Columbia Journalism Review features CCN

February 2, 2012

A respected national professional journalism publication has recognized CalCoastNews for its impressive entry into the electronic investigative news business. [Columbia Journalism Review]

“The stories the site produces reverberate across the Central Coast,” wrote Chasen Marshall for Columbia Journalism Review’s “The News Frontier Database” section.

The article outlines CalCoastNews’ origins and its objective: “hard news and investigations.”

Specifically noted are articles reported by CalCoastNews on former land developer Kelly Gearhart and his financial antics.

The Review says CalCoastNews “recognizes the digital realm is the future of journalism,” and continues to produce “the kind of work that has kept CCN on the news media map.”

CalCoastNews co-founder Karen Velie said she was gratified by the recognition, but noted that “it’s the site’s tens of thousands of daily readers who have accepted us as their local news source, and who have made all of this possible.”

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I have gone on the record here posting how important and how much I have enjoyed Karen Velie and CCN as a whole . i have waited a while before posting this because they deserve the accolades . So here comes the downer for me . For all CCN represents in first amendment rights for themselves when it comes to post that differ from their agenda they are scrubbed clean out of the post . I do not mean vulgarity or profanity . I mean scrubbing opposing views of politicians they favor or opinion letters of friends . If it was not for Karen I would not even come to this sight anymore . I have never met her and could not recognize her from Eve . I just think she is a dam good journalist .

Thank you for the faint praise.

From the comment guidelines : CCN is not a free-for-all, nor is it a democracy. If you would like to comment without restraint in whatever form you wish, we respectfully suggest you start your own website or blog. also: We reserve the right to cheerfully delete comments for any reason. and: Want to complain to the management? please send an . e-mail, our list of staff is on the sidebar of most site pages.

‘about the agenda’ when a reader lands upon an article he has a reasonable expectation that the comments under the article are on the topic of the article rather than an analysis of CCN’s journalistic integrity. or a platform for axe grinding political ideologies any questions???? neak

If you have a question or wish to make a point with the moderator I cannot over emphasize the utility of Email

CCN provides great entertainment as well as news otherwise not reported in detail. I gave up on mainstream news and especially local newspapers. The underbelly of the beast is where much of the important news hides. Only strong and brave journalists dare to seek it out in the world we live in. The truth may be a caustic karmic ass kicker but but be shared with the population.

Thanks CCN

Your so right on about that, including the entertainment. Case point, I had friends to dinner the other night. Over the course of the many various topics that were discussed during dinner no one mentioned CCN or any of the Solomon saga, that is, until we decided to relax in the hot tub. “Who wants to see boobs” brought about momentary complete hysterics. I won’t mention the discourse that followed, but it was sheer laughs from there on out. I don’t mean to diminish the importance of the investigation or make fun of the serious allegations that have been lodged but in the right setting, it can be very entertaining at times.

Thanks CCN, I have a friend that might be well on his way to a career as a comedian, thanks to the material he garners from your site. Like he said, what makes comedy so funny is that its based on the truth and ain’t that the truth.

OMG, Check out Mary Malone’s post at the News Frontier. What was Maria Kelly thinking when she ran over there complaining that CCN wrote a story about her?

“Maria Kelly was featured in an article focusing on the many conflicts of interest surrounding her participation in the Los Osos Community Services District board, including using her power there to advance the career of her alleged lover, the head of San Luis Obispo County’s Public Works Department, Paavo Ogren.”

“I bring you… “Sex and the Los Osos Sewer”

#8 Posted by MaryMalone on Fri 3 Feb 2012 at 08:45 AM

Congratulations to CCN! A well-deserved accolade, no doubt.

CCN is my main & often only source of local news.

Congratulations to Karen and the whole CalCoastNews team.

Your committed and unswerving drive to uncover the truth, is rebuilding journalism in the electronic age.

The mention in the CJR about George Ramos was good.

The article says Karen is on 6 radio shows. I know of Congalton and Bill’s show. What are the others?

I know of Jeff & Jeremy, Adam Montiele [sic]. Andy Caldwell and humm what is the 6th??????

I have to wonder if the reply to Maria Kelly over at the link related to this story is somebody “playing the Adam Hill game”. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find people playing innocent games with Hills name the way he play’s games with other peoples names. Considering that two of the County BOS said its OK to play jokes like Adam plays and its no big deal, then I guess its OK and no big deal !

Of course it actually could be Adam Hill, he is highly unpredictable and prone to doing just about anything and when you least expect it. So, It is possible that he dislikes Maria for something more than he dislikes CCN. I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance of being authentic vs imposter.

Cindy —

Don’t be ridiculous. You know the Hill-penned comment is really Ed Waage.

I wouldn’t be able to begin to list all of the stories that first broke on CCN … but it’s hard to remember any the were featured on any other local news service!

CCN has done what needed to be done, stood their ground, and faced down local injustice.

I am proud to know them. Congratulations Karen and all!


Congratulations, CCN. Perhaps now the other pseudo-news outlets here will finally stop bashing you guys every time you scoop them on a story.