School aide admits to sex with student

February 14, 2012

Sarah Drown

The after school programs aide at the Lillian Larsen School in San Miguel admitted to deputies she had sex with a 14-year-old boy she met on campus. [Tribune]

In late January, a teacher at the school spotted Sarah Drown, 20, walking home with the student and later the boy had hickeys on his neck. She took her concerns to the district superintendent.

During an interview with San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies, the boy first said he had received the hickeys from a girlfriend but later admitted Drown had given him the hickeys. The eighth grader also told police he had had sex with the school aide several times beginning in October.

In an interview with police, Drown allegedly admitted to giving the boy a hickey and having sex with him once during Christmas break. She said she had been depressed.

Deputies arrested Drown on Jan. 27 on suspicion of sex with a minor. She plead not guilty in February to four counts of statutory rape. A preliminary hearing has been set for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 29.

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Male perp=20 years

Female perp=90 days of “treatment”

Somehow I don’t think the victim would suffer the same if it were a boy opposed to a girl, just a hunch here, but sexual equivalency is just a myth IMHO.

Please explain why you feel a girl would suffer differently than a boy.