Picanco to run for another term

March 16, 2012

Duane Picanco

Paso Robles Mayor Duane Picanco announced Thursday he plans to run for another term in the November election. [Tribune]

He is the first candidate to announce plans to seek the seat. Candidates officially submit intentions between July 16 and August 10.

Voters in November will also have the opportunity to increase the mayor position from a two-year-term to a four-year-term, which would begin in 2014. Picanco told the Tribune he does not plan to run in the 2014 race.

Members of the council have been under fire for following directions sent in an email from city Manager Jim App and Attorney Iris Yang that instruct the council members and mayor not to listen to or read information about the city’s police department because of their alleged roles as judge of the employees in the department.

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Little Jimmy, the pied piper of Paso politics, calls Lisa into his office as they contemplate their next round of directives to Picanco and the Puppets:


OMG…in light of all the articles, comments and coverage of the problems in this city, besides the ones that all of us see day to day…this knot head thinks he can run for Mayor again…just shows the box we are

all living in…

Picanco has proved himself to be an ineffective mayor, an uninformed mayor, and worse, an ignorant mayor. He would fit well into a Hodin cartoon depicting an ostridge with his head in a hole and I’m being police about where he has his head stuck. Between the two current hats in the ring, I KNOW THAT Gary is going to land the gavel by a landslide.

Now, Paso needs two more citizens to step up and run against the other two incumbents. It takes a quorum to effect change, Gary can’t do it alone with his one vote. Step up people, serve your city, run for office and boot out your Jim App Puppets.

I don’t think any of the incumbents stand a chance of re-election, the revelations surrounding their lack of skill set and service has gone viral thought out the voting populous. By the way, with all the tourism, wineries and merchants up there, why is Paso Robles so broke as compared to Atascadero? It’s time for more than a changing of the guard, its time for a full financial audit rather than the financial reviews they generally submit themselves to. A review uncovers nothing and its time to pull ALL THE COVERS.

One more thing, Mayor Picanco, you should be ashamed of yourself as you are extremely foolish allowing your city manager and his JD side kick to be pulling your strings while stepping on your eyeglasses.

Good Luck…….

LOL LOL Talk about a Freudian Slip.

“and I’m being police about where he has his head stuck”

The above was intended to say,”and I’m being POLITE about where he has his head”


Fire App and Solomon and you’re in. Otherwise, go smoke another one.

Look folks, Duane isn’t a bad guy, he means well. He tries his best. The problem is he let’s Jim lead him, and Duane is afraid to be mayor if Jim is fired. What then? Good grief, Jim interrupts Duane during Council meetings, completely derailing him! Duane is afraid of Jim!

BUT… To Duane’s credit, at least he’s willing to run, and serve the City. So, cut him a little slack until someone steps uo to run against him. If no one is willing to run, then tell Duane thanks for being willing to do the job! After all, the rest of us here love to criticize under fictitious names, but are unwilling to step up to the plate.

Not a great fan of Duane, but don’t like to see him picked on for doing what we won’t do!!

Note to Duane….. Lead this City and FIRE App! Please!

Please comment on this post if you agree Jim must go. Paso has no App for that!

WRONG! He does a disservice to the community by taking on the responsibly of mayor and then not living up to it!

Solomon is on her way out. Now App needs to go. If App isn’t gone in 90 days, Picanco is going to get shredded in the election.

If the mayor is afraid of the city manager of his city he certainly doesn’t deserve the job of mayor.

I find it mind boggoling that Duane feels he is best qualified for another term as mayor. What he really needs to do is take the required medication to grow some “male appendages” and publicly

state (preferably at the next council meeting) his support or non-support of ‘field marshall’ App.

If he wants my vote (and hopefully seveal thousand other votes in November) he will publicly denounce the ‘field marshall’s’ directives and publicly commit to getting rid of App and his cronies

within the next 2 months. And do this without a sweetheart deal similiar to Ms Chitty’s.

This city has lost a lot over the past few years – what with the whole Nacimento water fiasco, Ms. Chitty’s poor leadership of Police Dept., and other things. The mayor and the council MUST take

some huge responsibility for these things and be held accountable for them. If they want to be

re-elected then show it.

The Tribune has reported Gary Nemeth is running for mayor. Gary, is it true? I am a bit surprised not to see this on CCN…