Templeton child molester captured

January 31, 2012

Donald Baker

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies took a Templeton man found guilty of sex crimes against children into custody at French Hospital Medical Center shortly before 5 p.m. on Monday.

Donald Baker, 40, remains in custody at the hospital. Baker suffers from lung cancer that has spread to his brain.

Earlier on Monday, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera issued an arrest warrant for Baker who had failed to appear at his sentencing hearing. During several prior sentencing hearings, his attorney had requested the court delay incarceration while Baker is treated for cancer.

In December, Baker pled guilty to molesting a now 12-year-old girl, including forcing the girl to perform oral copulation, penetration with a foreign object of a person under 14 and possession of child porn, according to the sheriff report. He also pled guilty to molesting a now 14-year-old male relative in 2010.

As part of a plea agreement, Baker is facing 10 to 20 years in prison. He is slated to be sentenced today or tomorrow. CalCoastNews will update this story as more information become available.

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Looks like karma got him before the Law. Probably be dead in a few months anyway and now his family won’t be burdened with the end of life care.

As the plea agreement has been handed down, the sentence of ten to twenty years in prison is , in reality, a life sentence, given the state of the person’s health.

So, what are we arguing about ? It would appear that the main issue for many that visit here is to how much we can torture this man while in custody before his ultimate death in prison. That is what the 25 +’s along with the original post would indicate !

Well, I am here to tell you all that you have God’s imprimatur for doing so !

And it is not some Old Testament directive ( though there be numerous examples ), but from the New Testament …in fact from the very last book, and so FINAL authority, Hallelujah !

Revelation 9:5-6 “And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months; and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion when he striketh a man. And in the days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and he shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. ”

SO, you can torture Mr. Baker FIVE months, even until he pleads for death to relieve such pain as is visited upon him by any or all of the 26 holy torturers ( at least ) that are present on this website.


98% of the comments on this article are not even worth reading. Check that. Make it 100%.

Yep, SloNative. It’s true. The moderator continues to allow trolls on this story thread and on others. Trolls hijack story threads and offer execessive comments which have nothing to do with the story at hand. The more the trolls go off comment, the fewer times readers bother to click CCN stories to read them.


Tell us, where in your post above are you on topic? Have you become what you’re allegedly against? Email the moderator next time with your concerns.

ALL of my godly posts, as my post in this thread, at the onset to any article, are directly ON TOPIC! I cannot control the subsequent comments to my initial post, as within the same context of you not being able to control subsequent posts to yours that you may not agree with.

@pasoparent5…there is no need to stop visiting the CCN site…I enjoy their investigative journalism and I believe that they are providing a good benefit to our community….I also don’t understand the moderator’s approach in allowing some of the posts on this board…so the only way I can have any impact is to not send in my meager donation (which I sent in randomly in the past when they broke a great story, such as the PRPD piece)…my thought is that as long as I am not contributing at all, then I don’t have any reason to complain.


Yep,with your post above you added to the content of posts that are not worth reading. Thanks.

God forbid, if you were referring to my post below, then what I proposed is a godly perspective upon this topic. It had more article content than your bland post of complaining!

So he needs to be healthy or present to be sentenced? Glad that there are two sets of rules…


I am sorry, but I can’t bring forth any scripture regarding the bible and child molesters!

This is because in the biblical times, the child molester, as we know of them today, did not exist and so there is no explicit mention of such a thing in the bible.

Children were allowed to marry in those days, as in the case of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was around TWELVE YEARS OLD at the time of her Celestial Impregnation!

Therefore, a sense of child molestation was allowed by our Christian God when He got her pregnant, even though it was threw spiritual means.

Brother ted …However, there IS this:

Exodus 21:7-10 …” And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant,she shall not go out as his manservant do,

If she please not her master, who hath betrothed her to himself, then shall he let her be redeemed: to sell her unto a strange nation he shall have no power, seeing he hath dealt deceitfully with her.

And if he have betrothed her unto his son, he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters.

And if he take another wife; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall not be diminish. ”

Get it ?

Therefore, as prescribed by God …children ( especially daughters ) are property given for proper treatment in biblical ways. You just can’t sell them to strangers !

Thusly, no molestation. Not only were people of all ages ‘allowed’ to marry, THEY WERE REQUIRED TO.

It was an understood part of the transaction….either to the purchasing ‘master’ or as for a gift to a son.

It’s all in plain black and white !


Exodus is soooo old testament. When I was hanging with JC we had a no broads policy. Well, except for Mary Magdalene. She was a party.

OH REALLY ? So, you are saying that the ORIGINAL Mosaic scripts are NOT GOD inspired and directed ?

Jesus stated numerous times and VOCIFEROUSLY, that he KEPT the LAW, he RECOGNIZED the authority OF the LAW, HE was prophesied BY the Law…and that THOSE that denied the Law denied Him !

Luke 10:25,26 John 8 29,55 Mark 7: 7-13 Matthew 23: 16-22

Do your own work…read these texts, then come back in prayerful remorse on your knees admitting your mistake and pleading for forgiveness given your blasphemous attempts at humor !

If you can’t read, just ask your minister.

==== Off Topic Mode On ====

“no broads policy” ??

FYI, this is the biblical origination of the modern day “Bro’s before Ho’s”.


Sorry, I am weak and could not resist.

==== Off Topic Mode Off ====

“Celestial Impregnation”

Wonder if this has been used by anyones defense team before?

Jack L

If it was used, they would have to credit Brother Ted, because that is one of my “Tedisms”.

This is TRUE. He does it all the time.

I’m sure a few teenage girls in the 1950s would have used the “celestial impregnation” defense (if they would have thought of it) for their unmarried pregnancies. Things were very different then.

Take away the anesthetic and chain him to the bed. Let nature take its course.

Make sure he is face down

I know a woman who got lung cancer (from smoking) which, once it metastasized to the brain, killed her in less than four months. The last month or so, she didn’t know what she was doing.

So he probably doesn’t have long to live, anyway, and he may have skyed up because of the cancer in the brain.