Rush not rushing from SLO County

March 9, 2012

Radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh may be belly deep in problems and facing nationwide criticism for his comments about women, but he is still the man in San Luis Obispo County.

Executives from both county radio stations carrying Limbaugh’s program said Thursday they have no intention of cancelling the controversial talker, as several other radio stations and a growing list of advertisers have done.

Limbaugh’s descriptions of a Georgetown University law student as a “slut” and “prostitute” after she testified before a Congressional committee regarding women’s health issues raised a national furor.

Ronald Roy, regional vice president of El Dorado Broadcasters, said Limbaugh will continue on KVEC.

“There are no immediate plans to cancel the Rush Limbaugh program at this time. We have had some e-mails and phone calls but not a lot,” wrote Roy in an email.

And Kevin Will, chief operating officer at Paso Robles’ KPRL, after ducking a reporter’s phone calls Thursday, responded with a terse email Friday which said, “Don’t know anything.”

Clear Channel, which syndicates Limbaugh’s program, has not commented on the controversy.


Wha, wha, wha. So ho many of you are standing up the the video game makers who are destroying your kids minds with uber violent games, or the TV shows that promote teen sex drugs and death and the Rap artists who cant thunk of anything better to makes songs about the their “hoes” and killing cops? Did ya gather your kids CD’s of Snoop Doggyturd and melt them down and tell them if you find this trash in your home again that’s it?. How about the radio jockey who last week said “your God” has turned those families into ink spots on the road, as he referred to those who died in the recent hurricane outbreak. After literally hundreds of postings regarding the Paso ordeal did ya all gather and stand up at the Paso city hall meeting to speak out against Solomon or App? Guess not as it was awfully quiet that night. Has every one of you naysayers gathered to speak out against 90% of what you read here that gives names and places to make your voice heard? No, I bet not and ya know why? because you damn bias, and your media dosent show the world things like this unless its against Republican’s which BTW I am NOT. Cant wait to see who the next Pinata is for you to bust open from behind your computer screens and scream murder against.


You can fight your battles and I’ll fight mine.

But if you believe the mainstream media is “liberal biased”, you have already lost a major battle. The job of the news media is to report the truth. And when that job is done and done well, more often than not the truth puts Republicans and right wing extremists in a poor light. That’s not liberal bias, that’s truth.

Another fact: No community has ever been made better because of broadcasting the words of Rush Limbaugh. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rush LImbaugh is the Typhoid Mary of the electronic age, spreading infection wherever he goes, wherever his voice carries.

The grandchildren of KVEC employees will one day be embarrassed or ashamed to admit their forefathers had anything to do with Rush Limbaugh, let alone help broadcast his despicable, bullying rants. History will not be kind to Rush LImbaugh, just as history is not kind to Adolph Hitler and those who promoted his causes.


Wiseguy ..would have been better for you to compare the dDRUNK Joe McCarthy.

These petit-fascists get all wiggy when you go Godwin on them.

The other thing is that they don’t care what their grandchildren or anyone else mnight think of them. They are the most ruthless, oblivious, and totally selfishly motivated creatures in existence. The only thing that might make them behave differently is jeopardy to their own physical being. Even then, it is not determinative; because they hate themselves as much as anything or anyone else.


Sorry, doggin. I read your post twice & still don’t understand it.


WiseGuy, I salute you. Roger worries about liberal “haters” when right wing hate groups are growing exponentially. I can’t think of a left wing hate group. Our collective attempts at vitriol pale before Rush and his ilk. We all know Rush is a sleaze, even of we are in his audience. Not one man in this discussion would trust him alone with any woman we know. he symbolizes AND IS conservatism in this country.

The Gimlet Eye

What’s the difference between a “left-wing hater” and a “right-wing hater”?

What is the difference between getting eaten by a wolf and getting eaten by a rat?


Now that you mention it, which one are YOU?

I don’t have to hate Rush LImbaugh to want him to stop using his power and position to bully people and create animosity throughout our nation. I don’t have to “hate” the plague, to wish it would stop infecting people.


Not sure how Rush–or any media personality–can use “his power and position to bully people and create animosity” if you just turn off the dial and don’t listen. No one’s forcing anyone to tune in M-F 9-12 .

Liberals should just come up with a successful radio show to compete w/Rush instead of constantly complaining about what he says & does.


Many liberals are working in an occupation that doesn’t allow three hours of any type of drivel to drone on. “Constantly complaining” doesn’t happen. If his latest wasn’t made public it would have simply gone into the ears of his dittoheads to reinforce and refresh the conservative message..”Don’t think. We’ll think for you.”


OK, let me explain it to you, pasoparent5. The victim of bullying does not have to be present to be abused. It is common for bullies to denigrate their victims behind their backs, influencing others to denigrate the victim or deny them rights or privileges or simple common decency. This is happening all the time, with bullies spreading rumors and lies about their victims, using various forms of media to spread their venom.

Rush Limbaugh is a bully, plain and simple. He is especially despicable because he uses the public airwaves to do his dirty work.

So whether you or I listen to Rush, if he uses his broadcasts to harm people, he harms them whether you or I listen or not, and whether or not his victims listen or not. This is one of the ways bullies work.

Let me know if you are confused about this or any other points I have brought up.


Also …Rush and the right-wing goon squads ( Coulter, Hannity, Malkin, O’Reilly, et al ) utilize a type of bullying that is “guilt by association’ and just plain prejudice. They do it all the time.

Look at Palin, with her nonsense bellowings of “palling with terrorists” ..all done to sway stupid people to believe idiocy.

Course, we all know how to deal with a bully.

Individually, ONE has to first stand up to them …and fight them if need be.

If they are too strong for a single hero to defeat, then collective measures by THE COMMUNITY are organised to drive away or kill , the destructive Alpha bully.

Spirit Filled

I am not a Rush advocate by any means, his ego gets in my way,.but freedom of speech is a major problem in this nation. Grown up people can make up their own minds whether to listen to him or not. The on/off switch is right there. Turn him off if you don’t want to listen to him.

How does he bully people? Or create animosity throughout our nation? Give me a break, there has been animosity in this country as long as people have had differing opinions. There is animosity everywhere even in the happiest city in the world. Take a look around, city council and the public, Police chief and officers’ and the public. Smokers and non-smokers. I mean the list goes on. As long as there are two people there will be problems.

I doubt if Rush infects people. That is a person’ s right, thank God. They can change the radio station anytime they feel threatened. I guess that is what you are doing, telling people they are little kids and not able to recognize a desease in their midst.

You can try to convince people not to do something you think is dangerous but you can’t make them stop. This is the USA. We live in the land of hopes and dreams. And free speach. Rush is not the big bad wolf. He dramatizes everything to sell his program. Who in TV or radio doesn’t do this? He is just a big time ego maniac that drives me crazy when he talks about himself. Not a humble bone in his body. But I have to admit I listen to him once in a while especially when I’m driving and its the only channel that comes through loud and clear. He makes me laugh for a little while. Then I turn him off for some peace and quiet.

God Bless all


So, …are you a Rat-wolf, or a Wolf-rat ?

You fascists are all carnivorous in your attitudes anyway. You think yourselves so clever, but it is just crepe for mean-ness.


Never be surprised when an rsole makes a f*rting sound.


Oddly enough, I have to defend Rush as I find this criticism of him illogical. Let’s say a prominent media or political liberal, while debating abortion, said that an opponent, let’s call him Sen. Conservative, wanted to force women to have babies in order to subjugate them and dictate their lifestyle. Sen. Conservative is a great guy who happens to be pro-life in the abortion debate. A prominent media or political conservative says that an opponent, let’s call her Sen. Liberal, wants to kill babies. Sen. Liberal is a wonderful woman who happens to be pro-choice in the abortion debate. This woman jumped in to the currently heated contraception funding debate and you know Rush is going to be there. This is about ideas. Rush does not think that this woman is a whatever, whatever, this is just his wild extrapolation about the reasoning and consequences of accepting her political views. His mistake was not clarifying this at the end of his bit with something like “now I sure Ms. ____ is herself a fine young woman, but people this is what this kind of thinking will result in!” But why won’t she accept his apology now? Because there’s more political hay to be made. Which in my mind proves that there was no personal affront.


Are you serious, obispan? You find it “illogical” that people criticize Limbaugh even though Limbaugh does a nation-wide broadcast accusing a woman he never met of being a “slut” and a “prostitute” and piling up many other horrendous insults to her that he broadcast on multiple days? Limbaugh was not speaking metaphorically. He flat out declared as if it were an established fact, that a specific woman who he disagrees with politically is prostitute, willingly having sex for pay. He says this even though it is not true in the least.

If Mr. Limbaugh made the same kind of ill-founded accusations against your mother or sister, would you defend him as you do now?

Where is YOUR logic?


Bill Maher agrees with me. Read my post. If someone called my mother or sister a baby-killer for being pro-choice I would give it no thought. You have to put things in context.


Get real, obispan.

Are you implying that if you found out that Rush Limbaugh had broadcast to the nation, telling the world you or your mother was a “slut” and a “prostitute”, you would “give it no thought'” ?

I have a hard time believing that. Or how about CalCoastNews runs an article proclaiming you are a “prostitute” or a pimp? Would you still “give it no thought”?

Get real, please.


Oh, let’s be honest folks… none of you ever listened to Rush or any conservative talk shows.

I love hearing all the folks who say ‘hate: see it , stop it… blah blah.” I have never seen such a large amount of continuous venom coming consistently from the same people over and over again.

So, what did he say that was so offensive? He said what most conservative folks think about a ‘beautiful young women expressing herself’… and wanting the rest of us to pay for her fun. Yes, yes… some of us look at her and think she is a woman of flexible morals… but then, so what?

The only part of the issue I had with Rush was to use the weight of his bully pulpit to come down on one person…. you know, much like local state and federal governments do all the time on individuals…. for whatever reason. Had Rush just focused on someone trying to pick our pockets… or on the ‘everybody does it’ permissiveness of the issue… most folks would have been fine.

Anyway, there’s huge support for conservative principles around, folks… or have you forgotten the sold out Ann Coulter visit at Cal Poly.

Give up your continual hate folks… it is quite unattractive.


Roger, get real, please. How much ridiculous, over-reaching, purposely misleading propaganda are you going to be shoveling here? “Sold out Ann Coulter visit”?? Get real, Roger. Tickets to Ann Coulter’s show were GIVEN away, FREE of Charge! And more people refused to get those FREE tickets than attended the event. And the aging demographics of those who showed up is more evidence that Coulter’s schtick is dying at the ticket office and the voting both.

Most people don’t want to spend much time with or promoting people who aim to spread animosity and fear in our community.

By the way, Roger, so much of what you write literally does not make sense or is completely off base or without any sort of factual foundation. For instance, you claim Sandra Fluke has “flexible morals.” How so? What on the world do you base this latest bit of mean-spirited female degradation upon?

“Flexible” morals? What the heck is that supposed to mean. Tell us what “flexed”?

P.S. That Ann Coulter event you shilled for was a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself for degrading our community, yourself and anyone associated with you.


“So, what did he say that was so offensive? He said what most conservative folks think about a ‘beautiful young women expressing herself’… and wanting the rest of us to pay for her fun. Yes, yes… some of us look at her and think she is a woman of flexible morals… but then, so what?”

Yeah, so what. This is the attitude …the complete lack of any kind of shame that exists in the small minds of way too many ‘conservatives’. Haters, perverts, jealous nobodies… and fearful of anything or anyone they see as different than themselves.

Pititful, pathetic fools.

Give it up, Roger. Your kind is disappearing fast …but it can’t come fast enough.

God bless the U.S.

Everybody needs to wake up and smell the chemtrails. Yes rush is a Republican stooge and Shuzltie is Dem stooge. Everyone needs to listen to Alex Jones right now. He will help steer you back to reality and away from American Idol and the Lame Stream Media. Are free will and God Given Rights as Amercians have been crapped on by both parties for the last hundred years. Do everyone a favor and demand Alex Jones on our local radio stations. Maybe then and only then will people beable to hear the truth about whats been going on behind our backs.


Contrary to postings below, I NEVER suggested any type of “BOYCOTT”. What I am suggesting is that people simply contact all KVEC advertisers and let them know politely that they do no appreciate them spending money to support the airing of Rush Limbaugh, and that includes running ads at any time on KVEC.

This is not a “Boycott”. It is simply expressing one’s opinion. Whether or not someone is going to “boycott” KVEC advertisers is up to them. I am not organizing or recommending an official “boycott.”

And if Rush’s dwindling number of fans want to tell business owner’s that they fully support the airing of disgusting hate-radio programming that is on KVEC, they have the right to do so, although I don’t recommend it, especially if you care about the health of our community and wish for peace and harmony.


People are exactly correct when they point out that Rush Limbaugh survives in our radio market because radio management is so completely clueless and lazy and/or gutless to develop better programming.

Radio is so regressive. So much more can be done with radio. But as it is now, these radio executives don’t have to do much of anything to earn their salaries. All they need to do is plug in Rush Limbaugh and proceed to spend most of the rest of their career trying to justify and rationalize infecting our communties with hate radio as perpetrated by Limbaugh and other extremist hate mongers.

Rush does not even respect his “fans”. He knows they are suckers and truly does not respect the fact that they are so easily manipulated by his sophomoric propaganda. His fans, truth be known, actually disgust him. But he loves the power and the money that they provide him.

Poor man. He has wasted his life and made our community the worse for it.

The Gimlet Eye

Agreed. Rush is a propagandist. But, on whose behalf? Cui bono? We might have a disagreement there, I suspect.