Chief Solomon ‘taking some leave’

March 12, 2012

Lisa Solomon

Embattled Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon “is taking some leave,” City Manager Jim App confirmed Monday.

Solomon’s on-duty sexual behavior, political activities, and improper department policies initiated since her 2007 appointment have been detailed by current and former officers, resulting in widespread news coverage.

Sources told CalCoastNews that Solomon was not in the office Monday morning; did not provide subordinates with a forwarding contact number; and did not have her city-issued vehicle. Those sources also said she would be gone for at least 10 days. That would place her off-duty beyond the next city council meeting slated for March 20.

App, asked if Solomon’s absence could be described as administrative leave, replied in an email, “It is not described as anything. She is taking leave. She left Robert Burton in charge.”

Spirit Filled

Better check how many fellow officers will be off at the same time. Birds of a feather………………

Mr. Holly

OK here we go. Even money will be that she has seen a shrink and due to stress will be “off duty”, at full pay, for an undisclosed time. That of course will let the heat simmer down on App and the City Council while we all wait for Solomon”s “recovery.” Of course she will not recover but some ambulance chasing attorney will hire a bunch of quakes to say that she has suffered so much stress from the job that she is unable to return to duty. All of which is due to being job related.

App and the City Council will jump for joy as that will be the end of the Soloman saga, nothing else will be heard regarding the truth about what has gone on in PR., Solomon will get full retirement and benefits and everyone will be happy. Alibi from App and the City Council is that is cheaper to settle than to fight. But in this case they don’t have to disclose either since it will be claimed as a personnel item.

The only loser here is the tax payer who will once again take it in the shorts.


I would say that that likely wouldn’t happen but it seems to be happening more and more in this county. It’s truly a shame.


I agree with your scenario. I also think that, for whatever reason, Solomon won’t be around until the next election is over.

Whether she is on administrative leave or not might be deduced by what is usual and customary for her. In the past, when she took personal time off (vacation, whatever), did she continue to use her city vehicle?


I’m sure she left a forwarding phone number in the past. The fact it is mentioned that she did not leave one would indicate that she is not currently in charge. I bet this is a first for her as I can’t imagine Solomon not making certain that she could be contacted about anything important regardless of whether she was on a vacation.

As for the city council, its too late for them, they have been exposed for the wusses that they are and they are “outta here” comes next election. I’ll only vote for candidates that plan on replacing APP.




WHO’S IN?!?!?!


Have fun without me!

Solomon’s abuse of her officers in hot-tubs has considerably decreased my interest in hot-tubs.




Not me! If I ever wanted to see them all I have to do is look down… ; )


Oh yeah… Do we think the Trib will mention this, or sweep it under the rug like they seem to do with the other REAL news here on the central coast?


I’m voting for “sweep.”




App translation – the Paso taxpayers are still paying her salary


And will pay for her golden parachute


Nah nah nah nah, heeey good-bye.


Tick tock, tick tock .

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