Allen earns police commander stripes

April 24, 2012

Joe Allen, right, takes oath from Marcia Torgerson

A veteran of the Atascadero Police Department, Joe Allen, has been elevated to the rank of commander, Chief Jerel Haley said.

Allen joined the local department in 1995 after a four-year stint in Monrovia as a member of that community’s special enforcement team. He has been a leader in the Atascadero department’s SWAT unit, and developed the “Crime-free Multi-Housing Program” and the bicycle patrol.

He was promoted to sergeant in 2001, and supervised the department’s detective unit.

Haley said Allen’s selection came after a search “inside and outside the department.”

The chief lauded Allen’s career performance, adding, “One of Joe’s greatest strengths is his commitment to the department and the community.”

Allen is married and the father of three children, and has been active in local youth sports.

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I’ve been looking around a little, and Joe Allen is beginning to look like Andy of Mayberry.

I truly hope he is as good as he sounds. If he is, he deserves the position, and Atascadero–after all of its city scandals–deserves to have him.

How long will it take until everyone on here begins to bash this guy

Well, in general, the things that a leader of a police department does that will get them criticized are things like:

***groping the genitals of his subordinates.

***shoving his hoo-hoo in the face of a subordinate.

***ordering his subordinates into a hot-tub, disrobing, and then groping their genitals

***having a “mole” attend union meetings and report back

***force subordinates, by fear of retaliation, to perform on an illegal ticket-quota scam

You know, stuff like that.

I was wondering the same thing. It’s like watching the tide change as the post gradually take on the typical police bashing character from a few of the regular bashers.

He’s a great guy and a great officer. Congratulations!

Good luck Commader Allen. There is a lot of work to do in A-Town that’s for sure. Be safe!

Hummm, I don’t recall hearing of Joe Allen before. He must be well behaved!

Congratulations Commander, I’m sure we will all be very proud of you.

Congratulations, Commander Allen! May you serve your community, family and your fellow officers with pride, honesty, and committment.

Lets hope so, honesty and committment area few things several local police forces seem to be very short of.