Adam Hill tied to phony mailer

May 14, 2012

Adam Hill

Members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party contend Adam Hill’s campaign is trying to influence the vote by sending out phony mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Hill has the Republican Party endorsement.

An advertising firm paid by Hill sent out the slate mailers titled “Attention Republicans: Election Day Voting Guide” to registered Republicans in the 3rd supervisor’s district. Along with a group of Republican candidates the mailer urges  Republicans to vote for Adam Hill  for District 3 supervisor.

“The mailer is a clear example of deceptive politics,” said Christopher Arend, a members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party. “Most voters are too busy to give mailers more than a quick look, and this mailer uses this to create an impression that it has been issued by a Republican organization.”

There are two candidates vying for the non-partisan District 3 supervisor seat and members of the  SLO County Republican Party have endorsed Hill’s opponent, Pismo Beach Councilman Ed Waage.

The Democratic Central Committee has endorsed Hill, who is actually a Democrat.

“The only thing this mailer tells us about Adam Hill is that he has stooped to paying a professional political marketer to deceive the Republicans in his district,” Arend said. “Once again, Adam Hill demonstrates the type of behavior that gives politics a bad name.”


Can anyone name ONE single person who was supposedly “fooled” by this political advertisement?

Besides, what wrong with trying to induce Republicans to vote for Adam HIll?

Also, What kind of voter chooses a candidate based on only a “quick look” at an advertising mailer, as political operative and extremist rich winger and war-monger,and torture-promoter Chris Arend claims happens?

(Yes, Arend is an unabashed fan of promoting the use of torture by Americans. The proof of this is recorded in MANY of Arend’s statements preserved in the KVEC podcast archives and elsewhere. )

When is Waage going to man-up and publicly distance himself from extremist propagandists and torture-mongers such as Arend? Or does he share some of the same repugnant views as Arend?

When is

Kevin Rice

>>Can anyone name ONE single person who was supposedly “fooled” by this political advertisement?


By the way, you’ve got serious issues, dude. Thank God you’re on A-Hill’s side. Your hate and arrogance fits right in.


What kind of “issues” are you referring to, Kevin?

By the way, I most certainly do NOT hate you Kevin. I just think your political shenanigans harm our community and I think it is imperative to call out all the B.S. you spew in your selfish, self-promoting political quest. God forbid YOU would ever be elected to any public office!


I agree. there’s something not right about that boy ! He goes off on these conspiratorial tangents, interwoven with a web of paranoid deceit that only he can see. In his wake, he makes all sorts of enemies and disinformation. None of this is good for a civil political process.

In the end, this person is just a troublemaker.


Wiseguy, you use what I call “autistic logic” for your arguments

instead of acknowledging deductive reasoning. That is why no one answers your questions.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, you might try watching some of the Onion’s “Michael Falk. Autistic Reporter. interviews on YouTube that show autistic logic in a humorous way.

The Onion is a nationally known satire publication, and the satire may offend some people–just a warning.


I’ve never heard of “autistic logic”. Please explain. So far, no one has demonstrated ANY flaws in the logic of my postings on this thread. But if you can point to something SPECIFIC and explain yourself rationally, I’d be most interested.


Wiseguy: You are using inductive reasoning to prove your case.

If you take a subset or case such as “who was fooled by this flyer” and prove that no one on this blog was fooled, you still haven’t proved that a deceptive flyer would not fool someone in the general public. After all, people read the article here about the deceptive flyer and look for what could be deceptive. It also doesn’t prove that it is right or moral to try to trick some people into voting for a candidate.

So, proving logically a subset of the argument, does not necessarily prove the general argument . You may have to use deductive reasoning to argue effectively from a premise such as “this brochure is straight forward and was not meant to fool anyone”. Inductive reasoning is where you go from a case or cases to a general conclusion.

I call this inductive reasoning “autistic logic” because I had to counter this reasoning with my “some autistic symptoms” grandson all the time.

Me: “While we’re waiting to go, would you please take the garbage cans to the street?

Grandson: If I take the garbage out, I might get my clothes dirty and then I’ll have to change them and we’ll be late for the movie. It’s better to wait until later.

Me: Have you ever gotten dirty from taking out the garbage?

Grandson: No.

Me: Then go ahead and do it.

Grandson: OK.


More egghead crapola that signifies nothing. Notice that you have NOT pointed out ANYTHING I’ve written that is not true. Sorry. Get real, please.


Ok, “Citizen”, here is your logical answer to your convoluted “word problem”::

Anyone who touches Rice’s garbage gets dirty.



It looks like Hill took a page out of the Republican play book. Republican Sheriff Candidate Ian Parkinson sent out a phony democrat mailer in 2010, and Republican operative Karl Rove was well known for similar dirty tricks.

However, the fact that Waage wants to roll back the plastic bag law and other measures that are good for the county and environment means that Hill gets my vote, despite his shenanigans.

Kevin Rice

WRONG. The 2010 mailer was engineered by Dem consultant, Cory Black–the same guy who has ties to Hill’s campaign.

“The mailer was paid for by the Democratic Voters of the Central Coast… …Cory Black”


I said “Republican Sheriff Candidate Ian Parkinson sent out a phony democrat mailer in 2010”

and SLORider says “WRONG”

Really? What exactly was I wrong about? Are you saying Parkinson didn’t pay for the phony mailer or that Parkinson is not a republican?

Also, nowhere in that New Times article does it say Cory Black is solely a democratic consultant – clearly not – he was hired by Republican Ian Parkinson and “Democratic Voters of the Central Coast” was a shill organization created by Cory Black to support his CONSULTING business, not to help democrats. He is a hired gun who will work for whoever lacks enough ethics to approve of his tactics, republican or democrat.


Furthermore, if you are saying that the Democrats approved of Parkinson’s mailer, then why did Democratic Central Committee member John Barta say “Members of the Democratic Central Committee are upset that a campaign consultant for a Republican candidate would attempt to influence the future makeup of the Democratic Central Committee by endorsing some Democratic committee candidates and not others on the phony mailer.”?

And why did DCC member Pepper Hughes send a formal complaint to the enforcement division of the Fair Political Practice Commission in Sacramento?

Sounds like Republican Parkinson did *exactly* the same thing as Democrat Hill did…

Kevin Rice

If you were a little more intimate with that history, you’d know that both of those people were basically ousted from the DCC. You’d know that (as much as I like Parkinson) he endorses Adam and Adam endorses him. You’d know that Cory Black is on the state Dem Rules Committee, and Cory is on the DCC. You’d know that the Parkinson slate mailer was a tool for Cory Black which included his entire slate of DCC choices on the back—the result of which amounted to a takeover of the DCC by Cory Black’s friends. You’d know there is currently virtually no competition for DCC seats because the “good Dems” are somewhat disgusted with the current DCC.

So, before you try to pin it on “Republican Parkinson”, you have to realize Dem Cory Black had everything to do with the 2010 slate. And that Cory Black is directly involved with Hill now (just look at Hill’s campaign finances).

However, if we were to call Cory Black a “bad Dem” (and many do), then it wouldn’t be right to pin the current deceptive slate on “good Dems” (the same ones that had a problem in 2010).

So, I don’t know how you want to parse up the blame–surely the buck falls on Parkinson as well–but the common denominator seems to be “bad Dem” Cory Black—who is tied directly to “bad Dem” Hill. IMHO.

Thus, when you say “a page out of the Rep play book”, well… I guess you have to ask if DCC member and Dem Rules Committee member Cory Black is really a Republican?

Maybe it’s not Dem or Rep. Maybe it’s just dirty? Cheers.


Geez, Kevin, you’re trying to blame Adam Hill for THAT? Does Ed Waage really approve of this type of crap you spew?

I, for one, will not vote for Ed Waage EVER, until he issues some sort of public statement distancing himself from you and Chris “Mr. Torture-is-Good-Business” Arend.

Mr. Holly

it appears that Adam Hill and phony are appearing more often than not. Could it be true?


Could it be that the writers appearing so often on this website, named and unnamed, are carrying water for the right? Like water on a rock. Like Fox and Rush on 24 hours a day. You can’t NOT find right wing radio driving from Paso to Mexico. Wear us out with drivel that appears “more often than not”. Arnold and Waage have NOTHING to offer. They point out Hill being mean to people he doesn’t agree with. Like that hasn’t happened with numerous board members for years. The say some government worker got a raise (ad nauseum). Then they claim they will “create an environment” where local businesses “can grow and prosper”. They’ll “cut red tape”. This county has come through this recession pretty unscathed thanks to Patterson and Hill and others. To vote against either of them based on this kind of crap raised by their opponents and CCN would be insane.


I guess it’s clear that Adam Hill has at least two votes. WiseGuy and Typo Queen. Oooops, make that 3 votes, I forgot to include Hill, oh yeah and the three ” Hill Team Hacks”, that makes it 6 votes. I would include another vote for the person who sent out the mailer but I think they are included in the above numbered already ;)


Get real, Cindy. Adam Hill won his last election by one of the largest margins in SLO County history running against an incumbent. Don’t waste our time with such absurd pointlessness. I am quite sure Adam Hill has supporters beyond those who post here.

Get real, please.


Wiseguy: I see you have found another site for your comments after the Congalton blog shut down. As in the past, you make completely unjustified, outlandish statements and resort to ridiculous personal attacks. If your comments are consistent with those on the Congalton blog, you probably demonstrate ignorance of facts and the law on a wide range of issues while venting your hostility. Oh well, I suppose blogs can also serve as an emotional release. Best regards, Chris Arend


Chris, would you care to give specifics?



STILL waiting, Chris. You like to think of yourself as some legal “expert” Chris, so, go for it. Lay out your “case” for all the supposed “completely unjustified” statements I’ve made.

I’m trying to be patient with you Chris. So,,.I will WAIT….

You ARE the person who went on the Dave Congalton and advocated our government inflicting TORTURE on people both inside and outside of the U.S. borders. Correct?



Chris Arend sure as heck got the hell out of Dodge when he found out someone on this site was going to call him out on his B.S..


Ed Waage, Kevin P. Rice, Chris Arend, Andy Caldwell, Mike Brown…know a person’s character by the company they keep.

Downtown Bob

Personal attack?

Kevin Rice

Nothing but, unfortunately, with a few lies thrown in.


What “lies” are those, Kevin?


Kevin Rice

Read your comments.


Just did. Now what?

Still waiting….

Kevin Rice

When you’re ready to man up and argue without hiding I’ll engage you.


Still waiting…


I’m not hiding. I’m right here. Why do you need my home address and telephone number, and the name my loved ones before you will provide information to back up your accusations and allegations?

You are simply dodging the truth as usual, Kevin. And frankly Kevin, I don’t trust you about much of anything, based on your past behavior.

Get real, please


Smart , wiseguy. This is his M.O.

He tries to goad people into revealing too much information about themselves. next thing you know, your computer is hacked and other personal items are compromised. All done in subterfuge, never in person. Too much of a coward for that.

All he do is name call and repetitious snits, because he knows we have his number.

PS: We have anonymous user names for a reason.


Wiseguy supports Hill

“Wiseguy” is an oxymoron

Now, that’s a personal attack, suchthatitis


Are you sure Wiseguy supports Hill?

The way he singularly rushes to Adam’s side, he’s sort of calling attention to the fact there’s no one else behind ol’ Adam.

I think Wiseguy is a Waage plant. Strategically placed to show Hill’s lack of support.


Or, perhaps, he is a Waage operative. Strategically placed to underscore the notion that, in addition to being few, Hill supporters are extremists and slightly whacky.


Extremists in what way? Care to explain?


By the way, Adam Hill won his last election by what appears to have been the largest margin ever for a SLo CO siupervisorial candidate to prevail over an incumbent.. It was an out and out landslide by every measure.

And he’s done a good enough job that opponent Ed Waage has chosen to avoid a campaign that runs on record of achievement or experience, instead he lets folks like Kevin P. Rice and Chris Arends do his dirty work, while he avoids answering questions from reporters on important issues.


“By the way, Adam Hill won his last election by what appears to have been the largest margin ever for a SLo CO siupervisorial candidate to prevail over an incumbent”

You keep repeating this ad nauseum and I say you’re wrong. As I remember Mechum beat Ovitt by a larger margin in the same election.


WRONG again, Disgusted. Not even close! Do the research. And….

Get real, please!


My research shows:

Hill 58%, Lenthall 41%.

Mecham 64%, Ovitt 35%

Not even close? Prove it. And get real.



Still waiting…………

Kevin Rice

Indeed, Disgusted has shown you to be a sham. Mecham won with nearly DOUBLE the margin that Hill did.

No wonder you won’t put your name on your posts. I wouldn’t either if I were you.


OK, if we accept your figures I think we can agree that Hill won gy the second highest margin. Ether way, it was a landslide victory and suggests that, contrary to to hyperbole of his attackers, Adam Hill is likely to get more than four votes in the upcoming election.

If I made a mistake, I apologize. But the bottom line remains the same: HIll won by a landslide and he has LOTS of people who will vote for him again, which is contrary to what Cindy and others have written in their attacks.


Sounds like the lineup for a new comedy show — looks to be a real side-splitter!


or better yet, a cartoon…………….please.


Look at the kind of people who are going overboard to attack Adam HIll: Chris Arend and Kevin P. Rice, two of the most extreme, caustic and egotistical far right propaganda mongers this county as experienced in this century. i wouldn’t be surprised if they either support or are members of COLAB and support Andy Caldwell’s and Mike Brown’s fear-mongering, community dividing, money-grubbing back-room lobbying operation,


When is Ed Waage going to run on his OWN record? Isn’t there ANYTHING he can promote about himself that makes him look like a better candidate than Adam HIll?

And when is he going to man-up and publicly distance himself from Kevin P. Rice?


Still waiting….


I think you’ll be waiting a long time, WG. Most of us don’t have time to read the same stuff over and over and have moved on. I’d understand your tenacity if it appeared to change anyone’s mind on this site, but I feel safe saying that all of us already know who we’ll vote for in June. I’m certain Ed Waage doesn’t have the time to read this site anymore as he’s been on radio, debates, walking precincts etc., and absolutely wouldn’t take the bait regarding steps you think he should take. Was this site your campaign committee assignment?


By the way, contrary to your misleading assertion, the above flyer is NOTHING like the deception that Tom Bordonaro was fined for. Duh! And maybe that is the reason there is absolutely nothing illegal about the flyer. There is nothing untruthful. And there is NOTHING morally or ethically wrong with encouraging Republicans to vote for the best candidate for County Supervisor.

Tell me what, if anything, YOU were “fooled” by with this political advertisement.


Still waiting….