Pedestrian struck by car in Avila Beach

February 12, 2012

By Cristin Powers

A Nipomo woman crashed into a pedestrian walking on Avila Beach Drive near the hot springs shortly after 11 a.m. on Sunday. The extent of the victim’s  injuries are currently unknown.

Colleen Werneke, 79, was traveling west in a maroon Ford truck when she drifted off the road and hit the man. She was driving about 40 miles per hour, officers said.

“It was an accident, accident, accident,” Werneke said and informed officers that they would find out soon enough that she had recently had surgery.

Fortunately, two doctors in separate vehicles stopped to assist the injured man. Paramedics responded and the man was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

California Highway Patrol officers said they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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Sorry old folks, but PLEASE give up driving. Mandatory driving test for people over 65. A day does not go by without seeing an elderly person make a very dangerous move on the road. Note to the elderly: it does not matter if you say you’re sorry at the next stop light.

Sorry, Lady. There is no such thing as a traffic “accident.” It was a collision caused by your vehicle drifting off the road.

“…she recently had surgery.” I’d be interested in this woman’s toxicology report. I wouldn’t be too surprised if pain-killers were a factor in this accident.

that, or old age