Commission opposes Huasna Valley oil drilling

March 9, 2012

The San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission voted 4-1 against plans to drill as many as 12 oil wells in Huasna Valley noting issues with noise and the danger of fire. [Tribune]

Proponents of the project contend the commissions rejection of the project was based on a staff report that contradicts an Environmental Impact Report done through the county. It is likely the rebuff will be appealed to the Board of Supervisors.

Opponents of the project argue the project is not a compatible use for the pristine valley.

Geologists with Excelaron estimate there are 100 million barrels of oil located under the Huasna Valley with about 6 million barrels recoverable through hot water injection methods.

The two commissioners who most adamantly objected to the project were Carlyn Christianson, who represents Supervisor Adam Hill and Commissioner Ken Topping, who represents Supervisor Bruce Gibson. Christianson argued that the Huasna Valley is not a suitable place for drilling and Topping said his objection was because of fire danger.

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@ CALCOASTNEWS….when you write about this project will you please include that Excelaron is owned by 2 foreign oil companies United Hunter Oil and Gas of Canada and The Australian Oil Company..Excelaron is a California “LLC” that has no money and is a shell company for the foreign companies..and the companies that own it as of 3/10/12 had a stock price of $0.06/share..(the stock has been as low as 3 cents/share) This fact might help your readers become more aware of just some of the reasons the residents do not want this in their community..If you call Excelaron’s number..they might say “excelaron” but in reality it is a contract company that is paid by them to answer the phone..These companies have NO MONEY and will not be able to afford the cost of a major cleanup!!! They will pack their bags and the residents fo this county will have to cover it.. Please include the above info..the profit made from this project will not even stay in this COUNTRY!!!

So what you’re saying is that the stock price of the companies involved has recently doubled?

Racket stop trying to be a smart a$$…it has doubled …yes…but the highest it has every been is like $0.22 a share…oh by the was FIVE CENTS TODAY!!! sounds like a great company!!

WOW!!! they sound as flakey as Solyndra.. you know..the one Obama gave $528 million of our tax dollars to before they ran off with our dollars.

What this article does not explain is the surprising single vote supporting new oil drilling by Jim Patterson’s representative on the county planning commission. Adam Hill, who represents three beach communities and part of the city of San Luis Obispo, could be expected to send an appointee to the planning commission who would oppose new oil drilling almost anywhere during an election year.

But Jim Patterson is campaigning for reelection to a third term against Debbie Arnold (who fell 300 votes short of beating him 4 years ago). Patterson’s recent gerrymandering of his own Supervisorial District drew part of the city of San Luis Obispo into “his” 5th Supervisorial District. Many voters in the city of San Luis Obispo will be outraged that Patterson has appointed someone to the county planning commission who supports new oil drilling in Huansa. Why would San Luis Obispo city voters want to return Patterson for a 3rd term so he can support new oil drilling in green pastoral parts of the County?

What a couple of narrow minded short sighted losers…. or is it the love of foreign oil that drives them?

No. Probably more like protecting our own resources from the avarice and greed of the likes of BP.

So Roger..are you calling the residents or the planning commision narrow and short minded if you are I call you misinformed and IGNORANT!! The company that is attempting to drill is a “california” company..that is an LLC that is owned by two Foreign oil companies!!! educate yourself my friend…United Hunter Oil and Gas of CANADA (they own 65%) and The Australian Oil Company…if you check the stock prices of these two businesses today it was at 6 cents a share…wow..United Hunter in their finanical statements say they have 400k cash total..and they burn 500k a quarter..I this a company that you would trust you community too? they hope to pump AT BEST 1,000 barrels of thick crude per day..the US uses I believe about 19 million barrels per day..then they are going to truck it through a private ranch to HWY 166..the road that they are planning on using was underwater 100+ days last year..they said if the road is flooded they will stop production..(what happens to the jobs they are creating when they stop production? they END)…during this project they plan to use propane full production they estimate they will be using 1900-2200 gallons of propane EACH day!! for 20 that will be about 16+ million gallons of propane used..also this valley has only one way in and out..if there is a fire because of this project it could trap everyone in the valley..also..Huasna is east of Suey Creek area and Upper Los Berros areas and they will go up in a fire as well..all of these areas are hard for fire trucks to access and have tons of “fuel” for fire..This project is bad for this community and bad for the will not make your gas prices cheaper and it will not reduce the cost of ANY item for anyone..the profit made on this project will be going to the Canadian and Australian companies!!!! not to the US


I like bacon, but I don’t want to live next to a hog farm.

It think it’s that sentiment that drives them, more than a love for foreign oil. Is it NIMBYism? Yes, probably. Is it a valid concern? Yes, probably, in my mind.