Search for Pedro Garcia fizzles

January 9, 2012

EDITORS NOTE: See the Pedro Garcia letter at the bottom of this story.


For a guy who doesn’t seem to exist, Pedro Garcia is the talk of the town in Cambria.

That’s the name printed at the bottom of a Dec. 15 letter faxed to the editor of the local newspaper, The Cambrian, a letter which simultaneously praises Chris Adams, superintendent of Coast Unified School District, and excoriates a parent and student.

But despite the best efforts of many in the small oceanside community of 6,000 — including those of a private investigator, and a parallel probe by CalCoastNews — “Pedro Garcia” is nowhere to be found.

A clue to his identity, however, might be found in the printed heading on a fax copy of the letter provided by the newspaper, which reads: “Chris and Julie Adams” and “530-242-0282.” That telephone number was issued to the Adams while they lived on Chancellor Road in Redding three years ago, is still listed with the Adams, and is currently operative. Dialed numerous times by CalCoastNews, the number simply rang.

In part, the Cambrian letter writer asserted that “the Hispanic community respects and appreciates ALL that Superintendent Adams, the school board, the principals, counselors and teachers do to meet our students’ and families’ needs.”

Longtime Cambria resident Monica Soto Raethke said she was baffled when she read the letter in The Cambrian.

“My curiosity leads me to think, why is this man writing this letter in support of the superintendent?” she said. “Who is this Pedro Garcia? Given that I am Latino, too, I felt compelled to find this man.”

Soto secured a copy of the letter from acting editor Bill Morem at The Cambrian, and conducted a database search using the faxed letter’s imprinted telephone number. She said she was “puzzled and shocked” to discover who appeared to be responsible for the fax. Then, she went to The Cambrian office to verify the fax’s source information.

“Could it be possible that the Adams made up this man?” Soto wondered this week. “I have been in this town for over twenty years and know my Hispanic community very well, and I don’t remember knowing or hearing of a Pedro Garcia with kids in the schools. I have been PTA president. How do I not know this man or his kids?”

Extensive searches by CalCoastNews of several databases turned up only one reference to “Pedro Garcia” in Cambria. Three addresses were provided.

The first, 2112 Main Street, does not exist; it’s a large, undeveloped lot. At the nearby Redwood Cafe on the opposite side of the street, an employee “thought” he remembered a Pedro Garcia who “moved away a long time ago, a long ways away.” The second address is a single family residence that has been occupied by the same couple for 23 years; they have never heard of a person named Pedro Garcia. And the third is a post office box for which information is not available.

The Adams did not return CalCoastNews’ telephone calls to their home, but according to a follow-up commentary last week by The Cambrian’s editor, Bert Etling, “…the Adams deny any knowledge of the fax.”

In addressing The Cambrian’s role in the apparent hoax, Etling confessed to being mystified by the whole affair, but concurred that printing the letter without ascertaining its writer was a violation of newspaper policy. The editor wrote, “We can’t confirm who Pedro Garcia is, and accusations have been made that Adams himself wrote, or at least sent, the letter.” But, added Etling, “(That) doesn’t seem likely.”

Jude Basile, a parent, said the faxed letter was fraudulent, and that all indications point to the Adams. “Our prisons are full of people convicted on much less evidence. Who else had any motive to have that letter published?” he asked. “And what does this say about truth and integrity?”


Wow. What a dumbs**t. Has this guy never noticed the little transmission line at the top of a fax? Never sent an anonymous fax, but if I did I invest the $2 at the UPS store…


Tthe bottom line for many parents is that we do NOT trust our superintendent and school board to act in our (childrens) best interest. We are NOT heard at meetings, we are NOT heard at private meetings with our superintendent or ANY board member. We are frustrated and angry and want a resolution. Any employee of the district, who wishes to express any discontent, is forced into scared silence. There will be retailiation for speaking or acting out against Adams. This has been demonstrated many times over in the past. Most of us are trying to stay in front of the smoke screens and focus on the main issues and solve the major rift in our district. That being said, we will not be silenced about things we care about. These are our kids and we care and we will be heard.

****Reminder: CUSD Board Meeting on Thursday January 12, 2012 at 7pm District Office *****

Come on up to Cambria, have a lovely dinner at one of our fine establishments and head over to the board meeting at 7.


Could you post some of the retaliations besides this stuff and The E-Mail. I am not aware of other acts and am curious to read up.

Thank you


Besides this stuff and an eleven page email from Julie Adams sent to the teachers, staff and community calling out people personally and a disabled child are not enough? All of this from a parent asking a question.

We have exceptional teachers and staff in our district who are afraid to come forward for fear of retaliation from the Superintendent and board. He has a different answer for the same question depending on his audience. I suggest you attend the board meeting.

My name is Alexandra Chamberlain.

involved in cambria


I would love to provide all the information to you regarding as to why us parents are raising our voices to our district’s directors and the superintendant. But I would need a lot of time to write all of it for you and I simply don’t have the time. Now, don’t take this in ANYWAY the wrong way but parents that are involved in (or their kids) all or one aspect of our schools whether in PTA, Boosters, Site Council, High School organized sports, CYAA, Coaching, Board meetings, Drama, Committee to build our new grammar school, Cambria Education Foundation, any school formed committee’s, classroom parent. Are all categorized as “involved parents, involved volunteers”. Giving countless hours and years VOLUNTEERING to either raising money for some of the organization mentioned above, to volunteer so a program could continue to exist, to brainstorm with others on how to execute a new project for our schools or idea’s. Just to serve the kids. Are you one of them?

So, because some of these parents have question of some wrong doings coming from our districts offices (you are going to have to do the research yourself and get to speed) it’s ok to ask them. And so when we do and they don’t answer, we will not stop until we get the answer because it’s our job as parents, community members and tax payers to do so. If we don’t speak up then it will be our children that will suffer.

To get inform on anything that is going on in our schools or district, I have learned over 20 yrs. ago that I have to get involved in places that I could to get the information. Therefore, when I want to know what is going on at the grammar school, I go to PTA meetings, Boosters for the high school, School Board meeting for a broad base of info. Do I have the time to do all this? No! But, I do cause I have always been interested on what is going on in the education of my children other children and the love for this town. So through out the years I have gotten involve in it all just like so many others. So, if an issue arrives then I feel informed, I have a say, an opinion and hopefully away to help manage it and resolve it along with everyone else.

If you have been involved in any of the above, then “yes” Julie Adams letter that she send to all the teachers, staff, school administrators, parents, would have offended you, cause we ALL work our butts off for the kids and to have someone like the superintendents wife, an educator herself, come to this community and slander these organization… is just wrong.

Before you pass judgment for us or against us, get informed. You say you have kids in the grammar school, so do I. You too will become middle aged one day (unless you’ve discovered the anti-ageing process) and if you get involved you’ll be raising your voice just like the rest of us or just be there behind us in support. Let’s not pass insults cause this is not what it’s about. Let’s pass facts. And don’t confuse cindysass as a bully, cause she is one of those that has paved the way to so many things that perhaps your kids might be enjoying now or in the near future.

I am more then happy to meet with you and we could talk and I could then share all the facts thus far that I know so you could be up to speed. You could call the writter here at Calcoastnews and ask for Daniel Blackburn. He has my cell number and I am more then happy for him to give it to you if you still don’t want to reveil yourself, we could talk on the phone.

So, come to the board meeting this Thursday January 12th @ 7:00.


Yes, I am involved in many of the above stated qualifiers to be called “an involved parent”. Phewwww

Thursday meeting it is then.


A Critical Review of the Adams Method

Is he in heaven

Or is he in hell

That damned elusive Pedro Garcia

Cambria can’t dispel

Chris and Julie Adams have brought to the Central Coast a brand of low brow theatre in the round that honors the traditional righteousness of the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker duet (whose hair and makeup artist has enjoyed a resurgent career with the current playbill) and the financial zeal of Ruth and Bernie Madoff. Having enjoyed its current run of four years they have found the audience wanting and the tabloids not altogether compliant. Although, the cash continues to flow.

After much initial success, and an ever growing cast of Adams and Adamites, the adherence of the script to established lines of school board theatre was called into question by the crude critic, and bon vivant, Mssr. Chamberlain. Unable to quash his dissention from the peanut gallery the willing suspension of disbelief amongst the villagers was beginning to crumble. This change of events necessitated some improvisational adaptation, which has given rise to the current dramaturgy. Seats have gone from cheap to free. Whilst Julie Adams frenetically mimes the virtues of truth denied and virtue rebuffed much of the Cambria illuminati are left to wonder how events could have strayed so far from the Fodors script. They can only tap their jeweled fingers as events unfold.

The libretto is best interpreted in the Theatre of the Oppressed. In texturing the character of subjugated lamb, Frau Adams has created both gender and racial tension by adopting the persona of one Pedro Garcia. The art is in assuming Pedro as herself, while playing herself, the lily white maiden in a gown of damask and veil of silk, while the indignant and brown (“Hispanic”) Pedro decries the foul Chamberlain. Pedro strokes Herr Adams ego and assuages his bruised sensibilities. Amongst lesser thespians this would be an effort to display some duality. Never to be out done Frau Adams aspires to full blown schizophrenia. That Pedro simultaneously provides an outlet for tension on the part of Julie and rescuing knight, ala New World Don Quixote cum Saul of Tarsus, for Chris presents overtones that are dank, yet quite believable. Having been penned somewhere between the Adams boudoir and school board meetings, the manuscripts pre-release secrecy had been assured due to the protective cloak of the Brown Act. A metaphor not lost on the villagers.

Those seasoned in the thespic arts know too well to never take the stage with children or animals. Unfortunately for those occupying the loge by the sea, the dramitis personae is awash in both, lending itself to the communal chaos. The historical significance of the set is not lost on the Adams Troupe, and as the sun sets William Randolph Hearst’s shadow grows long and dark across the stage. Alas, a metaphor not lost to Frau Julie.

On which scene the final curtain shall be drawn is unknown to all. Whether we shall see the Adams’ quietly stroll down the beach gently silhouetted by a setting sun and to the accompaniment of snorting sea lions, or perhaps something akin to the final moments of the Hindenburg remains to be seen. And whether it will be penned by the Adams or a circuit court judge is also unknown.


This is stupid. Go enter a writing contest and get it out all at once.


You want to read “stupid”? Check out the cloyingly self-serving attempts at blame-shifting in Mrs. Adams’ poorly written, epic-length press release, thinly veiled as a letter to Cambria School District parents.

And Mrs. Adams is a well-paid “educational consultant” for the district (for which her husband is superintendent).

She has exhibited such pathetically childish judgment in handling the donnybrook of her own creation, the district should sue her to get their money back and cease all relations with her and her company.

Do Cambria’s parents really want a “consultant” of that ilk playing any role in the education of their children?


I agree that the Email was a bad idea but I also think Moses’ “clever” essays need to go. Annoying to say the least. Jmo of course.

Sorry Mo’, not my taste so I will skip over your masterpieces.


No crap. When you’re the object of it I suppose you would be annoyed. I wish he posted something every 10 minutes. LMAO


Me too. I thought the essay was entertaining. I love the visuals it manifests during the read. Although I can see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but then, that’s what I love about these threads, there’s something for everyone.


Stuuuuu, etc,

You lend me far too much credit that I may foresee events and comment upon them preemptively. However, this evening I shall break out the Ouija board and endeavor to meld with the Oracle of Delphi yet again. As an aid in transcending the otherworldly I will sip some quantity of Blanton’s bourbon. I feel strongly that a group of Scotsmen and Irish settled parts of Kentucky and Tennessee and plainly got the spirits right. No discredit to my fellow countrymen.

In the event your nom de plume is an allusion to a certain speech pathology I might recommend an excellent therapist, albeit one whose services are well beyond the boundaries of the AdamsReich influence lest the financial and therapeutic details be trumpeted across the pages of so much coastal media.

Fare thee well,



I am not Julie Adams. Furthermore, I believe this whole witch hunt that CCN is conducting against Mrs. Adams is extremely racist against the hispanic community in Cambria. Perhaps Monica Soto Raethke doesn’t know who I am, but hey – newsflash – not all hispanics in Cambria know each other.

Just because Mrs. Adams doesn’t always think before she sends an e-mail or a fax (and Bill Morem rarely thinks before he publishes anything), doesn’t mean “Pedro,” ….I mean Me, errr, uhh … doesn’t mean I don’t exist.


Pedro Garcia


I am not Julie Adams Please contact the moderator for name verification, Sincerely


And the chase is on!


Vote for Pedro!!

Pedro Garcia for Coast Unified Parent Of The Year!!

I’ll get the bumper stickers and t-shirts made this week.


Probably the best fundraiser we will have. I’ll buy.


Be careful. With Mrs. Adams face on those bumperstickers, you might get some damage to your car when it is left unattended.


It would be pretty easy to tell if Mrs. Adams had vandalized my car herself. She would probably scratch her own name or fax number into my paint job!!!


No kidding.

She’d also launch an epic-length letter blaming everyone else for doing it.


A search of shows a

Pedro Escareno Garcia, aged 64, in Camria, CA.

I didn’t pay the $2.95 fee to find out what info they really have.


Daniel Blackburn

This listing is discussed in paragraphs 10 and 11 of this report.


I found a Pedro E Garcia that used to live in Cambria but moved to San Diego years ago. He has since moved around many times and possibly now lives in La Puente, CA. He got busted down in San Bernadino for trafficking marijuana.


A conspiracy really isn’t necessary to identify wrongdoing in this particular case. Watching The Good Wife made me look beyond the obvious. Gotta love TV soap operahs. In real life though, perhaps a report should be made to the Cambria Police as a violation of the penal code:

538a. Every person who signs any letter addressed to a newspaper

with the name of a person other than himself and sends such letter to

the newspaper, or causes it to be sent to such newspaper, with

intent to lead the newspaper to believe that such letter was written

by the person whose name is signed thereto, is guilty of a



Folks , Regarding the conjecture about the possibility of someone programming the header on the Pedro Garcia letter to intentionally “dupe” the Adams.

Fax machines recognize the actual line numbers that make contact with them just like our caller ID does and the receiving machine generates a report indicating the actual number that transmitted a text document. The fax machine then produces a report at the time the document is received and also stores the information in it’s memory. A collective report can be generated in the future that indicates a history of the date, time, # of pages received and the telephone number that made contact, not the number programed into the header but the actual phone number that placed the call.

No doubt the Cambrian editor has egg on his face and would be more than pleased to announce that the programmed number as indicated on the Pedro Garcia fax is not the number that generated the transmission of the faxed letter. The header is undoubtedly authentic and has been confirmed by the receiving end fax machine caller ID.


I think everyone knows it came from the Adams fax in Redding. It’s who wrote it and sent it that is the new Pedro Garcia here.


Bimbo is as bimbo does. It is such a poorly concocted and executed ruse, similar to the other gambits Mrs. Adams has attempted to pull off, it just reeks of her.


Oh I see now. Are you saying I am Julie Adams now? Well I’m not.


I was posting re: Julie Adams. Why did you assume I was speaking about you?


Because of how it is quoted here coming beneath my post. The thread format isn’t perfect so thought you were.


hahahaha…caught you.


Good point, Cindy.

Has The Crumbian chimed in about what they saw in their fax logs on the day the fax was received?


The Cambrian said their fax machine couldn’t tell them the number it came from. AT&T couldn’t either.


My fax machine had caller ID 5 years before I did !


That’s strange, I’m surprised.


Does the district’s system have a feature that blocks the district’s outgoing information (such as the originating phone number) from being available on the recipient’s fax log?


Oh, duh. Just thought of something.

If you had your phone line set up to block sending out caller ID, wouldn’t that block it from the being recognized by the recipient fax machine?


I think the biggest mistake the writer made is submitting a letter from a ‘Hispanic parent’. Jump on me if you want but any parent with kids at the grammar school knows that the Hispanic parents of students do not speak English nor would they think “hmmmm, think I will write a letter to the paper”. Not being racist but that’s how it is at the school and most illegal aliens try to stay waaaaay under the radar. Jmo


Pedro Garcia is the brand name for some very high end women’s shoes, not a Cambria resident.


Yeah, we know Lee, already saw it on your facebook.