Adam Hill tied to phony mailer

May 14, 2012

Adam Hill

Members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party contend Adam Hill’s campaign is trying to influence the vote by sending out phony mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Hill has the Republican Party endorsement.

An advertising firm paid by Hill sent out the slate mailers titled “Attention Republicans: Election Day Voting Guide” to registered Republicans in the 3rd supervisor’s district. Along with a group of Republican candidates the mailer urges  Republicans to vote for Adam Hill  for District 3 supervisor.

“The mailer is a clear example of deceptive politics,” said Christopher Arend, a members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party. “Most voters are too busy to give mailers more than a quick look, and this mailer uses this to create an impression that it has been issued by a Republican organization.”

There are two candidates vying for the non-partisan District 3 supervisor seat and members of the  SLO County Republican Party have endorsed Hill’s opponent, Pismo Beach Councilman Ed Waage.

The Democratic Central Committee has endorsed Hill, who is actually a Democrat.

“The only thing this mailer tells us about Adam Hill is that he has stooped to paying a professional political marketer to deceive the Republicans in his district,” Arend said. “Once again, Adam Hill demonstrates the type of behavior that gives politics a bad name.”


As one who is ignorant of local government here is a serious question (two):

What kind of Job is Mr. Hill doing in his present position?

Who else is running for the position, and what kind of job have they done?


Lol, and for asking that, people have marked you down. Don’t ask questions; better still, do not question “us” seems to be the new mantra of politics.


i think both candidates in the District 3 race would welcome a call from you, or attend a forum and ask questions of them. Don’t take our advice here, as we all have a bias.

Jorge Estrada

I don’t know Adam Hill but my glance with him tells me something is not right in his camp when considering this divisiveness. I have seen his anger in public depicted by his march to the chariot look, like he is off to slay someone. What’s up with that? He might be smart or have some good moments but to know him seems to be a bad thing for his campaign.

Kevin Rice

I will be on KVEC 920 AM at 5 p.m. to discuss this election.

Please visit:


Enjoyed your coversation, Kevin. I think Dave asked fair questions and you answered them well. Your responses to callers were articulate and calm. I’m wondering who will be featured from the opposition.


Adam Hill’s despicable shenanigans used to enrage and sicken me, but now their frequency and ridiculousness are getting so out-of-control that it’s now just plain laughable!


The county supervisor race is NON PARTISAN. It’s ok if a republican votes for Hill. And it’s ok if a democrat votes for Waage. So very sick of the two party system!


Anyone can vote for whoever they want. That is not the point of this article. This is about ANOTHER DECEPTION presented by A*** Hill. Let’s see, the prank phone call, the New Times Poll gig, and now this. Obviously, this man will stop at nothing to get himself elected accept stand on his record and honor. If the South County elects this deceitful, dishonest, dirty politician then they get what they get deserve!


The POINT should be that if you are such an uninformed voter that you have to vote the party line lock step without any thought then you should not vote!

Deception… all the literature says is “I would like your vote”. And you think the deception is because it’s aimed at republicans? There are 2 republican candidates in 2 partisan races and there are 2 prop issues and one candidate in a non-partisan race.

So if you are a registered democrat running for a NON-PARTISAN post you can’t solicit republican votes?


The rest of us in the county don’t deserve him! His vote counts equally for us. Let’s hope voters in District 3 do not make the mistake of re-electing him.


Adam leads an curious life… kinda fits with the soap opera we call county government.

I am still shaking my head over his facebook statement under “married”… but ‘it’s complicated’. Then what appeared as a conflict-of-interest personal relationship with the head of a non-profit… or was that someone else?

The ‘ends do not justify the means’ … and although politics seldom seem fair… this is a bit much. Time to sweep them out… all of them!


Didn’t our sheriff do the same thing? We sure do get only the best to “serve” us, don’t we?

I am so tired of voting for “the lesser of two evils” in politics… I won’t be voting for either of the scumbags on that mailer (“MOLDonado” or Hill). It’s like voting for Sam Blakeslee or Jan Marx… just makes my skin crawl knowing that such ignorant weasels get enough votes to be elected. What’s next, bring back Christine Mulhulland?


I agree, rOy. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil.

Kevin Rice

Connect the dots…

Adam Hill is listed as a client of Crotty Consulting:

Crotty Consulting is listed as an affiliate of the phoney voter guide company:


Crotty seems pretty connected in this County, having the Ian Parkinson and Jim Patterson campaigns as well. Follow the crowd and this is what we get. Sleeze!


Don’t forget that he also was heavily involved in Bruce Gibson’s campaign. Bruce is giving money to Adam. Their goal is to stop everything in this county including business, property rights and to destroy everyone who disagrees with them.


What a total load of misleading crap you are spewing, “taxpayer.” Do you actually believe what you write?


Hasn’t Adam learned that he’s no good at the impersonation thing?


I wonder who he will blame for this disaster?


Who will Adam blame? Why, Cal Coast News of course! LOL

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