Taco Temple in Morro Bay raided for drugs

February 2, 2012


San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies raided Taco Temple in Morro Bay on Wednesday afternoon in connection with a drug operation, sources and witnesses said.

Deputies arrested Efrain Ramirez, 44, the restaurant’s kitchen manager, for transporting narcotics. He remains in San Luis Obispo County Jail on an immigration hold, deputies said.

In addition to raiding the restaurant, deputies also searched Ramirez’ Los Osos home where they discovered an unknown quantity of drugs, sources said.

Ramirez is suspected of selling cocaine out of the backdoor of the restaurant for more than a decade, sources said. Law enforcement personnel are continuing to investigate.

Efrain Ramirez

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INS can get all the ILLEGALS they want by attending Mass at Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Los Osos. Practically the entire Latino congregation are here ILLEGALLY…Go get ’em boys.

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess this isn’t the only restaurant around here that has staff dealing something. I’m pretty sure the owner’s have no idea either. Aside from the cops, they are the last people the dealer wants to know about their gig. What I want to know is why they think this has been going on for 10 years? Rumor or just a 10 year investigation? Also, how much was he dealing? Are we talking anyone who orders a #8 with anchovies or just to his friends? I’ve eaten there many times and have never been solicited for anything. I don’t think this is a big story either way. They got the guy off the streets and that’s all that matters. As long as he wasn’t putting in the food, it had nothing to do with the restaurant.

I would just like to let all you hateful people know we had a great, busy day today filled with love and support from our loyal customers! We even had many new people come in to try the food and were very happy with their experience… Looks like the saying “All publicity is good publicity ” holds true. Enjoy your miserable internet troll lives. Try going outside and living your own life instead of fixating on other people Kelli R. etc… We will prevail and continue to be successful regardless of the false accusations and petty rumor milling! Love, Kelly Davies Taco Temple Daytime Cook

Geez, I was going to give Taco Temple the benefit of the doubt.

But between the ten years of dealing blow that everyone was apparently blind to ( yeah right), to the snotty response above by their employee, I think I’ve eaten at Tweeker Temple for the last time.

… and Kelly… relax… you seem a little ..um, “jittery”.

Jittery? Because I am stating faith in my families business and innocence in these matters? It is “jittery” to be angry that people are rude? How is it snotty to be proud of my work and happy that people support us? It makes me sad and angry that one man can get us all named “tweekers” or “coke-heads” because we trusted him and he treated us and our place of business like dirt. I have a right to defend myself and fellow employees… but if you don’t like me or Taco Temple that is fine… There were plenty of snotty and downright rude comments on here yet you focus on me? They are allowed to bad mouth me but I cannot be happy and relieved?


I can understand some associating this isolated crime as a cummulative factor to the bigger immigration and drug problem and Ive no disagreement with them.

But It is clearly apparent and obvious to me that undercover agents (both LE and stoolies) knew you and employees had no knowledge, allowed it, aided or abet.

what is sick and bigot is some slut purist who has never been to your place of business, claiming he has and post that they will not return.

Additionally telling you to relax and mocking/ portraying you must be nervous only shows he is jerkling his own genital while posting!

Shine it, don’t give these swines more to trample on!

“Slut purist”?

Y’know Willie, like others have also stated, I go out of my way to avoid commenting on your posts., especially the ones that you post late at night after some “liquid (or other courage”. (Remember the sexually creepy posts that you had to beg CCN to remove?….. Twice?) So I’m going to write off your insults and treat them as everyone else does…. by ignoring them or giving them an automatic “thumbs down”.

Willie, Why couldn’t you just stop after the second paragraph? It almost appears as if you started out lucid but then pounded a couple of shots before you continued.


I know I am out of line.

But I think we ought to leave their kids out of this!

There is no nexus for them to deserve a pounding or puking on.


If you like I will be happy to take you out to lunch there

They are first class white folks, you will be amazed of what I call the best of international adapted gormet meals as extras they serve, real first quality good stuff and plenty! You can see their lily white parents and daughter work 3X harder than any hard laborer you have ever seen with pride! Leave their little girl alone (I figure her age between 18-21), she is the future and learning, what happen has happened, she is educated to both sides now.

They are first class people who made a mistke in my book.


“If you like I will be happy to take you out to lunch there”

Scratch that

The ladies in my house will not allow it unless they are there feasting with me.

Can you honestly tell us that no one knew that Mr. Ramirez was an illegal and convicted drug dealer that had been deported? Can you tell us that no one knew he was dealing drugs out of the kitchen? Did he have identification. Whose id and social security number was he using? Was he paying taxes or working “under the table”.

Judging by the response on slocorruptionhater’s post, I would say that this incident hasn’t harmed Taco Temples business in the least. People seem to love the food and have given the owners the benefit of the doubt where the drug dealing is concerned, as they should. There is no reason to suspect that the owners were aware of the night cook selling drugs out the back door. No doubt it was an excellent cover for him because the traffic would not be suspect, which is why he got away with it for so long. .I’m not surprised in the least to hear that locals are stopping by, grabbing a taco, saying hi and talking about the night cook with the staff. They will probably develop new customers as a result of this publicity because people who have never stopped in will do so out of curiosity and if the food is as delicious as people say it is, those people will be back. Delicious Mexican food can be addicting.

Kelly, shouldn’t Adam have known what was going on? He’s well connected with community including the so-called underground. From his days in Cayucos and today, he knows what is going on, on the streets.

You know as well as I do, that many of the restaurants and lodging facilities in Morro Bay hire illegals to avoid the cost associated with proper employment. What kind of background check was done on Mr. Rameriz? Probably none. Didn’t he previously work at another Mexican restaurant in Los Osos?

Personally, I love the food at the Temple, but I think the responsibility for any misdeeds lies squarely with the owner.

Efrain committed a crime and will have to answer to our justice system for it. In regards to Taco Temple… I love that place, and I will continue to have fish tacos there as long as whoever replaces Efrain cooks as well.


I was trying to find some words to say the same thing, thank you

I am not mexican, but I do love good mexican food and the people (not the gangs or druggys)

Why support drugs? The restaurant and employees had to be well aware of the dealings in the restaurant. I have not heard them claim to be stupid, have you?

Best fish tacos…..Ducky’s Cayucos. Little off subject

The Gimlet Eye says: 10 years dealing coke out of the place? And the owners didn’t know?

And the Morro Bay Police Dept. didn’t know?

Never heard a thing?

Or didn’t want to know?


so after we burn the taco temple to the ground for the actions of a single person, we should go after the owners of 84 lumber for employing rex krebs next?

Good point FTTTF. Many people who hold legitimate professions engage in veiled clandestine activity often to the chagrin of their unsuspecting Employers. Just look at our politicians and who hired them !

Rex Krebs was hired legally and with the knowledge he was an ex-con.

ABC should yank their liquor license and the city revoke their business license. 10 years dealing coke out of the place? And the owners didn’t know? What a crock of BS.

CCN, go to the courthouse records and look up the owner’s name, you’ll find he’s a real piece of work.

I would bet a Wall Street bonus that the owners are under suspicion too. Wouldn’t be surprised if they lose everything, and frankly, Adam deserves no less.

Who are you to say Adam deserves no less? The man in question was the night time kitchen manager… the owners come in the morning and set up for the day. From his work there was no reason for the owners to babysit this guy. People are very capable of deception… and to say that the whole business should suffer for one man’s devious use of a good job is ridiculous.

The owners need to make certain they only hire people that have green cards or proof of citizenship. I haven’t heard you say that the owners intend to do that. Are there other illegals working there.

Adam and Dawn are total decent peeps this article is about the COOK.