Sierra Club walks from Patterson

April 25, 2012

James Patterson

County Supervisor Jim Patterson, erstwhile darling of local environmentalists, won’t be getting the support of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club in his upcoming battle for reelection to his Fifth District seat. [The Tribune]

Patterson told a reporter he did not expect an endorsement from the group because he backed the controversial solar project at Carizzo Plains. The chapter did not articulate any particular reason for the decision not to back Patterson other than to say he was not committed to the group’s principles.

Patterson, who plans to make his backing of the solar plant a key element of his campaign, faces a tough challenge from Debbie Arnold in June.

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Hey James, I’d thought I let you know that I walked away too. Your support and your self-pats on the back for the Los Osos sewer tragedy are too much for me. In addtion, I’ve already donated money to Debbie Arnold’s campaign.

Poor Jim, what will he do when he is not this big powerful stupidvisor? Who can he make laws for and control? How sad will he be.

Illuminates the extremeness of the Sierra Club quite well.

SLO…., the environment has been written off basically. That’s the counter balance to the “extremeness” your mentioned. No?

Anything that is not 100% Sierra Club is “writing off the environment”? Extremist hyperbole, which underscores my original point: The Club are hard-core extremists if they can’t support Patterson. Of course they do anyway—just read Andrew Christie’s Letter to the Editor today. It’s a wink-wink endorsement for Patterson.

Don’t you love it when liberals starting eating each other. I wonder if they taste like brie?

So Max how long have you had an interest in cannibalism?

The reason there are so many conservatives in California is because the Donner party refused to eat them.

LOL, now that’s funny, I needed a good laught today. Thanks.

‘laught’,, hmm.

Yeah, that or they looked after themselves instead of waiting idly for the government gravy train to come save them….

If there had been a govt. ‘gravy train’ then they wouldn’t have had to eat other. This is what the repubs want, they want to go back to those good ole days.


On a side note, have you ever gone into a fancy restaurant and to be seated, you give your name to the hostess as “Donner?”

Then when it’s time to be seated, you hear on the speaker system; “Donner party of six, your seating is available”. Or sometimes Brother Ted gives the name “Richard Kimble”, but rarely does the populace get it. Such great material that goes to waste at times. :(

Phil Ochs – Ballad of Alferd Packer

OMG these posts have become tacky.

I love that song, too funny. “It just doesn’t pay to eat anything but govt. inspected meat’.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, this thread has reached an all time low and sadly I kinda like it. I can’t wait until I go to my next dinner and give my name as either Donner or Dahmer to reserve a table (even though I don’t believe that the Donners actually did the dirty deed). Coincidence how the names sound the same.

Ted…you want to really get a gasp, you go alone and give your name as Dahmer or as Dr. Lecter.

The Donner party being mostly liberal were used to having their meals handed to them by the conservatives and lacked the knowledge and skill on how to provide for ones self and starved to death without their entitlements.

A conservative country-music loving hick and a sophisticated Rock & Blues loving liberal were captured by a band of cannibals.

While the tribe was warming up the stewpot, the Chief said to the two men, “Gentlemen, you have my sympathies. We’re really not that cruel…but we are cannibals and the tribe is hungry. However, if possible, we will grant each of you one last request before we cook and eat you”.

He then turned to the conservative and asked, ” What would be your request, sir ?”

The conservative said, “Well, I sure would like to hear that Achy-Breaky Heart song one last time”

The chief thought , and said, “OK, I think we can do that “, Turning to the liberal, “And what would you like ? ”

“Eat me first ! “

That was funny!!!!!

When we starting rewarding people for doing nothing. What else are they good for other than providing a food source for the productive. Consider it my version of A Modest Proposal.

After the last six months of the GOP primary, where GOPers ate each other on an hourly basis, 24/7, you actually point fingers at liberals?



noun \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

Definition of HYPOCRITE

1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings


“Jim Patterson, erstwhile darling of local environmentalists,”

Another horrible unprofessional opening paragraph.

“Patterson told a reporter”,,,you can bet that he didn’t tell Blackburn anything, why would anyone grant an interview to someone that writes like this. Guess CCN has an ax to grind with him too. How many bridges can you burn?

Am I to take it that you don’t approve of Debbie Arnold? That’s too bad because Patterson is my district Supervisor, I assisted in his last campaign but I’ll be assisting with Arnold’s campaign this time around.

No, don’t disapprove or approve of D. Arnold, I’m not sure out of those two who I would support. I’m looking forward to seeing them in a debate.

Speaking of grinding axes typo why are you even here?

Your comments are just full of bitter these days.

PS: Patterson hates Karen, there is no bridge so no need for grinding.

“why are you even here?”

Because I know how much you would miss me.

I’m not bitter, It just seems like stories regarding certain people have such a biased tone and now that you have stated that Patterson doesn’t like Karen I can see why he doesn’t like her. I can always tell by the opening paragraph when CCN has it out for someone. It’s too bad that this doesn’t bother you guys but oh well if you want to believe biased stories then this is the place for you. I personally don’t like the Mayor of Paso, I think he’s a goof ball, but if I were a journalist doing a story about him I would make every effort to not let my personal feelings/biase come through the article. That’s the way it should be done.

. we invite you to create commentary for our stories. this is not a license to critique the editorial style or reporting .

I disagree. If CCN can’t take legitimate stylistic criticism from it’s regular visitors, then it shouldn’t post articles.

If CCN can’t write with a somewhat neutral tone, then there is no ultimate difference between the content created by CCN journalists and the opinion content created by contributors.

The difference between the two needs to be very clear.

Pretty simple stuff.

I’m interested in the information in the article. IMO, it is a waste of time to focus on the style of an article or post because it is a totally subjective call.

I’m growing weary of the Polly Prissy-Pants posters who obsess on grammar and style of writing in investigative/informative articles. It’s very similar to an ad hominem attack, IMO. Instead of focusing on the info or opinion posted, they focus on grammar or how the info/opinion was stated.

This website isn’t “Central Coast Grammar” or “Central Coast Writing Style,” it is “Central Coast News.”

Mary that’s fine, if you don’t like what I post then simply don’t read them. It’s not a waste of your time if you skip them. It’s really easy, if you see the name ‘Typoqueen’ just keep going, skip it. I can’t stand your posts either so I skip probably 95% of them especially if they are over a paragraph or two and I’m sure that you wont’ lose any sleep over that. Like you I really don’t have time to waste on certain people.

If I were to call you names ie ‘Polly Prissy-Pants CCN would have my post taken off. My posts in which I might have called you part of the lynch mob were taken off or I was scolded by the mod but that’s the worse that I have done when it comes to insulting you,,,and trust me I could slam you, you’re an easy target but that’s not my style. But you know what, I don’t want your posts taken off, I won’t allow you to rent space in my brain, unless you say something racist (which you haven’t) or something about my family then I really don’t care.

I have never criticized the grammar in any articles or of any poster on CCN. You’re right it is called Central Coast News but it might be more accurate if it were called Central Coast Blog, that’s not meant as an insult it’s meant as how CCN truly operates.

Again, I don’t want to waste your time. As a matter of fact I don’t read probably 95% of your posts and I’m sure that you won’t lose any sleep over that so I will again encourage you do everyone a favor and skip my posts.

If my last two posts don’t get taken off or moderated then I’ll be shocked.

Interesting almost discussion, you two are almost having.

Obligatory mention “Nuclear powered Super Salps sashay past Port San Luis on their way to bomb Moro Bay”. Oh wait I meant “Or did Jim Patterson walk away from Sierra Club?”

Somewhere in CCNs Mission statement I once saw reference to “this is an experiment”

In an email to CCN and to Ramos not shortly before he left to sharpen mightier quills, I questioned if the “experiment” hadn’t failed. At the time I also questioned the policy of “within-comment modification, without attribution” since to alter the words of another is heinous, while deleting them entire, is covered by many a Blog Policy. Diablo Salpas Mucho grande. The important question is; what has Debbie Arnold done for SLO in the last four years?

Now at this point I should mention and fact that this entire post is respectful to CCN and all they stand for, though a discussion forum of CCN policy as a web feature would be nice, and will immediately get on topic after mentioning and their request that commenters not post while intoxicated. Nicely written and entertaining.

Even if a stated “One individual One account policy” was enforced by CCN, as we clearly see, the moderation does not control the troll. And how could a semi sophisticated but transparent attempt to sneak an ad homonym by complaining about supposedly unidentified ad hominimers, be moderated? Certainly not by within-comment-editing (no not I, one does not a pattern make). Well at least CCN takes the effort to try to reasonably mod… Hee hee, you thought I was going to say “Moderate” and risk having my post yanked for mentioning the M word, didn’t you. Power outage, Power outage. I mean, This is not now an election with two unknowns. The voters can do this math; They have seen Patterson’s performance as a Supervisor, let that be what they judge him by.

I am so glad that someone gets it. If you go to the LA Times, MSN News, the Trib, any legit news source that has postings, anyone can openly criticize the source, the author, the style of the writing etc. but when I do that here I get my posts taken off or moderated. It’s not like I’m calling anyone an @$$ or telling them where to go, it’s really too bad because criticism in some cases can be healthy. But due to a few emails from the mod I was thinking about it and I truly have to change my train of thought on this when posting here. I really need to look at this site differently than I have been.

If I want to express my views about some of CCN’s stories then I need to get my own blog (as the moderator has told me). This is their editorial blog, it’s not my blog so they are entitled to have it one sided, it is an opinionated blog and the people that run the blog have the right to be opinionated and limit what is said and in this case that means not allowing criticism. It finally hit me when I received the last few emails about this thread, so I will try and abide. I will try and not criticize any of the stories or the way they are written, that might be hard for me and it doesn’t seem fair but I will give it a try. As the mod also said, if I don’t have anything nice to say about CCN then don’t say anything at at all….Geez I really hate that though, doesn’t seem right.

Typoqueen says:” I am so glad that someone gets it. If you go to the LA Times, MSN News, the Trib, any legit news source that has postings, anyone can openly criticize the source, the author, the style of the writing etc. but when I do that here I get my posts taken off or moderated”

Lets see:

On the LA Times comments are shifted to a discussion board away from regular readers to keep each other company in a comment mosh pit of sorts.

Msn News hides the comments from regular readers until you use the button to display comments, no threading and newsvine.

On the Slo Trib, you say you don’t have missing comments? You want a Flag abuse button? Someone named Top?

The NYT hired a team of moderators to read all comments and a push to require real identity’s to comment (facebook). Trying to avoid a WSJ and Washington Post type comment fun zone.

Typo, if you want to be a media critic then yes use your real name (like Karen, Dan and Hoden) and start your own site. When you do we can all sign up and you can moderate.

PS: CCN is not a weblog or blog

R.Hodin says:

“I disagree. If CCN can’t take legitimate stylistic criticism from it’s regular visitors, then it shouldn’t post articles.”

Perhaps you would like Trib style comments with a:

Abuse flag, 10 comments per page that hides comments (and adds page views) from regular readers who don’t click next page to see the comment circus there.

Perhaps KSBY style:

Only comment with facebook account, no one takes any chances, cute puppy.

How about the Newtimes that has no comments whatsoever, how does that fit with your theory of “legitimate stylistic criticism from it’s regular visitors”?

Why would any business let a bunch of masked people (anonymous commenter (not you R.Hoden)) sit in the lobby and bitch out loud about everything, leaving a mess?.

It’s a Debbie downer situation, no one wants the table next to her’s.

Maybe you should read the headline of The Tribune. After reading, please excuse the difference between this article and The Tribune, curious minds want to know. I too supported Patterson in the past but have financially contritubted and put the signs up for Debbie. I am sick and tired of government telling me how to live my life. I am a smart, educated, self sufficent human being that owns a home, raised a family, volunteer to care giving organizations, have never used government assistance and I do not need nor want goverment controlling my life. I can think and manage my life Thank you! I absolutely support the need to help people to help themselves. But we are beginning to create a generation of “give me’s and I don’t want to control my life and if you want to work good, now give me some of what you have.” Not on this property!!!

Payback’s a bitch. I suspect this has something to do with his canning of former Planning Commissioner Sarah Christie, who’s brother is the poobah of the local branch of the Sierra Club.

“Things that make you go “Hmmmmm…” “

“Things that used to make me go “Hmmmmm…”, but then I got so jaded that I no longer go “Hmmmmm…”, not that I don’t appreciate that there are those things that one really should go “Hmmmmm…” about.


Huh? OMG, I am afraid that Satan has entered your soul again by you making such a jibberish statement in front of this entire forum.

To deduce your commentary, is you “hmmmmm’ing” about Patterson not getting the support of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club? Or, is your “hmmmmm’ing” related to Patterson making his backing of the solar plant a key element of his campaign?

Or does your “hmmmmmm’ing” relate to another entity? Inquiring minds want to know!