Deputy Sheriff’s Association endorses Debbie Arnold and Adam Hill

April 11, 2012

Debbie Arnold

Supervisor candidates Debbie Arnold and Adam Hill collected endorsements from the San Luis Obispo Deputy Sheriff’s Association on Tuesday.

In March, members of the employee union group, which represents correctional officers and dispatchers, interviewed candidates from both the 5th and 3rd supervisor districts.

Following the interviews, the association voted to endorse Debbie Arnold over her opponent, incumbent Supervisor Jim Patterson, according to SLO Deputy Sheriffs’ Association President Michael Thompson.

“We believe that the 5th District needs new leadership to get us through these uncertain times,” Thompson wrote in a letter to Arnold.  “We believe that Debbie Arnold has the personal and professional experience required to bring a business-minded, public safety oriented approach to county government. The San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association believes in Debbie Arnold and the solution-oriented leadership she will bring to the board when she is elected on June 5.”

The association is also endorsing 3rd District Supervisor Hill in his race against Ed Waage, a Pismo Beach city councilman.

“Supervisor Hill has been an incredibly strong voice for public safety in our community and someone who always takes the time to understand our challenges, especially with the impacts from state realignment,”Thompson wrote in a press release.

Adam Hill

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With Debbie Arnold, Michael Thompson is looking forward to a candidate with a “business-minded, public safety oriented approach” to governing.

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to translate that nebulous sound-bite as “across-the-board salary and pension reduction for existing public safety employees”

Isn’t that what they’re trying so hard to impeach over in Wisconsin?

An interesting set of picks, but then the Sheriff’s Association has new leadership now which might explain it.

Frankly, I don’t understand the choice of Adam Hill … unless the association is trying to hedge their bet.

“believes in Debbie Arnold and the solution-oriented leadership she will bring to the board when she is elected on June 5.”

Bit of a joke. Debbie will help to roll back all safety and environmental concerns in support of her corporate business supporters.

Environmental issues are all about health and safety-for us and the planet. I’ve known Jim Patterson for 42 years, he is the very face of ‘solution orientation’ and works his tail off to serve all the members of our community. Though considered (and is) an environmentalist, he has angered some in that arena for his support of common sense alternatives to the sometimes rigid dogma of that political focus.

I urge all readers to check out ‘‘ to see his profile, aspirations and accomplishments.

Debbie does have her corporate business supporters….and so does Jim. You know that.

Debbie will “roll back all safety and environmental concerns”….Really? All by herself? And she will

wreak all of this havoc without any resistance from the other 4 sups?

Next time, get some wordsmithing from Blakely or Salter before you publish your own fallacious

“rigid dogma”.

As for SLO’s DSA support of Hill, they know best who butters their bread.

Haven’t taken your meds yet today? Your rant indicates a frantic unsettled person. I take no marching orders from anyone. I know Dave, Jay and many others on that side of things. I speak for myself and experience.

Watching Debbie last time, and her supporters, makes everything clear. Big AG, big business, big money.

We all fall prey to some dogma at times but Jim will always give consideration to the many sides of an argument before making a decision. I don’t think Debbie will, I think she will follow the corporate line and that serves only a few, at the expense of the many.

It is my understanding the deputy sheriffs association does not actually represents any deputy sheriffs. The deputies left and formed their own separate association because of the shady practices of former leaders Dale Strobridge and Tony Perry. This endorsement seems to come from correctional deputies who work in the jail. Given the recent history of this organization; its negotiator Tony Perry was sleeping with Gail Wilcox during contract negotiations, I am not sure the endorsement ought to be taken very seriously.

In the case of Hill, the endorsement means nothing, because the union is a self-serving organization bent on furthering its goals at the expense of the general populace.

In the case of Arnold, the righteous law enforcement accessory organization made a studied and community-serving pick.

LOL oh okay, so when it serves your purpose they made a good choice a ‘studied and community-serving pick’. But if it’s someone you don’t like then it’s ‘self serving’. I get it.

Too funny.

There’s an old saying:

“When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

It looks like the Sheriffs Department and Adam Hill have just created the “Mutual Flea-Sharing Association.”

Since you used the plural form, we can assume you’re referring to the Sheriff’s Department (actually, if you read the article, it’s the DSA) as the “dogs?”

Not bad choices IMO.

Let the character assassination and lynching begin.

The Sheriff dept needs to go it they endorse a criminal like adam hill.

Congrats to Arnold and Hill, although Adam may be too busy with his electonic devices to notice the endorsement.

Don’t you think he’s posting here with his iPad during meetings? It probably is rationalized as “constituent service”

No, he’s not posting here, he’s not even reading this. We all know that every time someone enters this website it shows a hit for CCN advertisers. There is a segment of the county that doesn’t want to contribute to those hits. They don’t want to help CCN get advertising and I guarantee that most local public figures know this, I get a hard time from some for contributing hits. I’m not saying that some of us don’t tell some of these people what is said over here but they aren’t opening the website.

Oh, public officials read this site. I’ve heard too many reference it and have known others to respond here. They can’t resist.

Maybe some do but I know several that don’t. But they still hear about the things that are written here. I won’t repeat what I’ve heard some of them say but I can say that the people that I’ve spoken with wouldn’t post here, no way. Quite recently I wanted to quote a public figure. He asked me not to use his name or quote on this website as he felt his quote would be deliberately taken out of context and that he would suffer the same character assassination that so many others on this website do. I know a few that can easily resist and they do. But you are right, they do talk and joke around about it.

I’ve heard the advertising thing on more than one occasion, the word is out on that.

Many aren’t joking around about it. Whether you like to believe it or not, this site is taken quite seriously in the community. A good example is the claim from PR that it caused Solomon’s demise. I notice it get’s Adam’s attention and others on the bOS, as they make reference to it even at meetings, ie the phone call incident. Bottom line is that if the officials behave and work for the citizenry, they probably won’t see their names here in a negative light.

Of course Hill hears about what is written here, they all hear about it but that doesn’t mean that they read it. Bottom line is that Karen and Dave have it out for Hill, there is nothing that he could do that they wouldn’t find fault with. I’m not going to gossip about his personal life but that seems to have caused a rift between them and they are letting that interfere with their ability to remain neutral. If you get on their bad side then you will end up being slandered. And with that I’ve already said too much.

Disgusted, you are one of the few here that doesn’t insult me when we disagree and you seem fair so I wish that you could see what I’m talking about but you won’t. It seems like you guys are under this CCN spell, so respectfully I will agree to disagree. I’ve probably crossed that line of not being able to criticize CCNsnwt’stmfrmtgtmdrtdrdltdgn.


Actually I respect your views and especially your obvious involvement in County politics/govt. I just think you have somehow grown to dislike CCN and its commenters to the point that you don’t see the value in the reporting. I haven’t found them to misjudge yet on the situations they report. Results show that…often the other media follow, just days/wks./mths. later.

But, my point was that most in the limelight read ALLmedia reports, or are at least interested. I”ve seen articles here by Julan Crocker, Brennler, Ashbaugh, Jenkins and many past and present Councilmembers/candidates. I think CCN has become a source to reckon with, amongst others. I’m aware of Hill’s personal life, but dislike his actions toward the public more than his decisions or personal life. There are those that can hold his position minus the arrogance and rude behavior, imho.

CCN is creating news, IMO that isn’t what an ethical news source should do. We have a few clear cases here of the tail wagging the dog and personally I don’t care for it.

I originally liked the fact that they pursued investigative journalism and was very optimistic about CCN. But then when I saw a very biased style of reporting I changed my mind. I shouldn’t be taken off because I disagree with an article or because I talk about CCN like I am now but it happens to me all the time now. You can go to the Trib like Cindy does and insult them and bag on them but they don’t moderate or delete you for that. All sides should be heard and frankly I’m sure that if I keep on that I’llgtdltdr mdrtdsIndtstpthsnw.

They went after Solomon and then they even helped a private group go after her, how can you not see how wrong that is? They should have had nothing to do with getting that domain, it simply showed once again that they are out to get LS. She might be guilty or she might have been innocent but you would never find out the truth by reading this site. According to CCN, she’s %110 guilty. They did it to her, they did it to Hill, they did it to the Cambria School superintendent and they continue to push their agenda and show their biased to not just those public figures but others as well. They also do this to their posters (me) as well.

Typed fast, please excuse typos.