Rush not rushing from SLO County

March 9, 2012

Radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh may be belly deep in problems and facing nationwide criticism for his comments about women, but he is still the man in San Luis Obispo County.

Executives from both county radio stations carrying Limbaugh’s program said Thursday they have no intention of cancelling the controversial talker, as several other radio stations and a growing list of advertisers have done.

Limbaugh’s descriptions of a Georgetown University law student as a “slut” and “prostitute” after she testified before a Congressional committee regarding women’s health issues raised a national furor.

Ronald Roy, regional vice president of El Dorado Broadcasters, said Limbaugh will continue on KVEC.

“There are no immediate plans to cancel the Rush Limbaugh program at this time. We have had some e-mails and phone calls but not a lot,” wrote Roy in an email.

And Kevin Will, chief operating officer at Paso Robles’ KPRL, after ducking a reporter’s phone calls Thursday, responded with a terse email Friday which said, “Don’t know anything.”

Clear Channel, which syndicates Limbaugh’s program, has not commented on the controversy.


Bob and Tom Show from 6AM to 10AM. 107.3FM. Solves that problem. Oh, and Clark Howard on 1340AM from 2PM to 5Pm!


Simple alternative. If you listen to radio at that time of day, listen to Thom Hartman on 1340. He is entertaining and knows his stuff on just about any subject. Stephanie Miller, on before 9:00, is crude but a crack-up. Did you see the (lack of) education of all these right wing radio millionaires? Just a gift of gab and realizing which side will enrich them for amplifying their message in the echo chamber.

Mr. Holly

I think everyone is really missing the point here. Yes Rush may have gone a little too far with his verbage. But guys, it appears that there is an abundance of sex deprived women at Georgetown and most likely thru out the country. It’s time that men stand up for their rights and demand an equal amount of Viagra to keep these women happy. I would hate to see them take the next step and declare mental depression for the lack of nooky.

Like Rodney King said “Why can’t we all be happy.? It’s time for everyone to get it on and of course Obama the party animal will pick up the tab.


Gone “a little too far”? Are you serious? This is a man who lied to the entire nation, using his power to call a woman he has never met a “slut” and a “prostitute”.

Just imagine if tomorrow Rush says the same things about YOUR daughter, or wife, or mother. Would you actually have the nerve to say “he went a little too far.”?

Rush, in his own way, basically tried to destroy a woman with his words. It was a violent, murderous sentiment that fueled his outrageous, destructive lies. Rush Limbaugh is a very, very sick person, likely a true psychopath. And of course, in our modern world, that makes him a superstar. Sick, Sick, Sick!


The problem with Rush is not his controversies.

The problem is with the radio industry executives and station owners who don’t want to spend the money developing other programs. Rush is outdated and over done. It’s time for a personality change!


Bob: I’d certainly welcome greater diversity in broadcasting – particularly if it involved some intelligence, facts and geez- maybe “humor”? The whole discourse has become coarsened in the last couple of decades.

Have to leave now. Back later to see who thinks what. ;-)


Both of your observations are correct. It IS lazy attitudes and thinking within the AM broadcast industry. Rush and his team utilize this lack of innovation and APPEAL to simple, limited thinking in this narrow and antiquated market.

Look how the supposed number of his listeners ( as stated BY the rush people ) has not changed in over 20 years ! It’s all phony !

Once CD’d first came out, and then soon the Ipod. ( portability of personal music )..AM radio was doomed to be the sideshow at the carnival. Geeks, bearded ladies, and crazy fat men.

Now, Wiseguy has the plan. Tell these local advertisers that you will stop patronizing any business that continues to advertise on any station that carries the Big Fat Idiot.


I think in this instance Rush crossed over the line in his verbage, to say the least. His apology on air last Monday was really weak.

Now that said I do also want to comment on one thing I find interesting. I don’t have a problem with people getting birth control paid for who don’t have the financial means but you have to laugh at the irony of the woman in question. My understanding of what I have heard is that her education is $44,000 a year?? Now she wants people (some who probably don’t even make $44,000 a year) to pay taxes so she can get?? You’ve got to be kidding me!! You have the 99 percenters going after the 1 percent. Now which catagory would people put this woman in? 99 or 1?


BTDT: All she was actually asking for was that the insurance companies provide FULL coverage for women’s health – which includes methods of contraception – such contraception medications that also prevent tumors, help control fibroids, etc. Much

simpler – Rush’s lies really complicated the matter -which was fine with Issa and his all male panel. And the reason for that is that men don’t like women having control of their own bodies. It’s an age old thing.

Spirit Filled

I know I am a relic in this time but I think men should step up to the plate and take care of their families. Wives being women taking care of their kids and husband like the old days. Where’s the spiritual leadership in the home?

Men have stopped being leaders period. Arguing and fighting in front of the kids is not being spiritual leaders in their home. Just thinking of oneself, or making all the decisions on your own like a bully is not being a fair or just man. Listen to your wife, ask for her opinion, think about what she has said weigh the pro’s and con’s then make a grown-up decision taking full responcibility for it. Hey, the buck stops here. Admit when you make a mistake first and don’t wait around for your wife to step to the plate first. You will lose in that waiting game. Why should she bite the bullet for you?

It is very difficult to live without all the goodies that money brings. Most times woman can stay home and take care of their families. This is the best thing for our society. Stop trying so hard to be like the rich people of the world. I have an 87 Nisson paid for. Also a 96 Ford Ranger. Both paid for and in excellent condition. My last truck had 688 thousand miles on it and it ran like a top. I would still be driving it if some idiot hadn’t run into it and crushed it. (A man I might add) talking on a cell phone. I could go out and buy a new truck but why would I?

My wife and I gave weekends for troubled marriage for 27 years, over two hundred and fifty weekends. Men I talked to never knew why their women wanted to split up. I would ask them if their wives told them over the years that they weren’t happy and they would always tell me yes but they didn’t think they meant it. Wake up guys, you will never find another women that loves you like she has. In other words, put up with your crap.

We as married men have a huge responcibility toward our families. Being the spiritual leaders in the home means we treat our wives like Jesus treats the church, His people. With respect, kindness, love, patience and a lot of caring. We need to be good examples for our families, treat your wives in this way and they will follow you any where. Took me many years to learn this.

Nothing can compare with the love of a woman. I have been married to an angel for 48 years and I think she taught me this concept. There’s been a lot of peaks and valley’s in our marriage.

The peak’s come when I act like a man is supposed to act, like putting my families needs before my own.

When I quit drinking 28 years ago my llife started. She stuck it out with me for 20 years before I quit. After that I found out that buying her gifts to get her out of being unhappy didn’t work. Living on the hill with the big house with a beautiful view brought short lived happiness Like taking a drug, feeling great for a short time then having it wear out, and suddenly feeling unhappy again very quickly, the high from the new cars and gifts and big house stopped quickly also, and we were back in the hole again. She had over the years told me the gifts and etc. wasn’t what she wanted from me. She wanted me to be the spiritual leader. I thought what the hell is she talking about? Then after talking to others realized I needed to treat her like Jesus treats all of us. He died for us. So I began dieing for her.

It’s painful putting others first at times. But the rewards are fabulous and ever lasting. As I started doing this my whole family looked at me differently. Especially my wife. I could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars if I had had my eyes open from the start of our marriage.

Oh well, at least I learned. If you are planning on splitting up or can’t communicate with each other go on a Retrouvaille weekend. They are all over the world just about every weekend. The people that give them do not get paid. If you can’t afford the weekend it’s okay we will make it free for you. People donate money for the weekend. There is no demand for a certain amount. You give what you can give.

God Bless

I am also a conservative but when conservatives act like Rush does toward women I can plainly see he has not reached manhood yet. What woman wants to be married to a little boy? Even if they are super intelligent, rich and live on the hill. Hope he finds out how valueable the love of a woman is before he gets much older.

Women should be listened to and men should take their council. They are very wise and extremely intelligent.. My wife has certainly pulled me out of some bull shit situation. Thank God I listened to her.


You may consider yourself to be “a relic”, SpiritFilled, but you’re a wise & truthful one. Thanks for sharing.


BTDT: Add to my last note: Insurance companies provide Viagra as well as heart meds, etc. It’s only equitable that they provide a full range of medications to women also. Hope that makes things simpler & easier to understand why Ms. Fluke testified.


I understand the testimony and testifiing and the vigra et al. My point was the fact that everybody is going around bashing rich people and here you have a well to do woman (must be to afford a 44k tuition) and nobody has a problem with that. AGAIN as I stated in my original post I have NO problem with suppling to those in need.

P.s. and before anyone comes back with the fact of loans etc for the education (which I know that is a possibility) she will still have to pay that, so again she is spending the money.


“My point was the fact that everybody is going around bashing rich people and here you have a well to do woman (must be to afford a 44k tuition) and nobody has a problem with that. ”

Okay. Ya lost me with this. Using an inflamatory generalization such as that is a perfect example of Rush-speak. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

Many people are speaking about “the rich”. The ones who own something like 42% of the wealth of the country, pay less (proportionately) in taxes than 99%,etc. The gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ is higher now than it was in the Robber Baron days. That ought to be perfectly clear to any average person with no political “connections” in SLO who’s looking for a job that pays more than 8-12 bucks an hour and includes health benefits.

They are not talking about the “rich” retiree with a decent pension, paid for home and health insurance. None of which was given to anyone by a Republican or a rushbot. Strikes me as hilarious everytime I hear a remark such as yours coming from someone who isn’t on Forbes List and will never be.

It’s also exactly the kind of knee-jerk thinking that makes people go out and vote against their own self-interest election after election.


Your Forbes list remark and Rush remark, is hilarious. I love people on here that can’t or won’t debate without demeaning someone with a smartalk comment. You show your intelligence.

One last time and I guess I wasn’t clear last time. Again I have NO PROBLEM with the insurance on this. I find IRONY to use someone of her caliber instead of an AVERAGE JOE. If you are speaking to the masses isn’t it better to have someone who can appreciate your situation? Is that clearer?


Yes. It’s clear. Apparently you have a copy of the young lady’s financial statements. Hence, you KNOW she’s RICH. Okay. Got it.


Another thing, BTDT – My daughter’s been paying off her school debt for about 15 years and has, I think 5 more to go which is good because in 5 years she’ll be retirement age. So it doesn’t matter how over-priced a decent education may be – the ‘student’ is expected/mandated to repay the loans involved. That’s generally the scenario on college educations. Loans are not made on what you’re worth -they’re made more on what you hope to be worth once you learn how to do or be something someone else will pay you for.


Thank you. I understand how student loans work.


Ms. Fluke did not “testify”. I was a setup scenario put on by none other than that intellectual titan Nancy Pelosi. She was not testifying, it was not a congressional panel. She is not a struggling law student, she’s a political activist attending law school. Do your research.


I like it. Thanks Max.


I believe she is wanting the insurance company to pay ALL of the cost of her contraceptives leaving her without having to pay a copay for them. It’s not just a matter of ALL options of birth control but 100% out of pocket cost.

I don’t expect my insurance company to pay 100% for any of my meds. I don’t like paying the copay but why should others have to pay for my medical needs?

Seems like getting others to pay for their needs is trendy these days.


danika, I don’t consider contraception a “medical need.” Insulin? Yes. Blood pressure pills? Yes. But birth control pills? Nope.

A diabetic truly needs insulin to survive. But a woman who, by her own admission, is sexually active w/multiple partners could just keep her pants on and *presto* the medical “need” is gone.


Actually, pasoparent, that all depends on exactly what kind of pants a person is wearing.

Oh, and you are also wrong about the uses of birth control pills. According to widely accepted medical practice, in many situations, even women who are not having any form of sexual intercourse, can medically benefit from taking birth control pills. In other words, there are women who take birth control pills for medical reasons other than contraception.

Do you understand this?

Also, your posting is based on false logic. Taking birth control pills in no way requires or indicates the pill taker is “sexually active w/multiple partners” as you suggest. In other words, your argument is beyond weak. And it’s mean-spirited to boot.


I agree with BTDT. SLOers will continue to listen to Rush. His listeners depend on him to tell them what to think and what to fear. Sadly, the fact that their hero has repeatedly insulted their wives, daughters and mothers seems to have escaped them.


This is one statement I can make with pride: I have never, will never, listen to Rush. From what I understand he is a hatemonger and I don’t need to embrace any more negativity in my life.


Here is the strategy:

All those who don’t appreciate Rush Limbaugh’s community-dividing, hate-mongering, and bullying influence on our community should take notice of all local businesses that advertise on KVEC during any time of day. Then, through phone, e-mail, tweets, Facebook, personal contact or any other way possible, politely ask that the business owner consider stop advertising on KVEC until the Rush LImbaugh program is removed, or, short of that, have the business owner or manager formally request that KVEC discontinue infecting our community with the Rush Limbaugh program.

Keep it casual, be polite, enjoy any discussion that such a strategy and action will inspire. Have fun.


Cool..boycotting…That’s a damn fine idea, but Im gonna switch it around a bit. Dear KVEC, please list EVERY advertiser that has removed their advertising from your station so those who believe in free speech and aren’t butt hurt at stick and stones, can NEVER again patronize those local and out of town businesses..

Thank You.

Free in America


WOW!!!! AMEN to that!!!


Nice try, but it would never work that way. Besides, every business owner that in any way supports the airing of Rush Limbaugh knows, deep in his or her heart and soul, that they are harming our community, even if it means they profit from it. Supporting the airing of Rush Limbaugh is one way of saying “Up Yours!” to a community.

Rush’s fans enjoy the idea of really “sticking it” to people. They enjoy seeing people bullied and irritated and insulted. Rush truly does speak for them, in ways they are too gutless to do themselves.


Doggin, are recommending a BOYCOTT of all former KVEC advertisers?

Just for the record, I am not recommending an official, organized boycott of any kind. I simply suggest people in our community tell business owners what they think about businesses that support the bullying, hate-mongering, violence-promoting radio shows that Rush Limbaugh infects our community with.

Bullying stops when bystanders speak up.


I wouldn’t advertise with Rush. He doesn’t represent my moral values. Yes, shockingly, even I have some! ; )


Just curious, danika: how do you know if you “have never/will never” listened to him?


Rush deserves whatever comes his way, just as Maher and Ed Schultz did. What’s with this type of media figure that makes them practice misogyny? They get away with it in the long run. Sad.


I guess we will get to choose because I understand KYNS 1340am is bringing back Ed Schultz to morning radio, 9am to 12pm. So people can listen to either hater, Rush or Ed, or simply turn off their radio if they choose neither


I think it’s funny listening to people on Dave Conglaton’s show last week saying they aren’t going to listen to Rush anymore. The one’s that aren’t going to listen, most likely weren’t listening in the first place. The one’s that are will probably continue to do so. So I don’t see where anything will change one way or the other.

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