Police chief under fire for retaliating against her men

February 2, 2012

Chief Lisa Solomon


(UPDATE: Officer Jon Tatro filed a lawsuit Friday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.)

A Paso Robles police officer, who says his numerous attempts to force the chief to run the department in a legal and productive manner were rebuffed, filed a claim against the city in December and plans to follow up with a lawsuit.

Officer Jon Tatro, an officer and union steward, had complained to Chief Lisa Solomon and city management that command staff had mandated that each officer write at least 10 tickets a month, and preferably 14 or more, in order to avoid disciplinary action, according to the lawsuit and interviews with several officers.

“A ticket a day will keep the sergeant away,” several officers said was a common phrase used in the department.

In addition to the quota system, officers were told the tickets they wrote had to be for hazardous moving violations, such as speeding, running a red light, or stop sign or right of way issues — offenses that could result in high ticket revenues.

In March, after city officials took no action on Tatro’s complaints, he went to the Paso Robles branch of the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court in full uniform with his gun. He informed court personnel about the illegal ticket quotas and asked to talk to a judge.

Paso Robles court personnel forwarded his request to Susan Matherly, the court executive officer.

“I called him back and did not believe he was a police office,” Matherly said. “I thought he was someone impersonating an officer.”

Matherly then called Captain Robert Burtin to inform the police department about the imposter, she said.

Shortly afterwards, department command staff allegedly retaliated against Tatro by initiating an internal affairs investigation into his attempt to talk to a judge, the claim says.

The suit also criticizes command staff for retaliating against the officer by removing him from job responsibilities that would further his career and giving the officer unwarranted reprimanding.

CalCoastNews interviewed more than a half dozen current and former officers and department employees, many of whom have asked to remain unnamed to protect them from retaliation or because of pending lawsuits. All of the officers told similar stories of alleged illegal quotas, dangerous police policies and command staff retaliation.

The officers contend Solomon has enacted new department policies that promote writing traffic tickets while serving the public in “safe mode.”

Her policies include only allowing one officer to respond to an incident in code three, speeding with sirens and lights. At the same time, if an officer responds to an incident such as a rape or an assault they are not permitted, according to policy, to engage the suspect until backup arrives, officers said.

In one instance last year, an officer responded to a call that a man had been bitten by his pit bull and was trying to break down his sister’s bedroom door so that the dog could attack her also, former officer Dave Hernandez said.

The officer permitted to use code three arrived first, heard screams from the house and stepped out of his car. The dog bolted from the house and attempted to attack the officer, who responded by shooting and killing the dog.

Department command staff questioned the officer for approaching the house before backup arrived, Hernandez said. The incident resulted in new polices being put into action prohibiting single officer responses, Hernandez said.

“So if I go to a house and see someone being attacked, I do not go in until backup arrives,” Hernandez said. “We signed up to put our lives on the line for others and now we have to wait, even if we hear shots and screaming.”

Hernandez said he asked supervisors if they were sued for failing to respond, would the department protect them, and was told yes.

In a strange twist, the department has also awarded officers for not risking injury by allowing fleeing suspects to get away.

For example, an officer recently received an accommodation for not chasing a suspect.

“I just read and approved this case,” the commendation written by Sgt. Dave Bouffard says. “It is the case where you stopped a suspicious subject riding a bike at night without a light.

“During your contact with him the subject pulled a meth pipe out of his pocket by accident. Once he realized this, he took off running. You weighed all of the factors, severity of the crime, time of night, available cover units, and quickly decided not to chase the subject.

“This was an excellent decision on your part and I want to commend you for that decision not to chase the subject. Any pursuit has inherit (sic) dangers to the officers who are involved in them. During foot chases, especially at night, there is the risk of an injury incurred while involved in a foot chase in the dark for relatively low level crimes.

On the bottom of the commendation, Solomon wrote in pen, “Good judgment and decision making in a rapidly evolving situation, thanks.”

City council members and the mayor did not respond or refused to answer questions about the claim.

City Attorney Iris Lang said that Paso Robles staff does not inform city council members of claims against the city. City officials in San Luis Obispo County’s other six cities said they inform the city council of major credible lawsuits that could be substantial.

Retaliation lawsuit:


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TQ… I am sorry you are so personally upset by those seeking an impartial investigation. You are as passionate of your opinion (I’m thinking you may be or are close to Lisa so your passion would be understandable) as any of the poster are of theirs. You should understand that investigation could clear those being accused as well…. Scenario… your son is a star high school athlete.. he comes home and accuses his coach of lewd acts etc.. he relays that he was threaten by the coach he would lose his collage scholarship if he tells. The principal doesn’t want bad press either so he tells you he will look into it but thats as far as it goes…. You observe the Police Chief, the principal and the coach out on the lake … drinking and having a good ol’ time… WTH would you not wonder why your son’s accusation was not INVESTIGATED? and wouldn’t you be furious if it was being said that your son is just disgruntled because he was benched a game… you have to remember the opinions expressed on this board are each authors own opinion on what is being presented… As for me I am still watching and waiting for some kind of response from the City based on the magnitude of the allegations. The silence is deafening… again JMOHO.

“TQ… I am sorry you are so personally upset by those seeking an impartial investigation.”

This is why I keep on saying that you people have this pack mentality. I have been the one saying that there should be an impartial investigation with the caveat that I won’t judge Solomon until the facts of the investigation come out. That last part is where everyone has a problem with me.

“You are as passionate of your opinion”

And just what is that opinion? You people seem to have a difficult time in basic understanding so please tell me, what is my opinion or at least what do you think it is? Really I want to know.

“(I’m thinking you may be or are close to Lisa so your passion would be understandable)”

Well then I guess you’re not thinking. Yes, I have a passion for not persecuting, convicting, lynching (pick the term you want) someone before I hear all the facts,,,my bad.

“You should understand that investigation could clear those being accused as well….”

Not in this case. She’s as guilty as can be, just read the posts.

“Scenario… your son is a star high school athlete.. he comes home and accuses his coach of lewd acts etc.. he relays that he was threaten by the coach he would lose his collage scholarship if he tells. The principal doesn’t want bad press either so he tells you he will look into it but thats as far as it goes…. You observe the Police Chief, the principal and the coach out on the lake … drinking and having a good ol’ time… WTH would you not wonder why your son’s accusation was not INVESTIGATED?”

So you saw Solomon sexually harass her subordinates? So far all I’ve heard is gossip. So what did you see?

“and wouldn’t you be furious if it was being said that your son is just disgruntled because he was benched a game… you have to remember the opinions expressed on this board are each authors own opinion on what is being presented… As for me I am still watching and waiting for some kind of response from the City based on the magnitude of the allegations. The silence is deafening… again JMOHO”

Try and get this straight. I have never said that these people were disgruntled, not once. I don’t mean to sound so frustrated but I am. I keep repeating myself and people like you keep reading more into what I’ve been saying. I have simply thrown out different scenarios. I have said that its not unusual for disgruntled employees to make accusations against their bosses or employer. This case COULD/MIGHT be a case of disgruntled employees, I don’t know that, it is just a scenario, I’m attempting to look at all possibilities. These claims might be 100% right but I have seen no proof. You must have seen Solomon’s alleged inappropriate behavior but I haven’t. I refuse to go by gossip. When the facts come out then I’ll make my mind up. I wish others would do the same but that won’t happen. Again for the 100th time. I have no problem with people up in no. county wanting to get to the bottom of this. I have no problem with an investigation, trial or what every it takes to get fair factual answers but until such time I will remain neutral. What blows me away is how so many of you have such a hard time with that.

I am disgusted to see story after story, not just this case but others where the people in here want rush to judgement without knowing all the facts. It happens all the time. But like I said in one of my first posts on this topic, it’s human nature to want to go after people in a pack mentality. Fine but don’t expect me to join. I brought up a famous case in hopes that people would see what can happen when everyone jumps on the presumption of guilt. That was the McMartin case in which several innocent lives were destroyed over false accusations and there was even a poster that still believes that they were guilty, even after PROVEN to be innocent. If you saw something in regards to this case then by all means I would like to hear about your experience.

Come on Typo, we know what you think on this. Lisa and jimmy are 100% innocent. They should be given a merit badge for all the bs they have caused and had to endure. We know some of the facts and accusations and they are enough in my mind to dump the girl.

Losing gun

Rubbing breasts in the face of her officer at the Kilt

Illegal ticket policy (soon to be proven)

Grabbing penis in tub

Showing boobs in tub

bs disciplinary policy

My main problem with all of this is the lack of transparency with the city.

Again i repeat.. “As for ME I am still watching and waiting for some kind of response from the City based on the magnitude of the allegations. The silence is deafening… again JMOHO””..did you skip that part?….(shakes head in disbelief “)

You don’t understand. You are not allowed an opinion on this issue until Typoqueen says you do.

yea so it seems… guess she’s has all the facts and is not sharing… dam lol… good thing she has taken it upon herself to do damage control… makes you wonder why for someone that is so neutral or could it be.. nah it couldn’t… oh I’m gonna get now…

LOL no once again I’m the one waiting to hear the facts, I have heard NO facts. Read that slowly, try and absorb that idea. Take a deep breath and breath. Typo wants facts before judging someone to be guilty. Say that over and over until you can understand it.

How do you know the facts when you see them or hear them? Explain it in detail, we would really like to know.

Umm okay that will work :)

Okay, fine, I skipped commenting that part of your post. I’m glad that you are waiting to hear about the allegations. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that so why should I comment on it. When I comment on every post addressed to me I’m told that I’m talking (typing) too much and that I need to be quiet. When I don’t answer then you shake your head. I can’t win…and neither can Solomon (had to throw that in).

Fallacious reasoning. An impartial investigation and citizen activism are not two mutually exclusive recourses–as you imply.

Back in the 1950s, a small town bank had money embezzled by an employee, but the Bank Examiners could not determine which employee. It was the talk of the town, of course. This is how the Board of Directors handled it. They fired everyone in the bank. EVERYONE. Then they went out and hired an honest businessman as bank president, hired all new employees and restored the confidence of the community.The Bank survived and continues to thrive to this day. Without such bold action, they would have lost their customers and the bank would have folded. From the things I have read in these articles and posts, it seems clear that the nepotism born of intimate relations cries for some major housecleaning in the Paso Roles City Government.

Solomon’s silence screams guilt right now. If she was clean she would be on the counterattack right now with a vengeance — CA Police Officers Bill of Rights or not…

It is remarkable to stop and think that if it were not for CCN/Velie/Blackburn it would be business as usual for trash like Solomon and App. The Tribune has long ceased being a source of real/honest news in the county. KSBY/KCOY have never been news leaders. I am personally grateful for the existence of CCN.

It’s also quite remarkable to comprehend just how negative of an impact people like Jim App and Lisa Solomon (and Chief Dennis Cassidy before her) have had on the community of Paso Robles and on the surrounding county. Paso needs to be purified. App, Solomon, et. al. need to be canned.

This is the sort of thing that needs to be done for future generations before the entire North County becomes a cesspool of crime that migrated south and first took hold in Paso Robles during the tenures of App, Cassidy and Solomon…

Don’t forget Nelson. He groomed Cassidy who groomed Solomon. This whole situation is the result of an ingrown system. It never works in a command type of organization because it’s difficult for colleagues to take orders from a once peer – particularly if that peer has baggage. Typically the promoted one develops a cadre of protectors that are promoted to management. Sadly PRPD is in that situation right now.

Gary Nemeth is a good guy, and he is right on with his commentary. He is wrong in castigating the whole council though. Ed Stienbeck is the kind of guy who does the right thing every time – wish he was mayor. My feeling is that the Council will take a deep breath, wait for the investigation to conclude and make a decision.

Frankly – I see App surviving but injured.

Good input, especially about Nelson. PRPD does sound horribly inbred. I think the real problem though is that Solomon is ill-prepared and incompetent plus she lacks the social grace/common sense to perform as a chief of police. She’s not an example of a well-educated and well seasoned veteran who legitimately worked her way through the ranks, gaining respect a long the way. She seems to be the village joke in many respects.

A village joke that is having an impact on the quality of life for many on the Central Coast.

Further I think the matter of App’s survival depends largely on the honor/integrity of the members of the city council and the amount of public pressure applied to the council. Dismissing App will expose the rotten underbelly of one or more Paso councilpersons. These people will be reticent to move against App unless the public pressure is overwhelming and people like Steinbeck stand-up once and all for the people of Paso Robles.

Both Solomon and App need to go…

If the PR city council does not terminate App, there will be no real change, I don’t care what they promise.

If App survives, even “injured,” there will be no real change. App has allowed it to occur. He is a big part of the problem. He has okayed every one of Lisa Solomon’s fail policies. She would not be doing any of what she has done if App did not approve of it.

Don’t forget that cowboy of a police chief, Cassidy, is getting something like $126,000 a year retirement. i wonder what Soloman will be walking away with? Will she also get benefits from the Screen Actors Guild?

Not for her singing.

(UPDATE: Officer Jon Tatro filed a lawsuit Friday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.)


Good for Jon. He’s done a great thing for the Paso Robles community, which, at the very least, deserves a police chief who doesn’t force the city’s police officers break the law in the line of duty. Solomon has exposed the city to considerable risk. I think there are going to be many people who received a “failure-to-stop” citation in the past who are going to challenge them now.

Just found the following posted in the tribune by Morgan O’Malley:

“KFIAM 640, the John and Ken Show, out of LA, just discussed the Paso Robles/Lisa Solomon saga.

Did I mention they have more than 2 million listeners?”

02/03/2012 at 4:33 pm

Russ J


Well folks……. This story just went viral. KFI’s John and Ken show of Los Angeles just aired this story to their 2 million plus listeners. They quoted the Cal Coats news story. (KFI.com – the truth serum of talk radio.)

Oh Cindy…are you STILL reading the Trib? You must be one of their dwindling readers. :) Why waste your time? They’ve got too many trolls, no investigative reporting, & tons of annoying pop-up ads. We cancelled our subscription to that sad rag years ago.

Did you ever stop to think how much courage it took for those to step forward whether they have already filed or just spoke out… I find it hard to believe that anyone would put themselves in that very vulnerable position if they were just disgruntled? The demand for an investigation by them and the public they serve and the passion in that demand does not = Lynch Mob. Total silence by those accused of wrongdoing and /or failure to act is fueling the fire and is increasing the perception (or reality) that accusations of this are not going to be investigated by a truly disinterested third party agency. I know that if I was not guilty of what I was being accused of, I would be DEMANDING that investigation PUBLICLY and making SURE there was no conflict of interest so that it could never be said it was compromised. That statement would not be compromising any privacy policy. JMOHO.

I have to agree. If one considers that this investigation by CCN has been on going for over 2 years, it becomes apparent that the LE personnel who were confiding with CCN were apprehensive about the use of their names as were any witnesses that CCN would have required to substantiate some of the claims. If you notice, the two Officers who were molested in the hot tub are not quoted in the investigative article but rather two witnesses have been quoted as relating what they saw. No doubt CCN spoke with the two victims who would have corroborated the facts behind the assault but they obviously didn’t want CCN to give any indication that they had cooperated with the investigation. Yes, its clear that their has been a great deal of intimidation and apprehension brought upon the PRPD LE & staff through the exploitation tactics of the Chief. That is but only one of the reasons that she should have been placed on Administrative leave. The fact that the city has allowed her to remain in a position where she can continue to intimidate isn’t going to fair well with a jury.

Oh please, they have an entire good old boy network and a pack of radishes with them. They’re only vulnerable if they’re not telling the truth. Even though you guys never read this part of my posts I’ll make this disclaimer for the last time. I”m not saying that they are lying. Without facts I am not going convict anyone. I will wait until the facts come out before rushing to prosecute anyone involved in this. This poor cops might have mishandled by the blond chief or maybe they are simply disgruntled, none of us know for sure at this point. End of story I’m done with this.

You cant Convict anyone Typoqueen, neither can anyone else at this point. We are just talking here. Dont you get that? Knock knock, hello?

Err, I hate this topic it just goes on and on. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and I can’t get out, I want out of here.

I will try and make this the last post. You people can and and you have convicted Solomon in the public eye. If by any stretch of the imagination that she happens to (heaven forbid) be innocent of these salacious charges, her reputation is ruined and her family has already been damaged. Being convicted by a court of law at this point is simply a technicality.

The public was convinced of Charles Manson’s guilt before he ever got near a trial. They were wrong, as well?

BTW, her reputation was already ruined, and that had to do with her own actions.

Well said, MaryMalone.

A certain “know-it-all-yet-really-knows-nothing-about this matter” commenter on this thread obviously doesn’t live in Paso and has never attended a single council meeting. (I’ve closely followed this soap opera since 2000 and have personal experience w/both Lisa AND Jim!)

Yet this commenter continues to ride her high horse and lecture the rest of us about Chief Lisa…again and again…

As Mary said, Lisa’s reputation was tarnished loooong ago; this situation is just the cherry on top. Sad but true. I guess you need to be a local to REALLY see/know/experience what’s happened in Paso. I’m not gonna comment on some S.County story & lecture someone about what’s going on there since I would be ignorant of such matters. I would look foolish & immature to do that. I live in North County & have for a long time. I speak that which I know about.

So to reiterate AGAIN for those posters who claim to be done but will undoubtedly show up again to cast judgment on this thread, 99% of the frustration involved here is that Chief Lisa and Jim App are STILL on the job while the so-called “investigation” takes place. They should’ve been placed on admin leave weeks ago.

Most of us want real justice to take place. We want to know the truth. We want our elected and appointed city leaders to stop playing games.No one’s been convicted. No one’s been lynched. Heck–no one’s even lost a dollar of pay! Save the dramatic, judgmental lectures please.

I look forward to a public apology for us “judgmental, slanderous, hypocritical, lynch-mob, disgruntled” folks when the facts are revealed and someone doesn’t have a job any longer.

Dream on.

Very true…. And this situation will not be tried by the RADISHES but hopefully by an agency that is outside and above the department, the City and the County…eliminates the good ol’ boy factor. That way those accused of being “Disgruntled” as well as those accused of committing the acts or those accused of failure to act should and would feel more secure that the truth is being sought out and the innocent shall prevail. I don’t see how asking and if need be demanding that investigation makes one a radish or anything else besides a concerned Paso Roblain who is only hearing from the ones who are talking and appear (notice I said APPEAR) to be putting themselves and their careers in a precarious position. We want and need this investigated so the healing can begin for all… If there is nothing to hide then no need to worry about the power of the radishes … Just the round up ;o…. This a free board you have the choice to read or not read….and the great thing about any forum it’s your choice to participate :-)

Thanks for the info.

SlowT, she must know that by now because she has been advised of it several times, and, indeed, has responded to posts about it.

She’s just dishonest. She must continue to assert something, even though anyone with a high-school education knows that convictions occur in courts, because it is the only prop she has to continue trying to demonize citizens who have finally decided that change must occur in their local government before their community degrades any further.

How many times must you be told that this forum does not constitute a “prosecution”??? Prosecutions go on IN COURT.

“They’re only vulnerable if they’re not telling the truth.”

Ridiculous. Officer Tetro told the truth about an illegal policy of Solomon’s, and she wrongfully terminated him.

Is this a fact or is this hearsay?

Fact? Which kind?

…. adjudicative, denotative, evaluative, inferential, judicial, jurisdictional, legal, legislative, material, primary, probative, relative, or ultimate?

Where are you, are you sitting in court, or in your own home?

As for your other observations, aren’t many of them “hearsay” as well? Should they be deleted from this forum for that reason? Do they make you a member of a “lynch mob” because you adhere to them and defend them?

Would “silence” suit you better, even if you suspect malfeasance in public officials? Is keeping one’s mouth shut the ideal way of solving problems? Or, is the expression of concern for the public weal a good way to keep public officials in line?

Who is ultimately to blame for so much speculation in the air? The Chief is! Were she innocent, she would logically be expected to come out swinging with both fists to defend herself, as is her right. Since she has not, the public has been left with no choice but to speculate and opine on what the problems are.

Let the Chief straighten it all out, something she could do in no time if she wanted!

She needs to make a public statement to that effect. She should by all means lawyer up, but SHE CANNOT ETHICALLY REMAIN SILENT ON THIS because every additional hour of her silence that passes makes her look more guilty.

If she has a problem with that, she needs to huddle with her lawyer and get her strategy straight and have a press conference and SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

A public official cannot stonewall like this and expect to retain the faith of the citizens whom she serves. It’s just not possible. She has obligations to the taxpayers to keep them informed. Restricting what comes out of her mouth to the confines of a courtroom is not going to pass muster! She does not work in a courtroom (vacuum?)!

“Restricting what comes out of her mouth to the confines of a courtroom is not going to pass muster!”

Well, that about says it all. If this goes to court then that is what counts.

You are going on and on about wanting her to speak up. In any govt. and any corp job anyone would do the same thing that she’s doing. When there is an ongoing investigation they are always told by the higher ups and their attorneys that they must not speak about the case. That’s how the system works, that’s how it always is. Her attorney would no doubt tell her that she’d be crazy to make a public statement at this point.

No, that’s not the only thing that counts. There is also the court of public opinion for the Chief to reckon with.

Or, is she forever finished communicating with the public? That would work wonders for morale in Paso!

Well, guess what, it’s not the responsibility of the courts to run the city of Paso Robles!

Radishes are well rooted (as are most Paso Roblians) unlike bad apples…..

I’m sure that most Paso Roblians are good people.

I think we don’t know what we would do in that type of situation until we actually experience it.

Someone who is the primary breadwinner, in this economy, after seeing another officer wrongfully terminated because he spoke out against an ILLEGAL department policy instituted by Solomon….they may not have the luxury of speaking out.

As far as how much courage the officers who spoke out have….the phrase I like to use (heard it from David Crosby): “balls the size of oranges.”

Mary, have you never been sexually harassed in the work place? I don’t know too many women that haven’t. Why if so many people are backing them including most of the cops how is that courageous? I’m not degrading or trying to put them down, not at all, they might have good reason to file a complaint and if Solomon did what everyone says that she did then they certainly should do something about it. But seeing that there’s such a public outcry it doesn’t seem like they have any backlash to worry about, to the contrary they have become more like local heroes.

Most harassed employees, females included, do not end up being wrongfully terminated. They either quit their job or, as in this current economy, don’t have the luxury to do so, and so have to continue to take the harassment, no matter how bad it gets. It takes a toll and the intimidation of harassment against one employee impacts the rest of the employees.

I hope it went well tonight. I wound up in the ER gearing up for tonight. The thought of being in and around all the scum, literally had me on the verge of a heart attack. I was just at a routine Dr’s appt. when they had to call the paramedics. This is from collateral damage of Lisa (Sorryass) Soloman. It was NOT only her staff that suffered, there are many other victims too… trust me. Just think of the wives and kids of those officers! Does anyone for one moment think they were not absolutely stressed to the max too?? Trust me, they were!!

Police Officer’s Creed

As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard

lives and property, to protect the innocent against deception, the ‐weak against

oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect

the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality, and justice.

I‐will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all, maintain courageous calm in

the face of danger, scorn, or ridicule; develop self‐restraint; and be constantly mindful

of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official

life, I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my

department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in

my official capacity ‐will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the

performance of my duty.

I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or

friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless

prosecution of criminals, I‐will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without

fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never

accepting gratuities.

I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public

trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of the police service. I will constantly

strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself to my chosen

profession… law enforcement.

You are required to memorize this and recite it DAILY in the academy and it is recited at your

graduation by the class in front of every ones family, friends, departments and staff…. I can’t wrap my

head around the fact that it would cease to apply… Some may snicker but I still believe it should apply always..

Wow. That is awe inspiring, to say the least. I applaud all who choose to go into law enforcement, especially those who carry the ideals listed above with them no matter how much crap they have to put up with their superiors and members of the public who disrespect them when they try to do their job as the creed you posted above shows it should be done. I also have no respect for officers who apparently choose to piss all over the creed either; for those who abuse their position of authority and/or selectively enforce the law with their own prejudices influencing their perspective, you shame your profession by your lack of professionalism. I appreciated reading the above, thanks.


“You are required to memorize this and recite it DAILY in the academy and it is recited at your

graduation by the class in front of every ones family, friends, departments and staff”

Not snickering, its a good code of ethics, I am a little out of date: but have you ever attended a police academy graduation and witness any of them recite this oath at graduation? (I know they are given a written copy of it).

Or have you ever asked any academy cadet or seasoned LEO if they had to recite this oath or code of ethics DAILY during their training?

The answer is probably gonna be “NO”

The only oath ever I witnessed is the swearing in oath by city officials which takes only a few seconds.

(This long version should be the mandatory oath!)

yes at graduation… no knowledge of any other time… such a difficult time for all employees of the department…


That was not the case in the early 1970’s

I think it was called the code of ethics then, and a copy was only given to each officer as a handout in the later part of training.

I don’t know a single officer who took taking it seriously at that time.

There was no time in training or graduation to take up this important issue then when you realize the power given to them.

In all honesty, the problem with LE is more rooted internal than external.

Perhaps the city officials didn’t want you to swear to uphold something they didn’t want you to uphold?

It has to be hard for officers to be told to focus on writing stop-sign running tickets instead of fighting the kind of crime that besets cities like Paso Robles, or responding to citizens in injured or in danger adhering to some cockamamie brainfart of a protocol, dreamed up by a chief who is completely inept in her job.

If the city had forced you to recite and swear to that oath, I think it might be a little bit of extra fuel for an officer, should that officer evver find his/herself losing a LE jobs due to retaliation for refusing to do something illegal.

You are so correct. At the Alan Hancock Police academy, the Cadets were required to recite this daily and to commit it to memory.Not bure where Lisa went, but it was late 80’s I think and they were definetly doing it then.

That is exactly the Academy I was referring to. Most central coast officers graduated from Hancock and I do believe (I could be wrong) that Both officers speaking out graduated from there. If it “TURNUPS” that I’m wrong I apologize in advance….

Now that all these allegations are out–not just about Chief Lisa but also City Manager Jim App–I’m starting to wonder if that guy John Borst isn’t such a nut after all. He filed some lawsuit to protest Paso’s water rates & Jim App and the council continually tore him to shreds claiming he was wasting precious time and taxpayer dollars… Now I’m looking back over the last 10+ years and am questioning pretty much everything Jim App ever recommended.

Also–anyone read Gary Nemeth’s letter to the editor in the New Times today? He had some cajones to write that letter and sign his name to it. Good for him!

I can help you figure out water rate issues.