Big IRS tab for Maldonado?

April 5, 2012

The IRS has handed Abel Maldonado a tax bill for nearly a half million dollars. [McClatchy Newspapers]

Maldonado, who is challenging two other Republicans in the primary to face Rep. Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara), owes $470,000 according to the federal government, a claim disputed by the former state lawmaker and lieutenant governor. Part of the argument is over a building deduction.

Maldonado has said he plans to work with the tax-collecting agency, and also will pick up part of the tab for his upcoming campaign.

The IRS said the difference is due to “errors” in calculating complex deductions, but Maldonado believes he paid the correct amount of taxes. But he said if the assessment proves to be correct, he will pay up.

“I believe we paid the correct amount of taxes and followed the rules as we understood them,” said Maldonado. “If the IRS feels differently, I will pay the taxes due with interest.”

Maldonado spokesman Brandon Gesicki said the story originated on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s website, suggesting a political intent.

Updated at 10:16 a.m. to include Maldonado’s and Gesicki’s comments.


Abel Maldonado

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I have a client who received a request for audit for his 2009 tax year and was undergoing quadruple bypass surgery the day after the letter was issued. His wife, not wanting to cause him further stress, shelved the letter. The 10 day response time came and went, the man remained in the hospital, and a bill for $50,000 from the IRS followed. The wife contacted the local IRS field office and arranged to have the thorough audit done via telphone and mail. This period took 4 months, due to the complications of the surgery. When all was said and done, the couple owed the IRS nothing. Not one penny. They didn’t need to cause this man such grief during his recovery time; it was a waste of taxpayers money, IMO. But it is their job to squeeze every penny out of the taxpayer. Big Corporations have the benefit of parking their mega billions offshore without having to pay a single tax. This man was just an average Joe, self employed and very ill. This just isn’t right.

The IRS has little oversight and mega power but they aren’t always correct. They just want us to think they are and seem to actually enjoy the fear they install in people who are unfortunate enough to be on their radar.

Having said this, it is likely Maldonado does owe the money. But perhaps not.

What this illustrates is how deeply the mindset of FASCIST Republican criminality has infiltrated the very small minds of the easily influenced.

Is it not curious that the importation of SLAVES was banned in the United States in 1808, yet the Maldonado crime family continues the practice today ?