Two killed in Paso Robles crashes

January 1, 2012

Two people are dead and one is seriously injured as the result of two crashes that occurred in Paso Robles on Sunday morning.

Shortly after 3 a.m., the driver of a Ford pickup traveling westbound on Linne Road near Long Hill Road passed another vehicle before losing control of his truck.

Eric Luth, 20, of Paso Robles veered off the road and hit several mailboxes. He then overcorrected and rolled his truck ejecting an 18-year-old Paso Robles man who was not wearing his seat belt.

The truck then hit an oak tree and landed on the currently unnamed male passenger killing him

Emergency personnel transported Luth to Twin Cities Community Hospital with major injuries. Another passenger in the truck, Erin Chon, 18, of Paso Robles was not injured.

Officials suspect alcohol played a part in the accident.

California Highway Patrol officers arrested Tanner Storsteen, 18, the driver of the car Luth passed,  for DUI at the site of the Luth accident. Storsteen’s three 18-year-old passengers were released to “responsible adults.”

At about 9 a.m., Vincent Mack, 19, of Paso Robles was driving his Kia Rio on Nacimiento Lake Drive when he drifted off the road and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is unknown if drugs or alcohol played a role in this accident.

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Thank god these knuckleheads didnt kill someone else. Hopefully the uninjured passengers will learn from this … and the driver … will have to, and should, live with killing his friend for the rest of his life.

Absolutely. If it weren’t 3 in the morning, other cars could’ve been hit.

To clarify, Tanner wasn’t driving the truck, Eric was. Tanner called 911 then got arrested for DUI. If/when Eric recovers, he’ll probably be charged w/DUI & vehicular manslaughter since he was driving the truck carrying the deceased young man.

Before his DUI arrest, Tanner Storsteen posted a lot of not-so-flattering stuff on his Facebook page. Looks like his partying ways finally caught up with him. & I’m glad he got caught. I have zero mercy for punks like him.

Dec 7 “new record downtown paso to monterey exit 19min 23 sec” [I’m sure his defense lawyer will love that he brags about reckless driving!]


I’ve been pulled over four times in the last three months i recieved no tickets three of them were for no apparent reason…fucking slo pigs…..can’t you just leave me and the Evo in peace?”

Oct 5 Close-up pic of his fridge w/Coronas, Heinekens & Blue Moon Ale w/Tanner’s comment

“puts a smile on your face” [yeah Tanner, the beers weren’t yours, right?]

Sept 24 ” first party at the new pad!!! hit me up!!”

Tanner’s “about me” section: “Always down to have a good time…for all i know this might be my one and only life so im going to live my life to the fullest extent I always live positive and happen to have the best friends that a person could ask for. To me life can be very complicated but I try to keep it simple, Partying, Raving, listening to Dub Step, Reggae, and the occasional railing of my rice rocket and drift sesh on the backroads. Its not the years in your life, its the life in your years….”

I am sure your kids are complete angels.

I don’t know ANY kid who’s a “complete angel”, do you? But that’s irrelevant. My kid doesn’t go to raves & get wasted. How do I know? Because I’m an involved parent who checks his FB page, his texts, and he has a curfew. He knows that while he’s under MY roof, he’ll obey MY rules.

With that being said, Paso’s a small town. We know Tanner, Erin, Eric & the other young man. This was a 100% completely preventable incident that was caused by reckless driving on a country road + alcohol. When the toxicology report is released, you’ll understand.

I stand by my assertion that I have zero mercy for DUI offenders.

Rest in peace to the deceased. It’s sad how things turned out. Yet, the boys will live with this for the rest of their lives and why is it necessary to stalk Tanner’s profile as a random parent in town just for extra criticism. We all have flaws.

LOL! It’s more than “sad”; it was a stupid and unnecessary tragedy. Thankfully they didn’t plow into MY car filled with MY family.

“We all have flaws” is an immature excuse for felony drinking and driving. Yes, Eric and Tanner will have to live with this “for the rest of their lives” as well they should.

These young people were ALL underage and maybe their stupid and selfish choices will serve as a lesson for others to stop drinking and driving.

No “extra criticism” is needed. Eric and Tanner made their own decisions and now it’s up to the judicial system to try them according to their actions.

It is always tragic to read of people passing from car accidents, but particularly more so when it involves young people with so much life ahead of them. Blessings to all who mourn their losses.