Homeless speak out against police crackdown

February 23, 2012


About  a dozen homeless residents spoke out at the San Luis Obispo City Council meeting last Tuesday against a recent crackdown by police who have ticketed people sleeping overnight in their vehicles.

Homeless residents such as Karen Frickel said they feel singled out by law enforcement who bang on their cars, wake them up and then ticket them for camping.

“We’re not camping, we’re living,” Frickel said.

As of Jan. 26, 2011, there were an estimated 3,774 homeless living in vehicles, tents and on the streets of SLO. Of those, reports show as many as 40 percent work at least 20 hours per week.

City Manager Katie Lichtig said the law enforcement crackdown is most likely the result of complaints from residents about people parking overnight on Prado Road and Long Street.

Councilman Andrew carter said a number of the complaints are from people who work at the Prado Day Center and other local companies.

“We have a number of laws which are not with respect to dealing with the homeless population but with regard to people parking on the streets,” Carter said. “The 72 hour parking law, well sometimes people will park a boat or a trailer on the streets and over the years people have complained. The laws don’t originally exist dealing with the homeless population. The police department has gotten more active in enforcing these laws because of citizens’ complaints. Most recently many homeless have been parking near the Prado Day Center”

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“Oh, waah, waah, waah!!!”

Great debating skills.

“You obviously only want to “tax” which really means control the activities of, churches that don’t follow your political ideology, which seems, from your rantings above”

I was simply stating my side of this argument, you seem to be the one ranting. I don’t want to control their activities. Try to read this very slowly. I feel that we should at least make these filthy rich entities pay property taxes then they can do what ever they want. They are rolling in $$$ and yet they are non profits, do you not see a conflict there or are so blinded in your ideology that you can’t see that?

“OK, then, let’s do it your way. I want to tax the heck out of “Reverend” Wright’s Church of the Anti-American Jesus; you know, the one who screams “G-D America!!””

Absolutely, tax that church. Or do you just want to tax that church because you are so full of hate for them? Tax all churches including the ones that you HATE.

“Maybe it’s none of your business how much the Catholic Church has in its coffers, and anyway, the Church does do a lot to help the poor. I guess you didn’t consider that the Catholic Church is running programs in Asia, Africa and Central and South America; by comparison poor people in the U.S. have it pretty good compared to those places, so maybe the Church is doing more abroad than you see here.”

It is my business.

For the most part they are going to those countries to ‘spread the word’ as to gain even more followers/money. But that being said what about charity begins at home. We have a huge homeless population that could benefit from at least using their parking lots to park their cars and sleep in. Geez, is that asking that much? Are they afraid that that might have to earn some of that tax exempt money by sending a few nuns out to clean the parking lots the next day? I must clarify that I do realize that some churches do good work and that I do appreciate them going to help other countries to help those in need when that is what they are really doing and that is what their true motive are. If that is their true motive and what they are spending their money on then I have no problem making those missions tax exempt. But unless they are at least weekly having soup kitchens or something else on their properties that benefits all denominations then they should at least pay property taxes.

“And again, you’re not “paying” for anything. You just want to get your lazy hands on someone else’s money and use it to do what YOU want to do.”

I am paying, what’s wrong with you? They aren’t paying taxes that means that we pay more taxes to compensate for their tax exemption. If their were lets say a supermarket where one of these churches sits then we’d be getting tax money from that business which lowers our taxes or benefits our communities.

“Screw you. You’re an idiot.”

How very ‘Christian’ of you. Praise the lord. Ted, slowerfaster, a member of your flock has gone astray. Just thank goodness you didn’t call me a virus, your post would have been booted off.

“Go get your own money and leave everyone else alone.”

Yep, that’s what my entire message in this discussion with you is about, getting my money. You give what you want to your cults, no one is stopping you but your church should pay taxes because they are making huge profits and funding political candidates.

“You need a hobby, or a pet, or someone to service you, or something, but you sure need to shut the f**k up.”

Bless you, is that from your Bible? BTW, thanks for validating another reason for me have chosen to not believe in any cults. Your post was pretty nasty. Try taking a debating class. There’s a difference between a bit sarcasim and low life nastiness. You haven’t given any type of intelligent debate to this argument. You are unable to give any argument to justify your side of this issue, not even a stupid argument, you simply went on a crazy hate infested tangent.

“And again, you’re not “paying” for anything. You just want to get your lazy hands on someone else’s money and use it to do what YOU want to do.”

Wait that was Gearhart and Miller, Hey this is one of the best post ever, you go girl, you don’t eat no cheeze. You tell it like it is and they hate it


“You need a hobby, or a pet, or someone to service you, or something, but you sure need to shut the f**k up.”

Wow they kicked my ass right off of here for that stuff? But you are quite good and should have a right to,,,,, yes , get right in their face.

My daughter was taking the bus from school on Los Osos Valley Road about a month ago

A homeless lady who solicit annex Food for Less on Higuera got on the bus and said “what the “F” are you looking at” to my daughter.

Another homeless man intervene and said “You should not use that language around children”

The bitch threatened “I’ll kick your “MF” ass” and started towards him in the bus but was averted by another homeless man she was acquainted with.

My daughter reported this to me identifying the lady that solicit annex Food for Less whom I give loose change to (no more)!

I can on the other hand take you through the SLO Creek and show you homeless camps that are neat, clean and well kept and evidence of trying to recover. The SLOPD nor Fish & Game that patrols the Creek, neither cites nor harass them.

My point is you have an array of homeless out there, some warrants no pity, some are free loaders and will simply bleed and use society, just don’t be their fool!

willieslo, I completely agree with you. The woman displayed outrageous behavior & is “possibly” mentally ill or on meth. I really feel for your daughter having to witness this behavior. I was just stunned after reading the “article” regarding the “police crackdown” by New Times…In that article, one of the “homeless men” was quoted as saying the former town in which he “resided”, paid him off to “get out of that town”. They didn’t give him enough money to go to “his first choice” of communities, so his “second choice” was San Luis Obispo! This is just egregious & other communities should NOT be allowed to “buy off THEIR transients” by paying for bus tickets out of town, hence passing on THEIR PROBLEM to another community…something really stinks about THAT scheme…

“Grapes of Wrath”

The issue is much larger than the City. And it’s not the City’s problem. Santa Cruz famously snookered SLO by providing free bus tickets to try to rid their city of the problem. I don’t think the homeless are making any effort or availing themselves to the plethora of government services provided. They just want to do their thing, crap in the creek, and act crazy with complete impunity. NEVER give money to the homeless. If you took away my job, my house, my car, everything, I would follow the rules, use food stamps as necessary, and get back on my feet. They want to do what they want, crap in the creek, and collect the benefits, FOREVER.

{lease clarify this ,,, seems vague and ambigius, “They want to do what they want, crap in the creek, and collect the benefits, FOREVER.”

This I would crap, is at best a maybe, numnuts, you don’t know what the f**K you would do at that point in time, probly start looking for relatives or some stupid f88k like me who let’s a guy live in my trailer for eight months for QDD jobs, give me my house back , I love to help all of them, build a resort, because when the sewer goes through in los osos , than los osos will be threw with me,

And I will be one of them!

The city and community should have helped the Duvall ranch get up to code. Mr Duvall tried to help get these people off the streets. (your streets) The San Luis city council is to thank for taking an opportunity to alleviate this problem and Instead they worked just as hard to destroy the good Mr Duvall tried to do. I hope Mr Duvall takes his farmland and turns it into a pig farm which he is zoned for, like Alex Madonna threatened to do when the city fought his development. The city proved it is no community.