Clean up Paso Robles

March 23, 2012


Dear Residents of Paso Robles, My name is Sally Reynolds and I want to help to clean up the city of Paso Robles.

I am tired of our town being made a laughing stock to other cities in the county. Paso Robles needs change. We need to unite the residents and form an alliance to impact the upcoming

November elections. In numbers there is strength. We as residents vote and we have been very complacent in our involvement in city elections.

In light of all the wrong doings, lies, alleged and pending lawsuits, as well as investigations that have been publicized by the media, the time has come where we all need to stop complaining to each other and do something about it.

I am in the very early stages of forming “We The Residents.” If you are tired or mad at what is happening to our city, you need to join me. You can email me at:

I know it is early, we have to wait to see who is running for the three seats in city council in the November elections, however, we need to get organized now. The goal of this group will be to decide on the candidates that will help fix the City Paso Robles, then vote for them in November.

We live in a great city. We are a tourist attraction and a vacation destination. We have a Main Street Organization that is second to none. When Main Street has an event, the entire city shows up. It is a wonderful and beautiful place to live with all the wineries, vineyards and hotels, not to mention all the hard working people that reside here.

I have never been more passionate about an issue like this. I want more than anything to have a city government that serves the residents of Paso Robles well and runs even better with nothing to hide. I want change.

If you are happy with the way things are running, do not e-mail me. If you want change, this is the best bet you have to make change.

If you would prefer to call me, my number is 805-237-8524. I have nothing to hide and I am not doing anything illegal. I just want the residents  of Paso Robles to stand up and make a difference.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear Sally,

Good for you, effecting change isn’t as difficult as many might think. I don’t live in Paso Robles but I was a key player here in my home town of Atascadero when I along with 4 other woman organized a group and managed to change the quorum status on our own city council. The officials thought they had the elections in the bag and were floored when our Candidates prevailed in the elections. You will have an easier time up there than we had down here as our issues didn’t rise to the level that Paso Robles is facing. In my opinion, your success is guaranteed especially if you do the work. I’ll contact you and fill you in on the strategy’s we used to get our message out to the voting public and garner their full attention where choosing the right Candidates was essential. They picked the right ones!!!!

Thanks Cindy. We are not going away. We are here to stay and would love to hear from you. We do have a ton of support from the community. People are just plain and simple angry and mad..

We have 30,000 people in Paso Robles. Hmmm, did we each just pay $833.33 for that quarter million dollar settlement to our police chief?


As much as you would like to make the point of the taxpayers paying $833.33 each, it’s actually $8.33 instead.

BUT, it’s the principle of the matter! Go get em magnolia!

Mathematics aside, wouldn’t it be nice if upon every settlement a governing body grants must be collected from each and every resident? Boy, I bet people would pay better attention then!


Good call Garth! That would open up the eyes of the citizenship in Paso! The way the local goverenment has been acting of late, and more than likly in the future, that would be a lot of full time jobs for the collectors.

Hmmm … these are the Atascadero folks that will front the taxpayer money for the Del Rio interchange.

Of course Atascadero didn’t pay as much as Paso Robles did fo their exiting police chief.

“front the taxpayer money for the Del Rio interchange.”

Front it? That’s what the city staff is attempting to sell the taxpayers but I’ll bet $$ to donuts that we never recover the cost, as if future developers will pay their share! Ha, they will tell us to go stick it. Our staff are a bunch of blunderers and its always about telling us one thing and then coming up with another excuse as time passes. Personally, If the truth be known, I’ve always been neutral on Wal-Mart. I don’t think its going to be any good for Atascadero but that’s just my opinion and since the majority of voters think it’s going to be a good thing, then so be it, “Hello Wally World”.

My biggest concern has always been about transparency and staff oversight. I think A-Town is doing much better in that department. Although we have never been any where close to dealing with the kind of “foolish,blundering, bozos” that are running Paso Robles in my opinion. Talk about back room deals, cover ups and a real freak show, to make it all the worse, they are obvious sycophants when it comes to their excuses, WOW, just WOW…..

Wally World right here in A-Town:

I guess we can thank our lucky stars that Paso Robles gang bangers have their own Wal-Mart.

Of course, there is always the free RV overnight parking. Looks like SLO City will be off the hook, soon enough but at least we won’t be overrun with gang bangers. I’ll take pan handlers above gangs any day of the week, that is, to the extent that I have no choice but to be over run by one or the other.

BTW, You must be a man, that sort of booty shakin isn’t cute in fact its vulgar. I have to wonder what those girls are thinking ?


Oh Cindy, get our panties out of a bunch for Christ sakes! The booty shakin is vulgar? It’s as vulgar as the “twist” was in your era, and I am sure that you thought this dance was “cute” as well, did you not?

Remember when Rock-n-Roll came out, it was ungodly to many, and the work of Satan? These girls may be harlots of Babylon in other areas, that I would save by the word of Jesus Christ by taking a missionary position, but for now, they’re experiencing their era. Let them live it as you did yours!

Of course, from my perspective, it was GREAT DANCING!

“Remember when Rock-n-Roll came out”?

No, I don’t remember when it came out. I was born into rock -n- roll and everybody loved it. You must be really really OLDDDDDDDDDDDD. ;)

Cindy Sue,

Cindy, Cindy, no, my knowledge realtive to early Rock-n-Roll is watching documentaries about it’s history and beginnings! Nice try thougth, but no cigar!

If the truth were actually known, albeit that you were in those documentaries that I watched! :)

Brother Ted, I thought that ‘dancing’ was a venal sin back in your …uh…pulpit !

I have to admit to being on the same stage with Chubby Checker back in the day, doing the TWIST …and my dancing partner was the very attractive Peggy Lipton from “The Mod Squad”.

Dear Sally, Kudos! to you on your blog.

Dear Karen Velie & Dan Blackburn,

Kudos! to you both for your investigative inquiry into this latest fiasco

involving our Paso Robles Police Chief and our local sniffy city officials. I would

hope someone could contact the State AG’s Office in Sacramento to further investigate

this matter. Also, inquire with our County DA’s Office and Grand Jury to see if they

would look into this matter too. I believe the State AG’s Office investigated the

City of Bell’s fiasco.


Change is coming to Paso. It is with people like Sally, that makes the impossible become possible. All it takes is action. PLEASE do what you can to help.

Look at your water bills people. My husband and I have been charting our water usage since 2006.

Yes, the $18.00 charge for the lake pipe has been reduced, but our unit AVG for winter months is higher than we have ever used. A few units added for each household to the average gives Paso Robles the money they need. Check it out for yourself.

they are scamming people with the fees to hang the door cut off notice on your door, and then add a penality of $80 plus dollars and interest and then hound you like some boiler room collection company. Look at the big nice offices they have and how they cover up the hot springs and the city council just pushes rate hikes on people before they know it happened…

Dear Sally,

Yes, your town is a bit of a mess right now, but take heart that down here in San Luis Obispo, we are not doing much better. We had a guy on our city council for years who actually lived in Arroyo Grande. Our mayor lied about being a VP of a political action group. Our city council passes trash can laws that almost all of them willingly break. Your police chief may fondle people, but our officers smuggle drugs, beat people up, cheat on tests, and get DUIs. We claim we are broke but recently spent $300,000 to “beautify” a couple city blocks, and another $90,000 for new parking signs because we didn’t want to charge churchgoers to park on Sunday mornings. And we gave away one of our city parking lots to a fat cat developer for a third of its assessed value, and then loaned him several million dollars of our bond money for good measure.

Still, it is good that citizens like you are taking an interest in cleaning things up. I wish us all success in making this county a better place to live!


“…and another $90,000 for new parking signs because we didn’t want to charge churchgoers to park on Sunday mornings.”

Even though it is reported that it cost more than the 90k for those signs in question, I just hope that Paso Robles doesn’t do the same thing for their churchgoers because it might be a problem of separation of church and state? As if Paso Robles doesn’t have enough problems.

Those damn Atheists are always trying to nail us religious folk to the proverbial cross with their ungodly notions! So what if the residents of SLO had to pay out this 90k+ of taxpayer money for those church referenced parking signs that had to be especially made for the many divisional churches of the Christian faith?

I just hope that those hell bound Atheists don’t bring up the topic of our divisions of Christianity churches, aka, denominations, are getting a tax free status as well. Or, that we should pass the plate twice on Sunday mornings to repay the city coffers for these special church only signs downtown. Or, for the possible litigation that may be forthcoming because of them. This can turn out to be a real slippery slope!

In true Christian fashion, I will pray tonight so this situation will just fade away.