letter, the elusive Pedro says he attended a DELAC/ELAC meeting last year (*cough*cough*, yeah right) and “shared his ideas, along with about 45 other people with Superintendent Adams and principals.”

Shouldn’t this be easy to prove? There weren’t too many of those meetings last school year, right? Site Council and School Board meetings usually keep minutes; are there notes or minutes from the DELAC meetings?

So as this saga drags on, not ONE of those “45 other people” [including Mr. Adams] have stepped forward and said “Yeah–I remember Pedro…he had some good ideas that have been implemented …” And not one person will step forward because there is no Pedro Garcia.

Pasoarent5 – you are correct. To answer your questions read my post I made this morning, below.

Thanks, involved! I just read your post…wow! Muy interesante! At my child’s school, the PTA minutes, Site Council minutes and of course school board minutes are all printed and available to whoever wants a copy.Sounds like some parents in Cambria need to continue to be sqeaky wheels until they get the answers. Good luck!

My many years of playing the board game CLUE have finally come in handy. It was The Wife…in The Den…with The Fax Machine!

I’ll discuss the deepening mystery of Pedro Garcia today at 5:30 p.m. on Dave Congalton’s Home Town radio show on 920KVEC.

So quiet here, bullysass must be gathering all her ammo for this, raiding the whole state I am guessing.

What you talking bout Willis? I’m taking a break from this circus, it’s time to stop focusing on the problems and start looking for a solution!

Say what? You are leading this circus! Take a look around here and at your facebook, you are the circus, your act..The Bully.

Ps, yeah, Pedro doesn’t exist and resisting that SEND button is sometimes hard and often regretted but your bullying is strange for a middle aged woman. Really mean spirited…and FYI, I don’t know the Adams personally so don’t accuse.

Simply stating what I see regarding your actions.

If you were one of the parents targeted in Julie’s scathing email you might come across as being passionate maybe even angry! Especially if you had spent the last 15 years in various organizations, raising the money that paid for a lot of the supplemental programs Julie gave her husband credit for in her letter. Call me names if you like, but as a concerned parent and community member I feel it’s my right and responsibility to be involved in this process… this is not only my opinion, it’s actually written in our board bylaws! We deserve a superintendent (and school board) that listens to our concerns and allows for input. We don’t feel we currently have that in Cambria!

But I am talking about your bullying behavior that is just mean. Come on now, like these people or not, whatever, just step back and see if you would want to be treated like this. I mean snide comments about her hair etc..,all this stuff is mean girlish and not needed. I get it, I like a great zinger too but not in public like that. Use the phone if you must.

Or karaoke night! Jk lol

And I do think that send button should not have been pushed by her either. This stuff has just gotten out of control. 2 wrongs IMO.

stuuuuuuned, I have never mentioned anything about Julie’s hair… did you see this first hand? Someone else posted that on my Facebook and if you were one of my friends then you’d know that I deleted that comment! But rumor and innuendo seem to be the routine, so I’m not surprised!

If you review all my posts here you’ll see that I’ve never made any personal attacks on the Adams and I have consistently tried to keep the focus on the issues. At times I may have digressed, especially when attacked, but I am only human. I would also like to remind you that I’ve chosen to use my real name here, at great risk to my husband’s reputation, but I stand behind everything I’ve said! If I was truly a bully, I would have hidden behind a fake name!

Yeah, I know it was your friend but it was on there for awhile, good for deleting.

I just feel things really spiraled out of control on both sides. It got Mean Girls and although amusing at times it does need to be resolved in a better way, not through the means that have been going on.

I get it though, both sides get hurt and react. It is hard to respond at times and the immediate reaction is usually regretted. IMO of course, been there done that.

Anyways, hopefully things will calm down. I have kids at the grammar school too.

That is true. I usually am the one making the snarky opinions.

It is the content, not the passion (or lack of) in which it is stated, that indicates the value of the message.

I believe you are trying to distract attention from Cindysass’ message content by playing bimbo schoolmarm and, instead, criticizing the way in which Cindy’s opinion is stated, and admonishing her to play nice. Worse, you are encouraging her to not post at all.

If you don’t like Cindysass’s approach to message board posting, then be a grown-up and simply skip her messages.

However, criticizing the poster instead of the content is a red herring, the earmark of a weak poster.

Bimbo schoolmarm? Could you explain how you got to that impression?

Bimbo school mom! Now you’ve gone and done it Mary. This is all too comical at times, I’m enjoying this thread immensely.

stuuuuuned – Here’s my two cents, I haven’t seen any inappropriate posts by Cindysass. Apart from the persona she portrays in the media, I don’t know who she is but I think she is always on topic and to the point. I haven’t seen any “unsolicited” personal remarks from her regarding Julie Adams . My impression is that she is a concerned mom who wants the best for her child and has put a great deal of her energy into the “village that raises the children”.

the KVEC piece was good, I liked Dan’s parting words: When faced with reality, tell the TRUTH!

VOTE FOR PEDRO……………………. Duh

I hate to feed into the speculation, but just wanted to add this possibility. What if Chris Adams’s father sent the fax in hopes of helping out his son (and himself, since he was doing work for the district)? What if he did it without his son’s knowledge? He might not know that the fax automatically imprints a header. And he lives in Redding, so if the family kept this number “live” even after they moved, he would have easy access to it. Might explain why Chris is denying responsibility. And might explain the Redding-based fax (how would anyone in Cambria have access to their old fax # in order to change the header) sent on a Friday morning.

On the fax machines/systems for which I’ve set up the header, you can enter any phone number you want, and any name you want.

I’m sorry, but this whole “Donde esta Pedro Garcia” scam not only most logically comes from the superintendent’s little bride but it also sounds like her MO and the lack of skill with which she would do it.

Perhaps the Adams used that fax machine when they were in Redding and entered in that header info when it was brand new. But now they have moved to Cambria, plugged in the fax machine to their new line, sent this fax but forgot to update the header.

I think Mrs. Adams is so clueless she didn’t realize that the header of her fax machine (which reflects the Adams info) would be on the “Pedro Garcia” letter she faxed.

Really, she does not appear to be very bright. How could the school district contract for education consulting services from such a dee-dee-deee.

How would the father know what to say about DELAC committees?

Good try, but no bananna.

I was thinking a family member too. Possibly/probably asked to write it and just didn’t know about


So then there is no lying on denying writing it.

See how sleazy the P.C. game gets. Now we have the I can out Hispanic you game. Remind me, how much is Adam’s salary? OK Cambria, you can go back to herding unicorns.

I can set the header on my fax to read whatever I want it to read. I can make mine stamp each fax with “Pedro Garcia,” or “Dan Blackburn” or whomeever. I can set the header to stamp it with whatever phone number I want. The header is not put on by the phone company, it is put on by the user of the fax machine.

So, if I were a spy-vs-spy Cambria parent, I could think two moves out, and fax in the Pedro Garcia letter to later harpoon Adams.

That is probably craftier and more devious than most Cambria parents are, but it is not out of the realm of the possible. Just sayin’

so if it is not out of the realm of possiblity that a parent did it to “get” Adams, it is not out of the realm of possibility that an Adams (or someone close to them) did it to make himself look better to the community.


I think that is what most of the current conjecture is; namely that the Adams camp released the letter to bolster their side.

My point is that it is, in fact, conjecture.

That wasn’t the only letter that sounded like Mrs. Adams.

I think it goes beyond “conjecture” when Pedro Garcia simply cannot be found, and the letter this mythical character supposedly wrote is so cloyingly supportive of the Adams.

Also, it just reads like something Mrs. Adams would write. Read her epic “WAH-IT’S-EVERYBODY-ELSE’S-FAULT-BUT-MINE” letter then compare it to the Pedro Garcia letter.


Following racket’s logic we would have to implicate the Cambrian in the intent to publish the Pedro letter. The ONLY way this would harpoon Adams, as racket says is 1. if it is published in violation of the Cambrian’s verification policy and 2. the full printed copy of the letter with the fax line is released to the public also in violation of the Cambrian’s policy. It is absurd that anyone would write such a supportive letter intending it to ultimately be used against Adams, by counting on the Cambrian to violate those policies.

Pedro Garcia is a red herring! Let’s try to stay with the issues and away from conjecture! I’m tired of all the “truthiness” Racket (and others) have to offer, the point here is that Lee Chamberlain’s Viewpoint article was disregarded by both the superintendent and a board member. While Lee’s intention was to find a way to improve a program, both Chris and Del took it as a personal attack and lashed back! An article titled “English Language Learners in Cambria’s School District – Parents Want an Honest Conversation” by Lee Chamberlain, along with links to his original “Viewpoint” article (which is no longer posted on the Tribune’s website), is available at

Yeah, but the red herring adds to the stench of the Adams behavior. I agree, it’s not the main point, but it certainly points to the high probability that, not only are the Adams crooked, they aren’t very smart, either.

How would an ordinary parent in Cambria know the Redding phone number of the Adams family.

Once again, good try, but no bananna.

racket, the receiving fax machine doesn’t care what the header say’s. Fax machines produce a report of the actual phone number’s that make contact with the receiving machine. The Cambrian editor was nice enough to break the rules and print the letter. I have no doubt they (at the Cambrian) have checked the incoming fax report in hopes of providing the identity (other than the Adams) and number that generated the incoming letter. These numbers are stored in a fax machines memory and the report can be generated many times long after a fax has been received. It’s clear the editor at the Cambrian would have been more than pleased to assist the Adam’s in claiming that somebody intentionally programed a false header on the Pedro Garcia fax, if he could. There is no reason to doubt that the fax came from the number printed on the header or worse, from the current Cambria home of the Adams.

Who is John Galt?

Racket- you are totally right, however ACTIONS speak louder then words… Case in point…if you read the letter above, Pedro attended that meeting as he claims and at those meetings there is a sign in sheet of people (parents) that attend and minutes are taken. So, my intuition told me to go straight to the grammar school that very moment to view this notebook where these sheets are kept but, CHRIS ADAMS BEAT ME TO IT. He froze the notebook with strict order that no one could see it. If he did not write the letter as he claims then why did he hurry to the school first thing in the morning? Cause the proof was in the pudding.

Furthermore, when the Cambrian realeased the fax number to me that very morning the news paper was realeased, I called the number and a fax machine signal picked up confirming that infact it was a fax. What a coincidence that though they (the Adams) claimed they owned that number in 09 but not any longer, that the phone co. would realease that number to new subscribers and they hook it up to a fax. Humm…

Why did he freeze the notebook? Actions speak louder then words!

I hear you.

I point out, though, that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS ON THE LINE LISTED IN THE HEADER, if the header is a lie.

A sneakier conspirator might have listed Adam’s current Cambria phone number in the header to really make things obvious.

Does that make any sense?

It just occurred to me that since the number in the header is still owned by Adams, he could clear up a lot of fingerpointing by showing the long distance calls made on that date from his phone bill.

If the bill shows no call to the Cambrian, then I am correct.

If the bill shows a short duration call (consistent with a fax) to the Cambrian, then I stand corrected.

If Adams chooses not to release his phone records for that day, then we can continue the witch hunt and conjecture party.

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I think, when we are talking conspiracies, it’s best to go with the one that doesn’t require so many coincidences to believe/disbelieve.

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